Mahindra To Launch Electric Verito In 2015


Tiny Mahindra Reva Electric e2o

Tiny Mahindra Reva Electric e2o

Finally, Mahindra has announced plans for its next electric car.

Unlike the tiny Mahindra e20, this electric car is sized right.

Mahindra says that an electric version of its compact Verito will go on sale in mid-2015.  It’ll mostly be sold to taxi companies and commercial fleets

Pawan Goenka, executive director of Mahindra, states:

“We are hopeful of it doing well in the categories.”

“Ideally, we look to sell around 100 units a month.”

Hindu Business Online states:

“The diesel variant of Verito has not fared well in the market so far.”

So, let’s hope that by going electric, Verito becomes a success.

Source: Hindu Business Online

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9 responses to "Mahindra To Launch Electric Verito In 2015"
  1. Colin gray says:

    I take it back when I said my Leaf was ugly. That isn’t just ugly its Fuuugly.

    1. LuStuccc says:

      Tastes are in nature.. And maybe it is very attractive next to sacred cows 😉

    2. abhishekifmr says:

      For me E2O is good.. what else u want at 10,000 USD price (without Subsidy). Now compare it with Leaf

  2. kimmi says:

    way to go Mahindra! Now, about those electric Saabs…

  3. abhishekifmr says:

    Incase anybody is interested in more information on Electric Verito

    Verito electric is fitted with a robust 29KW power train that emits fierce 39bhp power, it runs on advanced lithium ion batteries, and can cover 100km distances with seven hours of full charge, users have coined an interesting term for the battery called fast charge and the highest attainable speed is 85km/h and the expected price range is Rs 9 lakhs( USD 15000)

    1. LuStuccc says:


  4. abhishekifmr says:

    Actually its still not launched. I guess Mahindra is waiting for Subsidy announcement from Government of India which should come in Feb budget. If they will give subsidy as promised than Mahindra will launch ASAP else will wait for the subsidy again 🙂

  5. Alonso Perez says:

    The Verito is nothing but a first generation Dacia Logan (also sold as Renault Logan in some markets). The Logan is now in its second generation in most markets, so I don’t know why they are using the oldest model. The second generation Logan was introduced in 2012 and is not as boxy, so it probably has lower drag, though I cannot find figures.

    Dacia acts as a low-cost brand for Renault, and Renault-Nissan also has an alliance with Mahindra. So, surprise, our old EV friend Carlos Ghosn is directly connected to the EV Verito as well.

    The point of the Logan is to be cheap to manufacture. It serves developing markets, under Ghosn’s philosophy that these markets require cheap, simple cars, but not tiny cars since they should be able to transport a family.

    The reason I find the use of the old model disappointing is that an EV version of the new model could be exported to existing Logan markets, many of which lack any EV options at all.

    However, if they really do intend to use the old design there is no way the car can be exported to any country where the new Logan has been introduced, which is most of them. The low performance figures also suggest. You cannot sell a car with such low power and limited range in South America, for example.

    However, there were announcements early last year that they would sell 5,000 of these to Bhutan starting in September 2014, but I cannot find any confirmation that this is actually happening.

  6. LuStuccc says:

    I read that Mahindra was the most interrested car maker in Teslàs open patents.