Mahindra To Begin Selling Electric GenZe Scooter In US In Mid 2014


Mahindra Electric Scooter


The Mahindra-Reva GenZe, a 2-wheeled electric scooter will be launched in the US by mid 2014.

A final assembly team in Palo Alto, California will be readying this 2-wheeled electric scooter.

As you likely already know, California is known for very its tough emissions legislation.  The GenZe is seen as a great example of an innovative and fun way to get around local areas and to tackle traffic congestion issues, all while producing zero emissions.

Pricing for GenZe is reasonable at $3,000 USD.

GenZe offers the simplicity of a scooter with practicality. It is designed to carry the rider as well as anything that can fit in the bucket behind the rider.

Below the seat, there is a storage compartment to fit a phone or tablet, which can be charged via USB. Some extra storage accessories and a wind-cheating windshield are available as well.

The GenZe features a weather-proof touchscreen that is bluetooth enabled and monitors battery charging status, available range, GPS & route and diagnostics.

Range will be around 31 miles and a top speed is 31 mph. It is powered by a 1.4 kW motor with a replaceable lithium ion power module. The compact unit includes the battery pack, controller, & charger.

GenZe’s engineering center includes professionals from top-rank automakers and major university engineering programs.

It’s likely that there will be a market for the GenZe in China and India soon. But for now, it will first be launched in the USA.

Source: Autocar India

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Top speed of 31mph for $3K? I doubt it will sell well. You can get electric bicycles that are cheaper and slightly slower. 1000 watt kick scooters with a speed of 32 mph sell on amazon for $1k.


Range of 31 miles? I’ll stick to cycling.

Escooters is how the world should transport itself.

It is the most ecological, unintrusive, practical and healthy mobility ever.

Can’t find exact capacity of battery, but it weighs 10 pounds, so is under .5 kWh. Without pedal assist, and having high rolling resistance, and high weight, the motor will be pulling 3C much of the time. Don’t expect the battery to last a year.

Sounds cool. I’m particularly interested in this touch screen. Excited to see some of the features mentioned in the article. Definitely an upgrade over some cheap electric bike.