Lumeneo In Liquidation After Sales Missed 500-Unit Target by Nearly 500 Units

NOV 23 2013 BY MARK KANE 5

Lumeneo Neoma and Smera

Lumeneo Neoma and Smera

Lumeneo Smera

Lumeneo Smera

According to French media, Lumeneo, a small French manufacturer of electric vehicles established in 2006, is now in liquidation.

Struggling with low sales, Lumeneo missed its target of 500 units in 2013 by… almost 500. Production since mid-2012 did not even exceed 10 units (including three Neoma).

Lumeneo was selling two models – the Smera a two-seater (in tandem) and Neoma four-seat city car presented at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. Bosch Car Service was contracted to service these vehicles.

Neoma starts from €21,700 ($29,273 US or €14,700 after a €7,000 incentive) and this excludes the battery pack, which must be rented.

This is a sad time for Lumeneo, but on the other hand even smart only 248 EVs in the past 10 months in France, so there is no easy way to sell hundreds of small EVs at Lumeneo’s current price points.

Neoma spec:

Seats 4
Width 1m66
Length 2m69
Height 1m48
Steering radius 4m60
Max. Speed 110 km/h
Max. Power 35kW/48hp
Motor Technology brushless synchrone Leroy-Somer
Battery Technology Li-Polymer Dow Kokam
Voltage 135 à 202 V
Capacity 14,2 kWh
Range up to 140 Km
Charging Time 4 hours
Weight 870 Kg
Max. Weight 1200 Kg
Trunk 100 – 400 L (2seats)
Car Warranty 24, 36 or 48 months
Battery Warranty 5 years or 50 000 Km











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5 Comments on "Lumeneo In Liquidation After Sales Missed 500-Unit Target by Nearly 500 Units"

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Dan Frederiksen

Now imagine if instead of the Neoma they built a Tesla Roadster config car of similar weight. It’s no more difficult to do but would be incomparably more successful..
Why is everyone in the world vacuous.

The price was a huge mistake and so was the choice of Kokam. Kokam are nitwits. Uninteresting cells, very high price.

Chris O

Light weight and aerodynamic yet absolutely nobody wants one so what does this teach us? Absolutely nothing.

Jeff D

No one wants to spend $30,000 on a small city car. It would be better to use public transportation. I always figured these kinds of cars would sell better in smaller cities that are still crowded but the public transportation infrastructure isn’t built up as well as in the major cities. That would only happen at a much lower price.


That kind of pricing and performance probably made some sense in 2006. I mean, compare the Neoma to a Th!nk City for example.
Then, fortunately for us but not so much for Lumeneo, came a wave of EVs from larger manufacturers: iOn/C-Zero, Zoé, Leaf, BlueCar etc…

I don’t know what the Smera was going for, but that form factor could have been successful. Renault sold 10k+ Twizy.


Only 5 year battery warranty? Suck.

The front has a certain “Spider Skull” look… Not chic enough for the money.

And the Smera seems rather similar to Toyota’s ‘iRoad’ vehicle. But I think I like the French version more (4 wheels). Lack of Smera sales, might not bode well for the iRoad, unless the price / warranty / marketing is better?