How It’s Made: Zero Motorcycles (video)


Ever wonder what goes into building a Zero motorcycle?  How about what’s behind all those covers and cases?  Wonder no more – via How It’s Made, this video shows all the bit and pieces coming together:

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Wow,that is extremely simple. i helped my friend rebuild his engine on a 1980s honda 250cc and that was way more complex

Wow.. Most of those parts look pretty basic. It is surprising those things cost as much as they do. Apparently all of these things are hand-assembled. So I guess they don’t have enough demand for an assembly line.

Batteries are probably the biggest part of that cost. Last time I checked, which was before that price cut, the batteries accounted for around $800 per kwh. Even discounting that though, they’re still overpriced, given their components.

Not exactly an assembly line manufacturing process, is it?

Even without an assembly line this is pretty fast due to the simplicity of an EV, no cooling system,clutch,gearbox,fuel pump,etc

EVs have their own potential complexities, and not all of them lack a cooling system. Zero does, because they’re put together on the cheap.

“Potential complexities” … Hum… Please explain?

Cooling systems, and the battery pack itself. Even the motor might not necessarily be all that simple. In Zero’s case it certainly is, with their choice of an air-cooled PMAC, which really isn’t the best choice for anything performance oriented.

And that’s just with the way things are currently, we just don’t know where they’ll go from here.

Mad Max doesn’t need the precious juice anymore. Shit nothing to die or fight for. Oh yes the solar panels and the wind generator. Let’s make a green version of Mad Max, Mad Green where the survivors ride electric motorcycles and rail gun equipped Model X to try to gain access to the wind generator and steal the photovoltaic panels. Of course almost everyone dies in the end especially the fool cell user in his hydrogen filled balloon and the bad guy in his VIA truck. Only the kids in BYD bus get away to a safe land where they discover an intact hydroelectric dam…

Two men enter, one blue LEAF.

Dear Harley Davidson,

Have you ever heard of “second chances”? Here’s yours.

Don’t expect a third.

H-D survived by NOT taking chances, and you’ve presented a false dichotomy. Granted, sometimes this strategy works (Switzerland, Spain) and sometimes it doesn’t (Norway).

I really don’t get the hatred for Harley. What they make isn’t for everybody, no doubt about that. But what they make is copied by basically everyone, so why no hate for Polaris, Triumph, Honda, Yamaha etc?

Besides, they’re not exactly hurting. Unlike Zero, they’re actually a very profitable company, that sells lots and lots of motorcycles. So I guess they’re doing something right.

We are referring to the post-apocalyptic, survive the Japan imports with, ahem, help, HD.

Nope, they didn’t change a thing, ride and sound like they always did, since the first model.. ♫”lookin’ for adventure..”♫