Lucid Motors Releases Teaser Image Of Its Future Electric Sedan

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Lucid Motors electric car "alpha" in camouflage

Lucid Motors electric car “alpha” in camouflage

Lucid Motors (formerly known as Atieva) has released teaser photos of “alpha” version of its electric car in camouflage.

Lucid Motors' earlier teaser

Lucid Motors’ earlier teaser

It the photo, the EV is stacked between a Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan and a BMW 7 Series, which leads us to believe what segemnt of the market the Lucid EV is aiming for.

High-end long-range EV (another one) could be Tesla Model S competitor at some point in the future.

The first image also shows us that Lucid’s EV, will be shorter, and generally smaller all-around than a typical full-size sedan.

However, recent reports states that the compact electric powertrain and a sandwich (battery) housed in the floor enables the interior to be more spacious overall (or at least similar) to either the Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan and a BMW 7 Series.

We’ve heard a similar message from Volkswagen, which intends to introduce an all-electric model of a size of a Golf, but which will offer interior space of a Passat (more about Volkswagen I.D. here).

More from Lucid Motors expected at the Los Angeles Auto Show!

Lucid Motors electric car "alpha" in camouflage

Lucid Motors electric car “alpha” in camouflage

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12 responses to "Lucid Motors Releases Teaser Image Of Its Future Electric Sedan"

  1. CLIVE says:

    Good for them.

  2. jimijonjack says:

    The More The Merrier !

    1. CLIVE says:


  3. Kdawg says:

    Is it a hatchback?

    1. ffbj says:

      No. Though it does look like one.

      “Upon closer inspection, the trunk’s cut lines look like they include the rear window, making the car appear more hatch-like even though it’s not. “–Motortrend

      1. CLIVE says:

        Looks almost Porsche like… I also see design language from Chris Bangle’s BMW days. With the 7 Series on the right, clearly they have BMW in their sites.

        1. bogdan says:

          Looks ugly to me and it is quite small. I don’t get it what they mean by luxury…
          A small 4 door sedan can’t be made luxury because it is a canned tuna.

    2. Miggy says:

      Not a hatchback but it may be a liftback, like the Tesla Model S.

      1. Kdawg says:

        What’s the difference? Sounds like semantics to me.

      2. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

        It certainly does look like a liftback, but if Motor Trend says that’s not a hatch at the rear, then I think we should believe them.

  4. Anon says:

    The front “Eye Slot” reminds me of Gort, from ‘When the Earth Stood Still”…

    And the liftback looks kinda awkwardly proportioned.

  5. Bonaire says:

    But will they have a distribution channel? Repairs? Even Tesla showed just how expensive it is to do “something” and are these folks ready to dump the $Billions needed to establish their own network? OR will it become another Fisker Motors solution with hap-hazard solutions (selling through random franchised dealers).

    I can see a future of “electric service centers” which work specifically on electric brands. Tesla off-warranty, Lucid, BYD, Leaf, Volt, Bolt, whatever. But somehow, starting another “large sedan electric car company” is looking like a money-losing solution and anything based on losing money will eventually fail.