Lyon Motors To Reveal 1,677 HP LM2 Streamliner At New York Auto Show – AWD Electric Version In Development


LM2 Streamliner

LM2 Streamliner

The supercar of supercars is set to make its debut at the upcoming 2015 New York Auto Show.

U.S.-based startup, Lyons Motors, will unveil its 1,677 HP LM2 Streamliner next week in New York.

Though the vehicle on display will feature a massive 8.2-liter gas engine, future plans call for an AWD, pure electric version.

Here are some details on the gas-engined model, via Autocar:

“The LM2 Streamliner, which is powered by an 8.2-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine, is claimed to have an estimated top speed of 290mph. Its makers claim the car can reach 60mph in 2.2sec, 100mph in 4.1sec and 200mph in 11.85sec. The V8 engine produces 1610lb ft. Drive is sent to all four wheels by a seven-speed sequential transmission.”

Body work is all carbon fiber. Inside, there’s a Tesla-like 16-inch touchscreen.

As for the electric version, this is what’s being stated:

“Pointing towards a future family of Streamliner models, company boss Kevin Lyons says all-wheel-drive electric and Super Sport GT versions of the car are already in development.”

LM2 Streamliner

LM2 Streamliner

LM2 Streamliner

LM2 Streamliner

Source: Autocar

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IMO cars like this shouldn’t even be legal to make in this day and age. Supercars should be made illegal unless they have a hybrid powertrain at the bare minimum. There’s no excuse why a supercar shouldn’t have a hybrid engine in this day and age.

The fact people are still building combustion-only, gas-guzzling monsters at this late stage is just disgusting and shameful.

The U.S.A. is the land of the free.*

* Limitations apply. Void where prohibited.

It looks like a High School dream project.

It would’ve looked killer on an airbrushed purple t-shirt in the 80s.

It’s ugly IMO, and it doesn’t even have a narrowed front end to make it more aerodynamic. It’s the boring old plan: Brute force to high speed with no care for the environment.

Few cars make a Nissan Leaf look sexy by comparison.

This is one of those vehicles…

You’d be Lyon if you said this looked good.


Will they let Clarkson drive it?

And we need another 2 seater luxury supercar because?

Because we can. At least until Will is running things.

I see a little bit of Mach 5 design cues. Particularly the front fenders.


Ere… emm… I see the window on the roof took inspiration from the Edsel.

The body curving around the window proves my point even further.

No. It looks like a legless woman’s groin.

Now, you can’t unsee it! ;D

Fifty bucks says Lyons Motors will NOT unveil its 1,677 HP LM2 Streamliner next week in New York.

Any takers? I didn’t think so…

This isn’t just some random kit car builder’s fantasy render, it’s some random kit car builder’s BESPOKE BILLET fantasy render.

“Details on the gas-engined model” should rightly be read as “fantasy specifications on the gas-engined moded” as no gas-engined model will forthcoming a week from now.

I hope there is more real EV news today, just to get this ugly funk off the front page.

Instead Of putting All Their Energy Into “NONSENCE” They should R&D A More “ENERGY EFFICIENT” EV Motors That Increases “RANGE” By Using less Battery., For Sensible Every day Use…”Although”,,All This Nonsense May Lead To Something Sensible.As A Side Effect. ..Hopefully, By Some Fluke…. Cheers All !