Mahindra e2o To Launch In UK Next Month


Tiny Mahindra Reva Electric e2o

Tiny Mahindra Reva Electric e2o

The successor to the G-Wiz, the Mahindra e2o, will go on sale in the UK next month.

Priced from £13,000 ($18,522 USD), the e2o will be one of the cheapest street legal electrics sold in the UK.

Autocar reports:

“The electric city car will be an upgraded version of the e2o model that is already on sale in India, featuring more safety equipment and a higher quality interior, but it’s thought to have a similar claimed electric range of 75 miles.”

“…the manufacturer told Autocar the two-door, four-seat vehicle will wear the Mahindra badge and be priced from £13,000 to £16,000, depending on the trim level.”

The price includes the battery pack, which comes with a three-year warranty. Real-world range will obviously be nowhere near 75 miles since the car only has a 6.4 kWh 10.4 kWh (update: source article quoted incorrect capacity) battery pack.

Quoting Arvind Mathew, head of Mahindra’s electric vehicle division:

“The Mahindra e2o is a savvy electric car that redefines sustainable urban driving.”

“We designed the e2o, as well as our complete sales and service model, to be more convenient and flexible in keeping with the way our UK customers live and work.”

Cars will be purchased online only, as there’s currently no dealership network in place.

Some additional info, via Autocar:

“The Indian spec e2o is 3280mm long, 1514mm wide and 1560mm high, with a 1958mm wheelbase and kerb weight of 830kg, but the weight is expected to increase with the added safety equipment in the UK model. It has a top speed of around 50mph, and the 6.4kWh lithium ion battery has 25bhp and 39lb ft of instantly available torque, and takes five hours to charge from empty.”

Source: Autocar

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given its stats, IMO it is overpriced junk, that will also have a big problem getting reasonable crash rating.

Since it’s a small and a narrow car, it will be very light and easily go 80 miles / charge.

At US$ 18,522 this 4-seater cheaper than the Smart-EV which costs $25,000 + and has only 2 seats and only 70 miles range.

Selling online is lot better than selling thru dealers who are not willing to sell EVs.

Online sales is what helped Tesla selling 50,000 + cars last year.

The Smart EV is a safe car with an extremely capable passenger cell.

I don’t have anywhere near the confidence in the Mahindra.

It’s cheaper in the UK to buy a used LEAF – even one with relatively low mileage – provided you don’t mind buying used. You get a vehicle that’s basically more versatile in every way except size.

“More versatile in every way except size…” Are you kidding?

The LEAF has 5 doors *for starters*… It’s a *much* bigger car!

4′ longer…!!!

I’m guessing you have never seen a G-Wiz! MW

I think he’s thinking “can go anywhere”.

Nothing wrong with a cheap, urban keep-the-rain-out minicar BEV. 50mph top speed is fine for occasional short urban-motorway stretches.
Question is really twofold:
(1) Overall reliablility & longevity, including the e-drivetrain (who makes the mattery, and what kind is it? What’s the warranty on it?) and
(2) What the real-world AER? Even at low speeds (say 20-40mph), 75mi on 6.4kWh is ~85Wh / mile… Sounds overly optimistic for a 830kg car (probably a bit more with airbags etc.)

Number I’ve seen from owners say ~250Wh/mi for the i-MiEV (which weights ~1000kg), and 140Wh/mile for the Renault Twizy (470kg and the same size battery as the e2o, which gives ~50mi AER).
Is unlikely this car has almost twice the efficiency of the Twizy given it’s wider and 85% heavier.

I suspect the 75 mile claimed range is based on typical Indian inner-city driving where the average speed is about 4MPH! MW

13k is just too much for this car, 6k and it is pretty compelling for London, I’d rather have a twizy for half the price.

I don’t know where Autocar got their number for the battery capacity of 6.4kWh since the Indian version is quoted at 10kWh as per this very detailed review
and official press materials from the cars initial launch in 2013.

The car happens to be using 16 active air cooled 200ah Winston thundersky LiFePo batteries as shown in this diagram

And battery cell specs here

Though the 2.8 nominal voltage gives 16*200*2.8 = 8.9kWh

Regardless I think this car is DOA in the UK. The gwiz gained some success because there was no other option, but today is a different case.

Thanks Tman, definitely an issue there in the source article as no way there is a secondary/smaller battery option.

/story updated – thanks!

The specs you are quoting are incorrect and under-represent the actual specifications, which will be announced in April. The e2o also has some very good features, which together demonstrate how a city car can be optimised for both price and performance. Preview website at