Making Sense Of Elon Musk’s Letter “D” And Unmentioned “Other Letter”


Tesla Model X Platform Cutaway - Note Dual Motors

Tesla Model X Platform Cutaway – Note Dual Motors

Naturally, the question now is “what’s the other letter?”

Well, since the Internet figured “D” was linked to a particular body part, then we must assume that Musk’s second Tweet in which he says “glad I didn’t mention the other letter must imply that it could be wrongly linked to … well something else.

Well, we’re rather certain that the letter “D” in his initial Tweet implies one of the following:

D = dual motor or Tesla Model S D85 (an AWD top-of-the-line version of the Model S with 0 to 60 MPH acceleration rumored to be less than 3 second)

D = Driver’s assist (a feature already seen on select Tesla Model S P85 with tech package)

Okay then, let’s assume D = Dual motor.  If true, then our guess for that “other letter,” which is also linked to that “something else” from Musk’s first Tweet is B, as in that extended-range BATTERY for the Tesla Roadster.

If instead we believe that D = Driver’s assist, then naturally that “other letter” is AD + A = Driver’s assist.   If this is the case, then there’s still that “something else” to be revealed too.

So, there you have it.  One of two options as to what that “other letter” is and the meaning of Musk’s series of two Tweets last evening.

Now to narrow it down to only one option.  Our money, if we had any to wager, would be on Tesla Model S D85 and 400-mile battery for Tesla Roadster.

What would you be willing to put your money on?

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I hope to be Model S D110 – Dual motor 110kw/h

Did you just actually write kilowatts per hour?

(One of these days insideEVs will used Disqus or something with editable comments so we can fix typos)

Yes, I agree, a 110kwhr pack offering for the S would be epic. Where do you get that particular number? Pretty sure it wouldn’t be the 500 mile car he’s mentioned. Maybe 375.

It can be done the problem is the price.

Funny, when I saw the letter “D”, the first thing I thought of was S,E,X’D.

Oops, did I say that out loud? Silly me. Naturally I meant S3X’D

That was my first thought also. 🙂

Elon has succeeded in making everyone talk about his “D” for a whole week. Snicker snicker. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

Looks like Mikael will have to change his avatar.

Not a chance. 🙂 I give it a 0,01% chance of being a new car with the name Model D.

We would have heard of Tesla registering that trademark long ago if it were true. Plus you don’t announce new models like that. It’s not the Tesla way and not the traditional car makers way.

I will not have to change my avatar until Elon decides to make more models on the Model 3 platform before making the Model Y which I think will be on a even smaller platform for the “Generation Y” anti-car generation that wants a really small city car with the sole purpose of taking them from point A to point B.

*But what does his code “ROFL” mean… inquiring minds want to know….*

(sorry, all this cloak & daggers stuff makes me LMFAO)

Rolling on the floor laughing


(sorry if my sarcasm didn’t translate)

Riding on Flying Llamas…. of course

Model S, then Model D, the other letter T?

Wait a minute STD? Follows SEXY doesn’t it?

Could be. T for touring, ie a 100+kWh pack.

DP – dual powertrain 🙂

Just don’t put “DP” into Urban Dictionary at work…..

DP makes more sense than DA in response to Elon’s comment, “Glad I didn’t mention the other letter!”

My guess is both driver assist and AWD. They could do some interesting tricks with AWD… interested to see the outcome.

I also think it will be DP, but I bet the P stands for performance.

DT – drop top = a Model S convertible

DX – delayed Model X

I hope it’s the former and not the latter!

AWD for sure.

Depending on pricing, the AWD S would appeal to many Northern buyers IMO (including me)

The only question is whether or not they will allow the AWD onto the P60, or reserve it for the P85 only.

I think model S sales would tank once the X were released if the S didn’t come with an AWD option. Plus, the X and S share so many components that it’d be easy to make an AWD S.

I was wondering when you would catch this news. Time to start working on the justifications 😉

Does Tesla make a P60 model? I thought they had the 60, 85 and P85 where the P was for performance.

Currently there is 60, 85, P85, and P85+. So I think we are wondering if there will also be D60, D85, DP85, and DP85+ or will there just be a DP85+.

Since Model X ( will come in Perf and non-Perf versions there is a chance for a D85. I have a feeling the 60 won’t be enough to push both motors, but we will find out in a week.

Tesla didn’t just retool the model s assembly line, they have set up a second assembly line…

The Model S is currently still marked 2014, so, likely the D is for Driver’s Assist features added to 2015 model. I don’t think we’ll see AWD (dual motor) until the X.

As for the “other”, there have been rumors of a new Roadster, however, it could just be a new battery for existing roadsters, w/supercharger upgrade?

This is going to be announced at Paris car show? The “other” could be a new Model X final prototype/production ready revealing?

Duel Drive—didn’t have to mention the other letter as its the same one.

Duel Drive… is that where two cars park back to back, count ten wheel rotations, and then turn around and crash into each other?

My guess is that D = Driverless.

I should add I think the top of the Model S is hidden because it will open to reveal no one is driving.

As for the “something else”, no idea. Maybe a deal with another car maker to use the SuperChargers or something.

Drop top. dork, deluxe

After an amazing break thru in battery technology all Tesla’s will run on one D Cell battery. No, really.

No matter what it means, D sounds kind of stupid as in the automotive world, D stands for diesel…

Ok, then it’s time for someone to change that.