Mail Online Calls Tesla Model X “Simply Spectacular,” Says It Makes Other Vehicles Seem Like Museum Pieces


Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Chris Evans of Daily Mail gives the Tesla Model X five stars. His review is refreshing, following some of the continued negativity we have seen since the X’s initial problems in its early release. Tesla has since corrected many of those teething issues and Evans is thoroughly impressed.

Tesla Model X Interior With Seating For Seven

Tesla Model X Interior With Seating For Seven

His attention to the Model X was indirectly spawned upon watching the recent National Geographic special entitled Before the FloodThe world’s number one documentary box-office hit, hosted by Leo DiCaprio and featuring Tesla CEO Elon Musk, provides an engaging and eye-opening look at global warming. Evans shares:

“Just over halfway through the film, Leo pays a visit to the Tesla ‘Gigafactory’ in Nevada, during which he makes the following astonishing announcement: if there were just 100 installations similar to this place throughout the world, collectively they could produce enough power to sustain all our electrical needs. All nine billion of us! At 15 million square feet (once completed), the Tesla building will have the largest footprint of any building currently on Earth.”

Now, back the the Model X. Evans believes that anyone who has an opportunity to test drive the Tesla Model X will want to own one (himself included). He says:

“To get behind the wheel of a Model X is to be blasted into the future, Tesla having not so much ripped up the rule book of car-manufacturing as taken a blowtorch to it.”

“The Tesla Model X is simply spectacular in every way and makes almost everything else on the road look like a museum piece by comparison.”

Takeaways from Evans’ review:

  • Range – After 3 hours of driving, he had no concerns about range
  • “Bad-ass acceleration” – Evans joked that he would have to warn his passengers about potential whiplash
  • Falcon-wing doors – impressive, convenient, and eye-catching
  • Accessibility – All five doors can be opened or closed remotely via the touchscreen
  • Panoramic Smoked-Glass Windshield – stunning and revolutionary
  • Seating -Multiple practical configurations, including 5, 6, or 7 seats
  • Interiors – exciting, modern, and offering the ultimate in comfort
  • Cost to own –  while initially pricey, cheap running costs and virtually no maintenance costs
  • Off-road capability – not designed to be a 4×4 beast, however neither is most every other typical SUV

Evans is seriously considering purchasing his own Tesla Model X. Oh … and he really wants you all to watch the documentary.

Source: MailOnline

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13 Comments on "Mail Online Calls Tesla Model X “Simply Spectacular,” Says It Makes Other Vehicles Seem Like Museum Pieces"

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+1 that is exactly what I feel about legacy gas cars… ‘makes other vehicles seem like museum pieces’. I would not even go back if gas was free, and hearing that gas prices will rise does not affect me either. It’s about much more than just gas or no gas at this point.

Finally ! An honest Non Bias opinion…All True !

I’ve been driving electric for 3 years now and I have to say that driving ICE now annoys me. My EV had a problem and I had to borrow a friend’s ICE for a few days . . . ugh. The acceleration is so unresponsive and the lurching transmission is annoying.

The ICE feels like a Rube Goldberg machine after driving electric for so long.

Amazing to find a few honest reporters left, that haven’t been bought by the auto giants.

I hope Chris Evans and the great guys of insideevs never sell out to the auto giants. Like Roman soldiers, some may try to flip your loyalty for 30 pieces of silver. 🙂

“virtually no maintenance costs”

Year 1, $400, inspection including tire rotation/inflation, air cabin filter, wipers and keyfob batteries…
Year 2 $700, Same as above plus brake fluid replacement and A/C service…
Year 3, $400, same as year one…
Year 4, $900, same as year 2 plus it adds battery coolant replacement…Or prepay for a four year plan, $2100 which works out to $525/yr or $43.75/mo…

From the same web page:

If I choose not to service my Tesla vehicle, will this void my warranty or Resale Value Guarantee?

It is highly recommended that you service your Tesla vehicle once a year or every 12,500 miles. If you do not follow this recommendation, your New Vehicle Limited Warranty will not be affected.

You don’t have to sign up for such a program. But Tesla will gladly take the money of those that elect to do so.

Brake fluid replacement and ac service after only 2 years? Seems unnecessary.

> All nine billion of us!

LOL! The guy is from the future.

Although the falcon wing doors are a technological chalenge, they are brilliant.

The Daily Fail is largely a garbage paper but it is nice to see them give some props to Tesla.

“To get behind the wheel of a Model X is to be blasted into the future, Tesla having not so much ripped up the rule book of car-manufacturing as taken a blowtorch to it.”

A blowtorch? Oh come on, Tesla would not use such a clunky fossil fuel approach! 🙂

I saw one at Vegas show room, test drove and it and ordered it immediately. The falcon wing doors are awesome, I have never had an easier time getting into the second row seats. The windshield.. crazy! The drive, smooth, comfortable! Amazing device, can’t wait to have full driving capability. No more driving! Never again !