Man Arrested In Connection To Chevrolet Volt Arson Fires At California Dealership (w/surveillance video)


John Bixler

John Bixler Arrested For His Role In Chevy Volt Arson Fire

It’s now been confirmed by police that arson is the cause of a fire that engulfed four Chevrolet Volts at a California dealership.

Police released surveillance video of the arsonist in hopes that he could be identified and apprehended.

The tactic worked, as John Bixler of Novato, California was arrested within a day of the video being released.

San Rafael Patch reports:

“John Bixler, a Novato resident, was arrested at about 10:10 a.m. Wednesday, a day after police released video surveillance footage that showed a suspect lighting cars on fire at about 11:35 p.m. at the Novato Chevrolet dealership at 7123 Redwood Blvd., according to police.”

“Bixler was identified as a person of interest in the case and detectives contacted him in the area of Rowland Boulevard and Vintage Way on Wednesday morning and took him into custody, police said.”

“He was booked into Marin County Jail on suspicion of arson and a probation violation.”

Damage to the cars and surrounding area is claimed to exceed $100,000.

Source: Kron4, San Rafael Patch

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Excellent. And he has ‘priors’. πŸ™‚


I have to confess that in the back of my mind I considered you a prime suspect in this Volt arson case. I’m relieved to find out that you had nothing to do with it, and only flame the Volt on internet forums. πŸ˜‰

Ok. You found me out. πŸ™

I contacted Mr. Bixler via an ad I placed on “CraigsList”, for a freelace arsonist, about a year and a half ago.

The money I wired after each “job”, was used for his rent, booze and drugs.

John’s been burning Volts and non-Tesla EVs for me since that time, to throw the authorities off my trail.

But now that you know the truth, I’m going to have to travel overseas to kill you. πŸ˜‰

What?!? No money for hookers and blow? I can’t believe you don’t even pay “Arsonist Minimum Wage”.

What are you talking about, his mom doesn’t charge him rent????

I’m still curious of the motive. Were Volts the target, or did they just happen to be the closest cars to where he wanted to start fires?

It could have been a target. He probably hadn’t set fire to a Volt before, so he saw them and thought he’d check another car off his list.

Looks like an opportunist move to me. The Volts were close to where he felt like starting a fire.

What’s the motive of any arsonist?

I suppose there’s a small chance he was motivated by a extremist anti-“green” tech agenda, but most likely he had one of the same motives that most arsonists do: Pyromania, a vendetta against the property owner, or insurance fraud.

Hopefully we’ll learn his motive when he goes on trial.

Yes, that will be worth posting.

Still I find it quite amazing with the lack of fires with EVs. As the miles continue, the comparisons to the ICE is really incredible.

I heard a powerful statement from a contributor here a while back relating to this issue. He/she basically stated that if an ICE just came out today, or possibly a decade from now, it would be outlawed. Not just for its environmental problems, but for the safety risks of the passengers as well.

Can you imagine if the chainsaw was invented today? In fact, you don’t have to imagine: I can tell you with certainty that it would never be allowed, at least on the consumer market. You’d probably have to have a license to operate one.

The damage is still done. Four fewer PHEVs in the world.

I don’t get it….. What would be his motive????


1. He’s an idiot who gets his jollies from vandalism. Plenty of people like that around.

2. He has a beef with the dealership, perhaps well founded, perhaps not, and he somehow concluded that arson was a reasonable way to escalate the situation. (And no, I am NOT saying that arson was a reasonable course of action, merely that he may have convinced himself it was.)

3. It’s mental illness.


4. All of the above!

It’s conceivable that he’s an avid FOX News viewer who gets off watching videos where people “roll coal”.

…or an employee of the Koch brothers.

Chevy should sue him for damage to their brand as well as the local air board for the toxic smoke pollution.

Sue him for what? His backpack?

So where are all the ppl that were saying the dealer did it for insurance fraud because he couldn’t sell the Volts?

Yeah.. thought so.

Yeah, talk about jumping on the hate bandwagon to claim something like that. It’s amazing how biases can affect even the most intelligent of people without their realizing it.

I was one of those people that said it could be a possibility and it was… No hate, I own a 2014 Volt and I love it.
Logic shouldn’t get in the way of emotions. I work as a financial an operational auditor, that’s how I think.

i would doubt a dealer would do that, it’s too obvious

Because dealers are known for their always legitimate transactions…

Cameras are everywhere. Even portable ones on phones. We complain about Government surveillance, but, we are self-surveilling and don’t think a thing about it.

There is no privacy any more. Ya gotta go naked to get on a plane even.

Haven’t ‘Naked Flights’ been banned due to the increase spread of diseases? Like – arousal, etc!

Let’s hope they remembered to discharge the batteries after the fire was put out.

I just finished discharging them today.
Tomorrow I will remove them for inspection.
The batteries appear to be undamaged from the outside.

The guy definitely knew what he was doing; he put a rag in the gas filler tube used a road flare as an igniter under the right-rear corner. That would work on any ordinary gasoline-fueled car too, but I suspect it’s the most vulnerable spot on a Volt.

My neighborhood has an active dumpster arsonist this summer and also contains a half-dozen auto dealerships. Let’s just say we’re watchful.

Volt gas filling door is locked.

Unless this gu pried it open, I doubt it can be easily ignited from the filler tube.
Volt gas fille tube is also seald for emission reason…

Looking at the video again, it appears he just stuck the burned rag under the right rear corner where the gas tank is and the fuel filling tube/gas lines are…

The fires just burned the exterior parts (platics and rubber) of the Volts. No gas tank were ruptured or burned because they are behind the battery and under the rear seats. he just did exterior damage. The dealer will ask for a total loss and may salvage the burned Volts.

I’m sure some nice militia will bail him out.