Ludicrous Tesla Model S P85D vs Turbo Truck and Muscle Cars – Drag Race Video


Even With A Head Start, The Camaro Loses

Even With A Head Start, The Camaro Loses

Video description:

“Headed out to Piedmont dragway in the new ludicrous P85D for the first time.”

“Noticed being a couple tenths faster along with help from launch control, which was only used on the last race. It is a bit difficult to use in a racing scenario where you want to cut a good r/t but is also running as fast as time from a P90D at least in the 1/8th mile since we have not done 1/4 mile yet.”

“Took on a Camaro SS, 5.0 coyote mustang with a stall, turbo Chevy silverado, and a Plymouth GTX. Tesla vs Muscle cars.”

The race versus the Camaro SS is especially entertaining, as the Model S driver lets the lowly Camaro get the jump off the line before mashing the accelerator. In no time, the Model S catches the Camaro, then blows it away.

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At 1/8th mile the Ludicrous versions of the Model S are pretty much dominant relative to ANYthing that runs on the street. OTOH, at 1/4 mile then some of the lighter rear wheel street cars can “close the gap.” At least IMHO, since I have a similar P85D(L) and I can “take” even modified Vettes out to 1000 feet, and then IF, repeat IF they are “highly modified” then they come roaring past with trap speeds 12-16 miles faster (upwards to 130+ at the quarter while “Ludicrous” for owner cars seems to max out at around 117 mph in the quarter).

Isn’t Ludicrous mode only available for the P90D?

It’s available as an upgrade for P85D owners

So much fun!

I feel my neck reddening.

“the new ludicrous P85D”

Uh . . . isn’t he Ludicrous mode only available in the P90D model?

I believe for $5k you can add it aftermarket to the P85D.

At the risk of gloating. Nice to see four adults in the Tesla while racing these specialty cars.