Majority Of New Nissan LEAF Sales In UK Are 30 kWh Versions – As Predicted

JUL 22 2016 BY MARK KANE 11

2016 Nissan LEAF

2016 Nissan LEAF

About seven months ago we checked registration numbers for various versions of the Nissan LEAF in UK, only to find out that most were higher trim levels Acenta and Tekna.

As those trim levels also received the new 30 kWh battery option (for only £1,600 more) we predicted that even more of the sales should then be 30 kWh LEAFs because it’s simply better value for money.

Now that the Q1 numbers are in, we find that the number of newly licensed LEAFs with 24 kWh batteries is decreasing rapidly in comparison to high levels…or rather, barely increasing compared it itself (depending on the trim level).

The only versions that are quickly accelerating are the Acenta and Tekna 30 kWh trims (the Visia is available only with 24 kWh).

In the fourth quarter of 2015, the first batch of 358 Acenta and Tekna (30 kWh) were registered, which was 46% of the total increase of LEAFs sold in UK. For the first quarter of 2016, some 1,030 Acenta and Tekna (30 kWh) were added, which stands for 82.4% of the total increase of LEAFs moved during the period. (1,250)

So, the 30 kWh Nissan seems to clearly be the most popular choice, and is now becoming a more and more significant part of the 12,500 LEAF strong fleet in UK.

How Many Left?

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Captain Obvious here.

Nissan should have come out with the 30KWh version back in 2013 and should have at least a 40KWh version available now. If so, they would still be selling them by the thousands per month, instead of by the hundreds.

Or Nissan should have 60kWh version LEAF by now, before the Bolt…

WOW…that’s sad if true.

That don’t make much sense I think. They have a ton of lines of cars that could be hybrids, the uniqueness of the LEAF is that it is battery only.

Agreed. I want battery only. No petrol engine here, please.

I hope they are not that stupid.

Not at all surprising. Nissan needs to come out with the next gen Leaf with at least a 60KwH battery if they want to compete. Should have done it already. I hope they are just keeping mum until rolling out the next generation, but I dunno.

Sometimes it looks like Nissan is sufficiently clueless that it will manage to snatch defeat from Victory in the EV segment.

What is also killing them is lack of Quick chargers in the United States for them.

England and Japan have a very stronger DC quick charger network that is still growing quite fast at several dozen every two weeks.

Is anyone surprised?

Back when Tesla offered only the Model S60 and Model S85, only one in seven sales were the S60.

BEV buyers in general, not just Tesla or Nissan buyers, have spoken quite clearly: Most of them want longer range badly enough to pay significantly more for it.

This is a good spot for feedback from a current 30kWh Leaf owner. I like to here what they think of the new Leaf. Especially those folks who have experience with both generations. Please tell us what you think.