“I Made The Switch” – Another Renault ZOE Owner Tells His Story – Video

FEB 22 2015 BY MARK KANE 2

EV Grin in EV boat

EV Grin in EV boat

The latest episode of Renault-Nissan Alliance’s “I Made the Switch” presents the story of another Renault ZOE owner.

Werner Hillebrand not only owns ZOE, but also two Renault Twizies and one electric boat.

All is complemented by a solar array, which makes him truly a believer in the electric future:

“November 2014, the Alliance sold its 200,000th electric vehicle – by far more than all major automakers combined. To capture what the first 200,000 owners love about their EVs, the Alliance has launched a series of videos featuring EV owners on three continents.

“I Made the Switch” tells why people bought their electric vehicles and how switching to a zero-emission vehicle has changed their lives.”

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Reality is most people could have a fully EV vehicle to do 99% of there trips.
Yes there is nothing like driving on sunshine power to make your wallet and you smile 🙂

I just drow Zoe for 2 days and 600km in Estonia (EU), average consumption was 17,5-18,5kW/100km (temp.+2C).
It s 80-100km with one go.
Good thing is Zoe s “chameleon charger” , charged from 5% to 98% about 45mins (22kW AC,400V/32A).