Mad Max Motorcycle Road Rage Captured On TeslaCam


Flips up his plate and flips off the Model 3.

Word to the wise and, more importantly, the not-so-wise: a lot of Tesla vehicles now have Teslacam enabled. It gives dashcam functionality to the cars using their front-facing camera, and so now drivers can now record 10-minute clips of what is captured by the built-in eye. This means any road-raging shenanigans are likely to be caught on camera, and some may end up facing consequences for losing their cool. This video (above) is a prime example of how this can happen.

The footage, from the TeSLAExPo YouTube channel, shows a Model 3 driver using the Navigate on Autopilot feature making his way from an on-ramp into heavy, slow-moving traffic. As the car makes its second leftward lane change, the antagonist in this clip is apparently offended by the move and seems to think the car should have let him go by before switching lanes. He makes his displeasure known through shouting and a series of gestures before making a final ill-advised move. He pulls in front of the car, flips up his license plate so it can’t be seen and slows way down and seems to try to get our narrator to engage in some sort of aggressive driving.

Luckily, the Tesla driver keeps his cool and the motorbike gives up and continues down the road. But, the story doesn’t end there. In the video, the driver relates that he had actually captured the plate number earlier and reported the incident to the authorities. Besides the aggressive behavior, rigging your tag so it can easily be flipped up and obscured is something law enforcement frowns upon, and it’s likely our angry biker friend will soon get an interesting visit. Seems all’s well that ends well.

It makes us wonder, though. As more manufacturers turn car cameras into owner-exploitable dashcams, will it have an effect on this sort of behavior? We can only hope. The roads are already dangerous enough without road rage nonsense.

Video description:

Knew it is going to happen sooner than later, Mad Max setting is already causing road rage haha :). Driving down the highway at around 25-30mph in heavy traffic while on Navigate on AP in Mad Max when a motorcyclist in a sport bike didn’t like me signaling and changing lane in his way of speeding and lane splitting. He decided to lane split really extremely close to my vehicle while flipping me off and cursing at me that I didn’t signal long enough? In no moment in time did he almost get hit. I saw him and AP saw him before making a safe lane change. I feel it’s his ego thinking that he is invisible and people should respect him because he has a cool sport bike. So I decided to not let him waste any more of my time and tried to avoid him speeding up but he continued to harass me and attempted to brake check / or try to cause me to hit him and hide his license plate so prob up to no good not knowing I already had it in earlier clips and I have other aftermarket dash-cam, but he probably came to his senses that it’s a 3 tons vehicle vs human flesh and took off with a last birdy for good measure. Subject description (white male, in his 20’s, ~5’11’, medium built ~180lb), CHP and local PD has his license plate and face image and is looking to talk to him soon. Stay safe out there and avoid engaging in any road rage despite being in MAD MAX!

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Is it just me or the video quality is quite low? Even my cheap dash cam appears to perform better than that.

The larger the screen the better you can clearly see. And the video can be paused and zoomed in for more details.

I’m talking about the glare of the tail lights and the saturation, specially in the license plates, which can impair their reading. The focus also doesn’t really look all right. There also encoding artifacts, but this could be because of the trans-coding to Youtube (or the camera encoder, who knows).

It’s a free camera add on from Tesla, that no owner paid for it, is very easy to fix, you can buy a $1000 HD camera and stick it on the windshield. Some people are becoming professional complainers even for free stuff.

Free? Do you mean that I can go to Tesla next door where I work and I ask one free dash cam they will give me one so that I can set it on my Volt? When you pay $46k+ for a car and this accessory is in the spec sheet you certainly expect high quality. I’m considering to get one Tesla soon and the integrated camera will be one of the reasons I will buy one, so yes, I will be paying to have it. I forgive Tesla, however, because they just started offering it and they may take some time until they get it right.

Yes, you can go to Tesla and ask for free stuff. It’s a free country.

Yes free, totally free for a very large number of Tesla owners.

It was not something packaged with their car when they bought their cars. It was not included in the price of their purchase. They didn’t buy it in any way, in any form.

Then long after their purchase, and without any contractual agreement that they would get this feature, it showed up well after their purchase was done. So it is not a bundled option, or a standard feature that was included in the purchase price. It is a purely free feature for these owners. Just like when Tesla increased the 0-60 speed of older Model S’s long after the purchase.

This is not common in the automotive industry. Why you complaining?

I’m not complaining, just did an evaluation of the quality of the product according to my point of view. It may be “free” (only for those who bought the car before the feature was announced and got the update. I am not one of them, however), but the image quality is still lower than many other dash cams I’ve seen around. And I have a reason to want it to be better because I want to buy one Tesla soon, so I hope that eventually Tesla picks-up the complaints (mine and others) and improves the camera soon.
By the way, I never stated that Tesla does not do good about updates, performance improvements and enabling features for free, so I don’t know where did you understood that I was complaining about that.

Again, it isn’t free. Tesla’s “we’ll add new features along the way” is part of their sale tactic. It’s one of their advantages over ‘big auto’. Tesla explicitly states that you get new and updated software over the air once it becomes available. Also, Elon has made comments about this feature a long time ago, so it’s not really new either. It just wasn’t available yet.

But even if it was free I don’t see why we can’t complain about the quality of the product. The quality is pretty bad if you ask me, I can’t read any of the plates.

You are saying “can’t complain about something you got for free”, I’m saying that this was part of the deal.

Gabriel, pls stop sounding like an idiot.
The dashcam was NOT on the specsheet of the Tesla.
It came as an update.
And, guess what, the update was FOC.

It look like you didn’t read my comment. One more time: this is true only for those who bought before the update came. For people like me (who are considering this for my future purchase), I want to have it improved before I buy it, or I may delay my purchase until it gets better (among other reasons).

The issue with this is that it isn’t free. It’s a new function, not a free function. Also, for new owners it isn’t even a new option and it could be one of the reasons they purchased a Tesla over another car.

The “it’s free so don’t complain” is getting old and it’s invalid. Not only is it not free, for some it’s not new either. And one is allowed to question the quality of car features, even if they are new to some.

I agree that it is impossible to read any of the plates

Geez people downvote you for making a fair assessment on the video quality. I’m guessing they’re the same people who think Tesla can do no wrong?

Or people disagree with his opinion of the video quality, because there are actually even worse dash cam videos all over youtube that you can see for yourself are way, way worse in quality.

My cheap dash cam looks better than that and I paid less than $40 on it. There are worse, I agree, but the Tesla original one looks worse than mine and I wish this could be worked out before I get one Tesla. I don’t want to spend $50k on a car and have to install another dash cam on it.

“I don’t want to spend $50k on a car and have to install another dash cam on it.”

Oh, I suppose you’ll pay your $50k on a car that already includes a better dashcam? Please let us know what 50k car you choose instead that you don’t have to install a dash cam on it.


People down vote if it is not happy talk praising everything.

…and the fact you got downvotes on this comment is an example of just that.

I think it’s the many trolls that preceded you that ruined it for you. Too many negative comments from trolls created an atmosphere in which even fair criticism will quickly irk the serious commenters and cause them to down rate your comment.

The guy says on his YouTube comments that the actual dash cam video is much more clear, but he downloaded it and processed it for YouTube and it got a lot worse. I’m guessing he either isn’t very good at video editing or the software wasn’t optimized for YouTube.

The dash cam or the Youtube video? Hard to say how much each factor plays into the quality shown.

Having said that, the Tesla dash cam is built for a different purpose, for example it’s better at clarity when it comes to reading license plates than some dedicated dash cams.

Makes it easier to identify signs and numbers with that specific image processing approach, so perhaps geared toward helping autopilot do its job better.

Doesn’t have to be the “prettiest” if it can provide better “information” to the system or the Cop, he doesn’t care if the tree looks nice or not.

A video I saw comparing the dash cam to others you can get on the market:

It shows clearly the bias that people have about Tesla. In the video the author showed the images before revealing which camera was which and did a survey and 75% of people saw the image of the built-in camera answered that it was the cheapest $40 dash cam that he was comparing to, even though it was clear that the built-in camera would not show the car body and the two other cameras he tested (the other was a $400 camera) were clearly mounted and showed part of the car body.

Yea, looks familiar… had a similar episode in a construction zone limited to 80 km/h. I’m in the right lane, minding my own business, then this super bike races out of nowhere, pulls in front of me and slows down… I flashed him because he deliberately slowed me down (I have ACC). Then he escalated it into hand gestures and a middle finger. I tried to ignore him but he kept bothering me. Kept my cool, otherwise he’d be dead… same at red lights, I can accelerate faster than most bikes, they should just stay behind, it’s the LAW.

You should’ve just run into him..

Lane splitting is such a stupid idea. Lanes are there for a reason, to keep a safe space between vehicles.

Lane splitting is a valid and useful activity. The problem comes into play when bikers expect the right of use rather than using it when it is safe.

What this video doesn’t show is what was going on when the driver made the lane change. Was the biker already there and the driver pulled into him? Did he cut him off as changed lanes. This is only showing part of the situation.

Having said that being a biker for nearly 50 years as I am, you learn if you still have all your body parts and you haven’ left anything bleeding on the ground just move on and watch for the next brain dead cager. 🙂

Even when legal, it is highly advised by CHP NOT to lane split the lanes in question in this video under these traffic conditions. If he was lane splitting those lanes, he was doing it wrong. He should have been lane splitting the left lanes EXACTLY to avoid situations like this, where cars filter from right to left as they enter traffic from an on-ramp.

Lane Filtering, bikes moving between lanes of stopped or very slow cars is OK, but Lane Splitting at speed is just asking for an early grave.

Lane splitting in stop and go traffic – especially at large speed deltas with auto traffic- is not safe. It should not be legal IMHO.

I think motorcyclists would just do it anyway. And for that matter by any relative safety metric, a motorcycle is distinctly unsafe compared to car. So, I guess people riding them have decided to take their chances.

I was in a minor accident a few years ago where a young man ran a stop sign and hit the side of my car (I had the right of way with no stop sign on my street, was driving along and didn’t even see him coming). Minor accident in a car. On a motorcycle I’d be in the hospital or potentially dead.

The wonderful 55 Freeway……sigh

Really hard to tell what happened (at this point this is only a one sided story) here because all we see is the front POV of the cam from the Model 3 owners perspective and their commentary. This is SoCal where motorcyclists often lane split, possible the biker was coming up when this Model 3 was merging over, dunno just a guess at this point.

Knock knock! Who’s there? CHP Officer O’Malley … you’re busted !

I predict absolutely nothing will happen to the guy from here. I had a guy REAR END ME AND TAKE OFF, I had his plates on my dashcams, filed a report, gave it to the police and CHP and they did absolutely nothing. They asked if I had insurance and if anyone was injured. Since I did and nobody was, they pretty much dropped pursuing it from there.

Well, nothing will happen because no damage was done in this case.

Also, it is one side story. Wish we would have the rear camera on as well to record the entire sequence of thing rather than just some guy’s version.

We only see how angry the rider got, we don’t know why he got that angry yet.

We do know. The Tesla driver admitted to making a mistake. Not using his turn signals, and trusting autopilot to change lanes for him in crowded conditions. AP and a bad driver not using it properly is cause for this entire incident. Luckily, there wasn’t an accident. Doesn’t the Tesla have read and side cameras? Maybe the driver can ask Elon to pull the footages, and provide that to the police too. Reminder: AP is a beta product. From Tesla’s manual: Autopilot limitations Traffic-Aware Cruise Control is a beta feature. Traffic-Aware Cruise Control is primarily intended for driving on dry, straight roads, such as highways and freeways. It should not be used on city streets. Warning: *Do not use* Traffic-Aware Cruise Control on city streets or on roads *where traffic conditions are constantly changing.* Warning: Do not use Traffic-Aware Cruise Control on winding roads with sharp curves, on icy or slippery road surfaces, or when weather conditions (such as heavy rain, snow, fog, etc.) make it inappropriate to drive at a consistent speed. Auto steer is a beta product. Autosteer is intended for use only on highways and limited-access roads with a *fully attentive driver*. When using Autosteer, hold the… Read more »

“Tesla driver admitted to making a mistake. Not using his turn signals, and trusting autopilot to change lanes”

It doesn’t work that way. Autopilot won’t do an automatic lane change without a blinker

Yeah. I misheard him. Guys voice is really nasally or has an accent. My mistake.

Also, I’m not so sure the motorcycle driver has much moral high ground regarding blinkers when he is seen in the video making multiple lane changes without ever using a blinker or signaling (including make a 2-lane lane change).

Flipping up the license plate up as an admission he knew he was doing something wrong doesn’t look good for him either.

So if this is all about this guy getting outraged and over the top angry about just a blinker, he should really be angry about his own motorcycle riding, all done without a single blinker or signal in the entire video.

Cypress; the driver said he DID have blinkers on for the lane change.

Yeah, I misheard on the first listen. Guy has a really nasally voice. My mistake.

Is there a rear cam to show if the Navigate did cut the motorcycle off?

I mean, there are pricks who ride and thinks they deserve the world. But there are also cases where the car just didn’t see the motorcycle and do cut them off.

Navigate has been known to merge into lanes in the path of oncoming high speed traffic (blocking others). Is that the case here?

The driver basically says he did cut off the motorcycle and admitted to not checking the lane himself and trusting AP. Fail.

“Navigate has been known to merge into lanes in the path of oncoming high speed traffic (blocking others). Is that the case here?”

From the context of all the other traffic that we can clearly see, do you really think there was any lawful high speed traffic lane on that road?

The sea of brake lights and gridlock should be a major clue that this was not a case of a slow car trying to merge into a fast lane of traffic. We don’t really need to see both sides of the sheep to figure this one out.

Sea of brake lights never really mean anything to lane splitting motorcycles if one drives enough in CA traffics.

They will accelerate into any gaps if there is one. often, I see cars completely mis-judge the motorcycle speed and “cut them off” by moving into their path while the Motorcycle is accelerating in the gap or into the gap.

And that’s where its insane… but then legally there’s supposed to be no more the 5 mph difference in speed. At least last time i checked.

Ex-rider w/ 220,000 miles.

To my knowledge there is no traffic law pertaining to speed delta between a motorcycle and a car while lane sharing. If you know of one I would be interested in seeing it. I have taught MSF beginner and advanced rider courses and I know of nothing.

So InsideEVs, any chance to do an article of which, if any states are interested in receiving dash cam footage of these types of incidents from drivers? I would imagine that law enforcement would not be interested in receiving countless videos of road rage incidents but it would be interesting to know if any would like to see this stuff and if there is any ability to prosecute based on these videos.

In most states for the police to issue a ticket one or more of the following factors must be true:

1) Must be viewed personally by the arresting/ticketing officer in real time.
2) Caused damage or injury.
3) It was a criminal traffic offense, and not just a traffic infraction.
4) You live in a state that allows you to swear out the complaint yourself, and you are acting in a role similar to citizen’s arrest.

It would be a tough story to do justice for all 50 states, because even these general guidelines vary wildly by state, and even more by individual jurisdictions where policy may be to exercise police discretion and NOT issue violations even when they have the lawful authority to issue violations.

As a motorcyclist I can say this guy will off himself soon enough with his idiocy.

Just cut the biker off the road! Jesus I hate bikers!

That biker should ask himself what could happen if the guy in the car has the same anger management problems he has.

It Sounds Like these Thugs are secretive group of Thugs causing trouble , “hiding their License Plates” etc: This is how “Bad Fads” Start, Cops should Be Checking All Bikes for Retractable Plate Holders Fine Them and get Them Off The Streets ..These Guys are growing group of Bad News …Good Work Catching this One ! I Hope The Cops Get The Rest of the Job Done & Get Them All ..

A motorcyclist engaging in aggressive road rage is about the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. You’re really going to brake check someone on a motorcycle? Better hope your health insurance, and for that matter your life insurance, is paid up.

I’m always astounded when I see a bike brake check a motor vehicle. The biker is relying on a driver of a 2 ton vehicle to be the better person. That’s idiocy.

The rider should know the guard rail is just a few lanes over.

Heads up, Tesla will add the Dog mode to keep cold/warm the car inside for our pets after owner suggested “same as to use the front camera as a recorder” and Elon say yes, so please do not complain once the new future is given “for free” and is not perfect, just don’t used. I had never have a free upgrade fromBMW, Mercedes, Maserati or Jaguar, Herve thank you Elon even if is not perfect.

Morons and the autopilot