Mahindra Unveils Its Formula E Racer


Mahindra Racing has unveiled its Formula E racer.

Mahindra Formula E Racer

Mahindra Formula E Racer

The electric racer will first hit the track this September by taking part in the inaugural season of the FIA Formula E Championship racing series.

For the inaugural, all of the vehicles will basically be identical, aside for some paint differences and logos.

As Mahindra Racing notes, the Formula E racer can hit a top speed of 140 mph.

If successful, the FIA Formula E Championship racing series will be the springboard that EVs need to be viewed by the general public as legitimate vehicles.

More importantly, most all of the teams involved in Formula E say that the tech used in the racers will definitely trickle down into everyday EVs within a few years’ time.  That’s how it works with the various ICE racing series, so we expect no different with Formula E.  In this way, Formula E is more than just a race.  It represents the future of electric vehicles.


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The excitement of ICE racing is fundamentally based on the insane sound that the engines produce. What are they doing to compensate for that?

Looking forward to see a competitor to F1 🙂