Ludicrous Tesla Model S Races Pair Of Challenger Hellcats – Drag Race Video


Goodbye Hellcat!

Goodbye Hellcat!

We’ve seen a Tesla Model S whoop a Hellcat in the past, but now we get to watch as two Challenger Hellcats attempt to beat a Ludicrous Model S at two different race tracks.

The results are basically what we’ve come to expect…the Hellcat is simply not well matched for the S unless driven flawlessly (and maybe with a little friendly assist from the P85D owner in this case)

Video description:

Race 1 –

Lucky enough for us we found a cool guy in a Dodge Challenger Hellcat at Moorseville Dragway who was down to run our Ludicrous Tesla Model S. The car had some drag radials but still didn’t do the best from a launch. This may be the “Tesla Racing Channel” but we want good, close races to be honest. The owner wanted to run again but the track was shut down before we were able to.

Race 2 –

Fast forward to Piedmont Drag Strip where we found another Challenger Hellcat, this one stock with little miles. Couldn’t find the owner right away so went to the tower for a callout, I couldn’t do it for free he said so what the hell, do it for whatever amount he wants. No money was thrown on table so I decided to give him the first move to at least try and get a good close race, which it was! 

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LOL. “Dang, where’s he at!”

Poor kitty kitty…

Times, they are a changin’.

Soft kitty, warm kitty, bundle full of fur.

little ball of fur, happy kitty, sleepy kitty, “dang, where’s he at?” LOL!

How about a P90DL

People probably think Hellcats are in the wild. You’re about as likely to run into a wolverine. Lame R/Ts, and such.

scott franco (No M3 FAUX GRILL!)


What do you call a Tom Hellcat that got neutered by a Tesla?

Its now a Queen What-the-Heck? cat. 🙂

It’s a good thing most of you guys have never been down a dragstrip. You are all easily impressed. First off, that’s only a 1/8 mile race. Real dragracing happens at a quarter mile track. 1/8 mile is something they do down south only. Secondly, the hellcat driver had a 2.1s sixty foot? Give me a break! My 16 year old stock Corvette with everyday street tires turns a 1.8s 60 foot easily. With drag radials, easily a 1.6. My wife’s beetle 60 foots better than a 2.1. So does my pickup truck. And don’t get me started on the first race at night. Am i the only one that noticed the drag radial Hellcat driver almost put himself into the wall? He was in the Tesla’s lane for most of the race!! Ive raced plenty of cars down the strip, even a Model S P85 and a 2008 Roadster. In addition to my Leaf, Mini E, and all my gas cars. But lets be for real, if you want to title these articles, Challenger Hellcat with complete beginner behind the wheel first time at a dragstrip gets smoked by all wheel drive Tesla that always hooks and requires no… Read more »
/internet tough guy taunt mode on/ Too bad for the Hellcat that its inferior technology requires a highly skilled and experienced driver (like yourself) in order to consistently put down good times. On the other hand, my granny can put down consistent times in the Model S by doing nothing more than “pin it to win it”, due to the Model S’s superior technology. Have you raced against a P100DL yet? They are on their way. The REAL race your old tech is losing isn’t on the street, it is in the R&D labs. The performance improvement curve for electrics is way beyond the rate of improvement for gassers. Even the fastest gas cars are now turning to adding electric PHEV systems in order to boost their performance over their pure gas competitors. /internet tough guy taunt mode off/ Actually, they are both fast cars. Each of them have strengths and weaknesses where each of them is faster than the other. Which one is “faster” comes down to who defines the distance and conditions of the race. Because either car can crush the other car if the race suits the strengths of one car, while exploiting the weakness of the… Read more »

“Already lauded as the most powerful muscle car ever—backed by a supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI engine that serves up 707 hp and 650 lb.-ft. of torque—the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat has now laid claim to the title of fastest muscle car ever. That came after the car recently laid waste to the previous quarter-mile record and reeled off an elapsed time (ET) of just 11.2 seconds—at 125 mph. And to be clear, that new benchmark was both certified by the NHRA and set with the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat wearing stock Pirelli PZero tires. After mounting drag radials at all four corners, the car delivered a 10.8-second run at 126 mph.”

Sorry guys, the Hellcat is faster. You just happened to find a guy that hadnt been to the track in 15 years and its his first time racing the hellcat. Listen to the video.

Of course Hellcat is faster… IN CAPABLE HANDS. That’s the point. You can put any beginning in P90DL and it’ll smoke far more capable cars that’s driven by even moderately experienced driver.

I did an analysis purely from power perspective and even less power Corvette would be quicker to 60 MPH than P90DL. But that will take extraordinary skills to keep the car at the limits of traction, something most people can’t do, or willing to sacrifice the car’s well being to do. See my blog “Can stock Corvette beat Tesla P90DL in 0-60MPH?”

I like the Tesla better.. it’s quieter.. doesn’t make a bunch of useless wheel spin and smoke .. plus it don’t burn gasoline.. This racing of a luxury sedan verses a 2 door couple rattle trap makes no sense to me at all.. this car does not compete with the Tesla in any way , shape or form… the Tesla should be racing vehicles of the same kind.. BMWs 7’s and 8’s..MB 500 amgs.. Lexus and Caddy SVX’s..I would even waste my battery racing those dodges, camaros or mustangs for one second.. does anyone get the term “civilized”?? The Tesla S is a “civilized ” entity.. it is not a beast, a rogue or an unbridled noise maker. . I’m sick of these dumb drag racing stories with an apple racing an orange.. boring.

It is a proof of concept, a civilized car can beat a racecar in an efficient manner.
Do you remember the White Zombie?

Besides the racing capability, Tesla boasts a 90 MPGe.

I don’t know whether the Hellcat will touch even 15 MPG.

Electric technology is severely tamed, what your seeing today performance wise isn’t even the tip of the iceberg,a combustion engine will never come close to the performance capabilities of an electric motor,electric motors output their max torque rating immediately from zero rpm to whatever that motors max rpm is, nuff said…

Electric technology is severely tamed,what your seeing today isn’t even the tip of the iceberg,a combustion engine will never come close to the performance capabilities of an electric motor,an electric motor outputs it’s max torque rating immediately from zero rpm to whatever that electric motors max rpm is,nuff said…

I also race electric RC cars and we have batteries capable of producing hours of run time on a single charge,it all boils down to proper gearing and the right motor for the job and most importantly the BEST batteries known to man,that my friends is what’s severely tamed in the full scale world but not in the small scale world, and remember if it works on small scale it will in large scale as well,their is no reason why we cant propel our cars to amazing feats and still get amazing run times as well…