Mahle Joins Electric Drive Segment With New Traction Motors

AUG 11 2018 BY MARK KANE 4

Mahle is one more manufacturer that would like to catch onto the electrification train by developing highly efficient electric motors for electric cars.

It’s not an easy task as with increasing volume, carmakers prefer to develop powertrains in-house (just look Tesla, Nissan or Volkswagen). Mahle however manages to put its products in some 50% of vehicles produced annually worldwide, so maybe electric motors from Mahle will be an attractive solution to some manufacturers.

The offer includes 14 kW, 48 V drive systems with integrated electronics for mild-hybrids or tiny EVs, as well as 100 kW (200-400 V) and 180 kW (400-800 V) drive systems for electric cars. The efficiency of the 180 kW motor is claimed to be 96%.

“J.D. Kehoe, director of Product Development, Filtration and Engine Peripherals for MAHLE Filter Systems in North America, said greater internal combustion engine (ICE) downsizing, 48-volt hybridization, and electric traction motors are all affecting powertrain development.

MAHLE produces high-voltage and low-voltage traction motors for full-sized vehicles, as well as for off-road 2-wheel- and 4-wheel-drive leisure vehicles.”

“Kehoe noted that 48-volt electrical systems also are gaining acceptance. To meet the challenge, MAHLE has developed electrified HVAC systems and electric auxiliary components such as electric oil coolers and hydraulic pumps. Even electrified riding mowers and material handling equipment have become more common.

MAHLE’s 48-volt drive systems are supplied with integrated electronics to govern a typical output of 14 kW (19 horsepower) and have been demonstrated on passenger vehicles such as the SMART.”

“MAHLE’s high-voltage traction motors for automobiles employ Imbedded Permanent Magnet (IPM) technology. The motors are liquid-cooled and are governed by MAHLE-designed-and-patented liquid-cooled controllers.

Manufacturers may specify voltages from 200 to 400 volts, based on a motor’s battery pack. Power delivered by each motor, up to 100 kW (134 horsepower), will depend on vehicle design.

MAHLE also offers automakers higher-voltage motors. These IPM motors operate in the 400-800-volt range, with up to 96-percent efficiency and peak power output up to 180 kW, or 240 horsepower. The design is flexible and adaptable to customer requirements.”

Source: Mahle

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Electrification is gaining traction, there are many vehicles with 48 V mild hybrid (Stop/Start) systems.
Audi – A6/A7/A8 are the recent ones going into this territory.
Hope GM & Ford also pursue these technologies.

A mild hybrid does way more than just a stop/start system. It implements recuperative braking, as well as some level of torque support.

96% efficiency is claimed by almost all electric motor manufacturers. However this figure is usually at an optimum rpm range near maximum power output. The real trick is to have 96% efficiency at low power, and without stating this the claim means nothing.

96% is maximum efficiency. Minimum is 0%. Simple physics.
Most permanent magnet traction motors achieve 97% these days.
98% maximum is easily acievable, but it doesn’t make much difference. They are all close to 100%.
More important is the price question.