Lucintel’s Report Lists Unexpected Top 5 Global Electric Vehicle Automakers


Not Our Color of Choice

Not Our Color of Choice

Lucintel, a global market research firm, released a report on the electric vehicle industry that has us scratching our heads.

First, will start off with some of Lucintel’s predictions that seem sensible.   According to the research firms, the global electric vehicle industry is estimated to reach $73.9 billion, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8% during the next five years.  That seems reasonable enough to us, as does Lucintel’s suggestion that the average efficiency of electric vehicles is 80 %, compared to 20 to 30 % for conventional vehicles.

Whoops...One is Unplugged

Whoops…One is Unplugged

Additionally, Lucintel says that the electric vehicle industry faces some unique challenges, including cost of production, price of vehicles and range restrictions, but predicts those barriers will diminish over time.

So far, all is logical with Lucintel’s report, but when the research firms discusses what it calls the “Top Five Global Electric Vehicle Companies” our eyebrows raised a bit.

Here’s that list, according to Lucintel:

General Motors

We could explain why this list looks rather flawed, or we could turn it over to you, our readers to discuss.  We’ll go with the later, but before that we just have to say, “Where’s Nissan and Renault?”  Volkswagen, really?


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How about I revise the list of 5 main manufacturers:

Nissan / Renault

Perhaps it’s top 5 which have electric vehicles. That’s the only way I can see that their evaluation criteria comes to this list, and as already pointed out does not include Tesla nor Nissan/Renault.

Electric vehicles applies to a much larger group than just cars/automobiles that we might first think of.

No, never heard about.

Here are the Top5 Global EV makers:

Nissan 61.581
Chevrolet 43.138
Toyota 34.491
Mitsubishi 32.685
Renault 23.937

“Toyota 34.491”

What does this # come from?

@kdawg: Toyota sales = 474 (RAV4 EV) + 30 (IQ EV) + 33.987.Prius Plug-In

And now some surprises on the ranking from #6 to #10:

Tesla 12.381
Ford 7.489
Chery 5.758
BYD 5.325
JAC 4.068

Yep…Kimmi is spot on…Here’s the link again to our 2012 Global Sales post (Kimmi assisted with some stats there too!!)…Kimmi is now adding some 2013 figures into the mix in comments here too…

Thanks Eric,

I’ve got more figures, here’s a 2013 Top5 EV Brands:

Nissan 11.624
Mitsubishi 7.473
Tesla 7.107
Chevrolet 6.760
Toyota 5.713

For more info, go to my weblog:, or send me an email to

I agree that the list should only for pure EV or EREV sales, and your list is the correct one. Now that Tesla is profitable and will begin Model X sales (and the new Chevy Spark EV begins its sales), this list will be very interesting by the end of this year!

Using Electric Vehicle in the most general way(hybrid, plug-in hybrid, full EV), the listed automakers have wider penetration to offer more electrified vehicles than Nissan has in their business plan.

Daimler, Ford, GM, Toyota and VW all have plans now and in the near future to introduce a mix of several hybrid, plug-in hybrid and full EVs for the widest market penetration with electric vehicles.

Nissan/Renault is heavily banking on full EVs, which limits their market potential greatly.

Quick Look at Global Market Penetration:

– GM #1, Ford #2 and Toyota #3 with Nissan #7 in North American Sales.

– VW #1, Ford #2 and GM #3, Mercedes #8 in European Sales.

– Ford #1, GM #2 and VW #3 with Nissan #6 and Mercedes #7 in the UK.

– VW #1, GM #2 and Ford quickly moving to #3 in Chinese import sales, where the Chinese hate for the Japanese is not going away anytime soon.