Mahindra & Mahindra Unveil Halo Electric Sports Car


Indian automaker Mahindra & Mahindra is gearing up to offer an electric vehicle that’s actually exciting.

India's Only EV Available to Buy Today - Mahindra Reva e20

India’s Only EV Available to Buy Today – Mahindra Reva e20

Mahindra & Mahindra currently produces the lackluster E20 EV, but at India’s recent Auto Expo, Mahindra wheeled out something entirely different from the E20.

Called Halo, Mahindra says this electric sports car will launch commercially within the next 3 years.  Mahindra believes it will be able to sell Halo internationally (it may of may not offer Halo in India though), so there’s a slight chance that someday it could be available in the US.

Mahindra Executive Director and President Pawan Goenka told reporters this at the Auto Expo:

“There is a plan to commercialise Halo, we are working on a bigger powertrain and a final design. It will take about three years to be production ready.”

“It may very well turn out that the market for the car may be outside India, unless there is government support for electric vehicles, the car could be launched outside India first.”

Halo’s initial specs are 0 to 62 mph in less than 8 seconds.  Top speed of  99 mph and a range of up to 120 miles.

More importantly for India, Halo is a homegrown product with it being “fully designed and developed in India with all indigenous technology,” according to Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicle CEO Chetan Main.

Source: Economic Times

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Get that car crash-tested and put it on the market.

At least they aren’t beating around the bush and just called it “Halo”.

It sounds pretty competitive with today’s Leaf, but I’m not so sure about three years from now.

Currently a concept but they want to launch when we have EV infrastructure. In short we have chicken and egg problem. BTW the indicated price is quite high around 50,000 USD ( INR 30-35 lakh)
Infact i am surprised why Nissan is not launching leaf in India. They are exporting from Indian factory and already have tested leaf in 2011.

It’s massively overpriced in the west. in india it would be like an ugly rolls royce

What do you mean “exporting from Indian factory” ? Not the Leaf …

Roofline needs to be brought down several inches, too high.