“I Made The Switch” – Nissan LEAF Owner Tells His Story – Video


Nissan LEAF owner Chris Beers from Boston, Massachusetts tells his LEAF ownership story.

These LEAF ownership stories will become increasingly common as Nissan begins a new drive to market the LEAF at a level never before seen.

These owner stories are but one part of a grander effort to put more resources into marketing the LEAF.  It’s all part of an effort to increase awareness, sales, etc. in accordance with Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn declaring LEAF profitable and announcing that now is the time to really push this electric technology.

Nissan LEAF Owner Chris Beers Tells His Ownership Story

Nissan LEAF Owner Chris Beers Tells His Ownership Story

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And THAT is how you sell an EV. Best EV commercial I’ve seen so far.

Leafs will sell like hot cakes if they ever make one that’s not so ugly and slow.

Ugly and slow? Well, the ugly part is subjective and you are welcome to your opinion. But slow? How do you define slow? Have you ever driven a Leaf?

I was referring to your (very good) article from two weeks ago:


The Leaf falls on the slow end of the EV acceleration spectrum. And of course “slow” is also subjective. The Leaf is fast compared to a Prius. And although my Volt accelerates OK, I wish it was better, and the Leaf accelerates slower than that. But I’ve never driven a Leaf.

My point…

Acceleration sells cars, and great EV acceleration is very easy/cheap to offer (compared to ICE cars) and with almost no compromise to range and economy. I bet the Leaf is only using half of it’s available power. That’s true of my Volt. With just software mods, the Volt can go 0-60 in under 6 seconds. So far, only Tesla is aggressively exploiting the acceleration potential of EVs, and they can’t build them fast enough.

That’s funny. My boss was regaling me with stories of his 1979 Fiat Spider a while back. Called it a sports car, he did. Told me how fast it was, he did.

It was simultaneously heavier, had less power, far less torque, and naturally, turned in 0-60 times slower than my Leaf does. I think the top speed was about the same, too.

So I’m going to ask you what the hell you’re talking about.

What the hell does a 35 year old Fiat have to do with this discussion? Nothing. That Fiat was a 2-seater and about 800 pounds lighter than your Leaf.

I already explained my point to David Murray above. You may want to read that.

I’ve wanted to go electric for years, so when my ’96 Toyota Corolla finally died I bought a Leaf. I would have much rather had a Tesla, but they are out of my price range. I don’t particularly care for the styling, but the power is plenty enough for me. With all the incentives I got it for about half price, so what’s not to love. I can charge it at work for free, so all I pay for is a bridge toll. I love the way it drives, both handling and power band.
It’s not the perfect car for me, but I’m happy with it.

I thought you played a great drunk dead teenager in “The Outsiders”.

Oh, I’m sorry..

You’re the Explorer who found Vinland.

I was thinking of Leif Garrett.

Nice commercial. The only thing I don’t like is showing him fill up at commercial charging stations for two reasons. One, most people can use a Leaf daily without ever having to use a commercial charging station. And two, I don’t feel the commercial charging infrastructure is adequate enough to rely on in most areas. In my two years of owning a Leaf, I’ve only filled up twice at commercial locations. I’ve tried two other times to only have the chargers blocked or out of order.

My biggest gripe was that he was talking about getting a quick charge while they were showing an L2 station.

A bit of a mismatch there, and the mention of hydro…Oh no, here we go again.
But it’s good to show people who aren’t perfect but try their best.
Like most of us, this speak good.

Yes EV’s are more calming to drive and yes they suit City traffic so much better.

When I get back into my full ICE car it is like I’m a driving some sort of historic unrefined contraption.
Yes his smaller son get it !

Yep – I know the feeling. When I get into an ICE these days and I hear the engine, feel the vibration, and smell the gas fumes – I I feel like I’ve just gone back to the 1800’s riding in some sort of steam powered vehicle.

Would have been more honest if the other space in his garage had his wife’s ice car.

An SUV or minivan for long trips…

This is great! Very happy with the new marketing approach. The only issue I see is most people are afraid of change so much that even though they know they will benefit with astronomical financial savings from having the EV, the benefit doesn’t outweigh the fear. Im very blessed to have overcome that fear and I now have a leaf. I also think it’s ugly but it doesn’t matter to me what it looks like. It just hurts sales if people don’t like the looks. My wife and I share the leaf and whoever is driving the furthest that day use the leaf. So far in the 2+ years I’ve had it, it has saved me $1000’s in fuel, my lease payment is lower than anything else on the market in its class by far, and it simply drives better than any other car I’ve ever had. It would be literally insane for my family to not have it. The leaf is used for 90%+ of our driving. It comfortably fits all 3 kids and 2 are in car seats! As a father with 3 young kids, I need to do what’s best for my family and if a car… Read more »

Yup, noticed he had a few solar panels. And also a ‘solar production meter’.

Must have been an older installation relatively, mine installed last year only has a 1″ pipe up the back wall of the house, no outside disconnect, and the SPM is hidden in the basement.

I know why his electric bill is so low, he charges all the time at those FREE chargepoint National Grid sponsored docking stations.

Speaking of which, the Logo at the beginning of the video is the same one that Schneider Electric uses, and then there were no Schneider chargers in the video… I wonder if Ghosn is going to be hit with a trademark violation….