Mahindra Introduces Premium Version of e2o

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Mahindra Reva e2o

Mahindra Reva e2o

Mahindra Reva launched a new premium version of e2o electric car, which has 50% more range (120 instead of 80 km/74 miles vs 56 miles). Sadly, the manufacturer’s website does not include information on battery pack size.

e2o premium also has more power and a lot of additional features. Reverse parking camera and assist is standard.

The Indian manufacturer offers a battery rent program called – “Goodbye Fuel Hello Electric”.

Commenting on the launch of the e2o Premium Variant, Chetan Maini, Chief Executive Officer, Mahindra Reva India stated:

“Convenience of city driving has always been a priority for Mahindra Reva. The e2o is automatic with the smallest turning radius, along with features like the hill-hold, which prevent it from rolling back while on an incline. All this makes e2o an ideal car for urban city commuting. Now with the new premium variant, we are also offering the variable assist electric power steering, taking e2o’s maneuverability to next level.”

“We have also been closely looking at ways to utilize technology to alleviate the range anxiety of the customers. With the advancements we have made on this front, the premium variant of e2o now comes with an extended range of 120 km on one charge.”

Source: The Indian Express

Mahindra e2o Spec T01 (Base) & T2 (Premium)

Mahindra e2o Spec T01 (Base) & T2 (Premium)

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Golf car

Its almost a golf car but the price is around 10,000 USD which currently average Indians can afford at this moment.

The hill hold sounds like a great idea for all EVs. I have never liked cars that creep forward or roll back when you release the accelerator pedal.