Mack Trucks To Introduce Electric Refuse Truck Next Year

MAY 8 2018 BY MARK KANE 15

Mack Trucks announced the beginning of electrification in 2019 with a fully electric refuse vehicle, based on the Mack LR model.

Volvo FL Electric

Because Mack Trucks belongs to Volvo Group, the company’s approach to electrification will follow Volvo Trucks and the recently unveiled Volvo FL Electric.

The first electric Mack LR is to be demonstrated in the New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) pilot project.

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Mack Trucks encourages that the refuse vehicles are the starting point for electric trucks at current stage of EVs and charging infrastructure.

“Mack Trucks, a part of Volvo Group, plans to have a fully electric Mack LR refuse model equipped with an integrated Mack electric drivetrain operating in North America in 2019. The New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY), one of Mack´s largest customers, will test the demonstration vehicle in its highly demanding operations.

Mack believes that at this stage of electromobility technology and infrastructure development, a fully electric vehicle will deliver the most value within a closed loop application, in which the truck returns home every night, such as refuse. Benefits of fully electric trucks include zero emissions, significantly reduced noise and environmental sustainability. The ability to operate quietly at night is particularly attractive to refuse customers in urban areas.”

Jonathan Randall, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Mack Trucks North America said:

“It’s clear that electromobility will be a part of the trucking industry’s future, and Mack is well-positioned to offer integrated, fully electric solutions for the North American market. DSNY is one of Mack’s largest customers, and the department is known for its progressive sustainability efforts. We look forward to working with them as we test the first fully electric LR model in a real-world application.”

Rocky DiRico, New York City DSNY deputy commissioner said:

“The New York City DSNY looks forward to extending our long-standing partnership with Mack Trucks through the testing of the electric LR. Sustainability is extremely important to the DSNY, and we consistently test new technology to help New York City reach its goal of 80 percent reduced emissions by 2050.”

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Good news.

Looking at Mack’s “M” radiator grille design, it made me think. Every legacy truck manufacturer will have to do some vehicle brand signature re-working. Every manufacturer uses a distinctive and massive radiator grille design (with their name badge at center-top) to clearly identify their “brand” on the road. But BEV trucks won’t require such a massive grille. Without that, who could tell a Kenworth from a Mack from a Freightliner?

They could use whatever grille design they have today simply as a graphic painted (or slightly raised) on whatever the frontmost vertical surface is. Not really a problem.

The Freightliner will be on side of road with sensor or wiring problems, the Kenworth will be in the shop with water leaks( in the stupidest places) and the Mack will be chugging down the road in small quantities

That’s if they build their EV’s like their ICE trucks (joking, but not really, that’s been my experience with 6 different Freightliners and Kenworths)

I currently drive a Volvo lol

Yeah but you can get more chrome and more useless gauges in a Kenworth, right? And the Freightliner is cheaper, right? Ha ha, brand snarkiness. I noticed you did not start on in Navistar… Have any jokes about massive EGR? (Sorry that was mean.)

The major names in trucks can easily enter the market, which they will.

easily for you to say.

What is that suppose to mean?

Why does it feel like the “refuse truck” is the Big Truck version of the PHEV with 10 miles of range? Reluctantly built just to say that you are?

They will probably be closer to 80 miles of range. These are not hybrids. And refuse trucks might be in the top 3 for profitability, up there with fire trucks and concrete pumpers. Also among the lowest volume.

Wow American trucks are so ugly. But essentially it’s a Volvo. Although the Volvo ones look way better and are smaller which is better for city maneuvering.

Seems like a perfect application. It would certainly keep residential neighborhoods quieter in the early morning hours.

The stop and go trucks like trash collection and mail delivery are perfect applications for EVs. They hit the acceleration and then the brake all day long. Gas engine efficiency is the worst in this scenario and EVs with regeneration are the best. Efficiency gains in these constant stop/start cases will be the largest of course compared to long haul 75mph highway cruising where diesels are at least reasonable in efficiency. And, as already pointed out, this will create less noise in the local neighborhoods where these trucks can operate.

On that note, I hope the post office is looking into EVs for their massive fleet of delivery trucks. Maybe they are but I have never seen one.

Both the French and the German post are using thousands of EVs

It is not just efficiency, refuse trucks eat brake pads. Over their service life, an operator can spend more on brake service than the truck cost to buy new. Some applications change brakes monthly and some, more often. So strong regen (if Mack does that) will be a game changer for operators.