Malaysian Government Approves Import Of Duty-Free Teslas


Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

In a push to promote EVs and decrease emissions, the Malaysian government is allowing 100 Tesla vehicles to be imported duty-free.

Tesla Factory

Tesla Factory

Datuk Seri Najib Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia, recently toured Tesla’s headquarters. Following his visit he explained:

“We want to create a more sustainable environment. Tesla is a leader in electric vehicles and they have achieved many milestones with the Model S.

Malaysia has decided to promote electric vehicles under a special program where the government will allow imports of 100 units of Model S, premium electric sedans. These cars have zero-emission. We would like to promote such cars in Malaysia.”

Details still need to be discussed with Tesla. Reports shared that Tesla might limit purchases to “government-linked” companies.

Source: New Straits Times

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Only 100 cars? Just enough for him and his cronies, no doubt.

If the Malaysian (or any other) government were serious about “creat[ing] a more sustainable environment” they’d abolish all tax on EVs.

Case closed.

Malaysia has its own car company to protect + palm oil business.


First steps first

Just like Max S stated, 100 cars for the PM and his buddies.

Exempting ALL EVs from their stratospheric 135% import tariff will be more pragmatic.

Preventing citizens from choice in the name of protecting local production while allowing Prime Ministers to import whatever they want duty free is just appalling.

This is the same crony mentality that has crippled Proton from being competitive outside Malaysia. Despite starting the same time as Hyundai.

Proton has shown Plugin concepts for years but no signs of series production.

Tman, thanks for those links! From the Iriz article – “It’s expected that production of Iriz EV could materialize by the end of 2016/early 2017.” – so no rush to production just yet, I expect – still in testing.

Yes the Iriz EV is still testing, but I’m not holding my breadth because Proton said in 2010 that their Exora range extended plugin would launch in 2012, 2012 has come and gone.

Then they spent $120 million on R&D and stated series production in 2014, that didn’t happen either.

Then they pushed the date to 2015, and now they state 2016/2017. Who knows.

The New Zealand Government wanted to replace their BMW 7’s with Tesla Model S but Tesla will not open a store or SC in New Zealand so no warranties.
This is about 70 cars just for the NZL Government.

ouch. Tesla should warant them, regardless of Service Centers

While I don’t know the requirements, I don’t think any government can ethically justify US$100K luxury cars for any use, irrespective of drivetrain.

In NZ’s case, obviously EVs make huge sense because of the hydro resources.. Also, relatively few roads, so don’t need a huge charging network to service the entire country.

Which EVs are currently sold there?

(*)Actually, scratch that. I recall the renewable % of electricity generation as well above 90% when I visited. How/why was it allowed to go below 80%? Surely hydro is also cheaper than anything else that has to be imported?