Lucid Hosting Two Ride Events For Air EV This Weekend

Lucid Air


It’s beginning to look as though the Lucid Air from Lucid Motors is more far along in development than we had previously believed.

We do we say this? Well, this weekend, Lucid Motors is hosting two invite-only ride events for the Lucid Air. Add to that all the recent testing videos we’ve seen and it’s obvious the Air is more than just vaporware.

As Teslarati states:

Lucid Motors…will be holding a private viewing party for its 1,000 horsepower ‘Air’ in Los Angeles this weekend. Email invitations were sent to media along with friends and family of the company informing them of the two-day event. The first event will take place Saturday evening at a notable museum in Los Angeles where test rides of the Air will be given.

The second of two events will take place at a private estate in Newport Beach, California on Sunday.

Lucid Air Invite

Perhaps Lucid’s late 2018 launch of the Air isn’t as dreamy as we had thought.

Via Teslarati

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Good for them!

Ijmijonjak stu catso Etc:

That Car will Cost A TON of $$$$$$$$$$$$ Gauranteed !

All the new EV startups are following the Tesla business model, so no surprises there.
Hopefully all the rich dudes buy this and sell their Tesla, that might put a few more on the used car market and drive down prices.

This makes sense, let people ride and see the quality of quiet luxury transportation.

“More far along” generally spoken as “further along”, and not to be confused with “farther along”.

Bless your little ❤️

I want to go…

Surprised they’re showing it in LA? That’s where the money is. And most Teslas.

It’s a nice looking car, I hope it does well. Might help shake up the traditional manufacturers a bit more as well.

Absolutely how I see it.

I’d put money ? on them over two other car companies that are aiming square at Tesla

There’s no such thing as a test ride! Test drive or just a ride… and this is the latter.

That is all they did with Model 3

Huge tease

Bam ?

Four hundred miles on 130 kWh puts it at an average of 3.07 miles per. Not too bad for a luxo barge. I wonder what it weighs? I’m hoping Model 3 can pull off 4.0 miles per kWh.

Styling is nice, although a bit low to the ground. I’m none too sure about placing passengers virtually in the trunk and in such a steeply reclined position.

They plan a standard 5 seat version as well according to their info.

I see Ford Probe in that front end.

I’d say these “test rides” are aimed more at investors than potential car buyers.

Tesla Motors in its earliest years had the advantage of using AC Propulsion’s already existing tZero BEV “supercar” prototype for test rides, to show off the concept to potential investors.

Now that Lucid has its own prototype(s), no doubt they want to make up for lost time!

So yes, Lucid is trying to follow the business model of Tesla Motors/Tesla Inc. I find it puzzling that people posting to InsideEVs seem to think that’s a bad thing. Isn’t it better to follow the business plan of the first new American auto maker since before WW II to successfully compete with existing market leaders?

Far better than following the business plan of failed EV startups like CODA and Th!nk, I’d say!

@Pu-Pu said: “…So yes, Lucid is trying to follow the business model of Tesla Motors/Tesla Inc. I find it puzzling that people posting to InsideEVs seem to think that’s a bad thing…”

Lucid is copying the Tesla playbook (almost zero original play) while at the same time holding themselves out as bold innovators…they are in that sense a fraud.

The biggest deserved dig against Lucid though is that it’s an elaborate Chinese enterprise (with nation state backing) dressed as home-grown California company…whose agenda is to highjack Telsa in the Chinese market…a scheme that is intended to flat out replicate anothers work product (Tesla) while taking advantage of the many trade imbalance policies (i.e. import tax & production factory ownership restrictions) between USA and China. It’s dirty economic warfare that we here in the USA are too stupid to see, understand, or challenge.

About InsideEVs says:

“Inside EVs was created to not just publish the breaking news of the day, but to go behind it, to create it, and most importantly to examine the how, what and why of electric vehicles…”

So I challange InsideEVs to walk-the-talk and peel back the Lucid onion…it would make an interesting and bold investigative journalism article.

Eric, I really hope you get an invitation, so we will know more on the car first hand.

Looks like a great car anyway.

Awesome car!

Not bad at all.