Lucid Teams With Electrify America For Ultra Fast Charging

SEP 25 2018 BY MARK KANE 18

Lucid selects Electrify America for ultra-fast charging

ABB fast chargers at Electrify America station

Lucid Motors, after securing financing for further developments and market launch of Air in 2020, turns to another topic, which is fast charging for long-distance travel.

The company announced that it entered a preliminary agreement with Electrify America to provide Lucid customers with a nationwide electric vehicle charging plan.

As we know, Electrify America (part of Volkswagen Group) is investing $2 billion over ten years in zero emission vehicle (ZEV) infrastructure, education, and awareness initiatives to help drive ZEV adoption. By the end of June, the company promises to install or have under construction over 2,000 DC ultra-fast chargers at nearly 500 sites in metro and highway locations across 40 states and 17 major cities.

Lucid says in its press release that it selected Electrify America after an extensive evaluation for two reasons, promised by Electrify America:

  • DC power levels of up to 350 kW (which doesn’t yet mean that Lucid Air will be able to take full power)
  • network coverage

“Lucid was also attracted by Electrify America’s premium charging experience, providing EV drivers with safe and convenient charging locations that offer amenities like shopping, food, and restrooms.”

Peter Rawlinson, Chief Technology Officer of Lucid said:

“We are excited to be working with Electrify America given its extensive charging network and aggressive growth plans. The groundbreaking battery technology we developed for the Lucid Air allows class leading EPA range and ultra-fast charging with minimal cell degradation. Combining our technology with Electrify America’s network provides our customers with a comprehensive charging solution for their everyday lives,”

Giovanni Palazzo, President and CEO, Electrify America said:

“Electrify America is proud to provide Lucid and its customers with our ultra-fast charging. Our high-powered, nationwide network of chargers is a great match with the EV technology offered by Lucid and a further opportunity to expand electric vehicle adoption in the U.S.”

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18 Comments on "Lucid Teams With Electrify America For Ultra Fast Charging"

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(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

“entered a preliminary agreement with Electrify America to provide Lucid customers with a nationwide electric vehicle charging plan.”

Wait a minute!
EA is supposed to be available for EVERYONE, it is part of VW’s punishment for VW’s dirty cheat and lies. What could they (Lucid) be possibly be getting more of from the DCFC’s than any Joe Schmuck like you and I that want to use those DCFC’s?

I call Full BS!

No where in that statement are the words “exclusive use” or similar. Other manufacturers have entered into agreements with charging networks before and given their buyers free charge cards or similar promotions.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

That’s the problem. Why is any one or more company allowed to benefit from this situation where it’s a punishment from their deceptive practices against the customers that purchased their products and the dirty pollution they imposed on others?

I smell dirty politicians aka Rats!

I smell a company wanting to release a press statement showing they are still around…

@Trollnonymous said: “Wait a minute!
EA is supposed to be available for EVERYONE…”

That’s correct…

EA will use a standard plug to provide non-exclusive access on a pay-for-use basis. Perhaps Lucid is pre-paying some portion of the initial charge use for its Lucid customers or something along those lines but EA network access will not otherwise be unique to Lucid customers.

The Lucid/EA announcement basically is saying that Lucid is joining the same strategy of most of the traditional car makers to rely on AE as the solution for fast charger network access.

From EA:

“…Over a ten year period ending in 2027, Electrify America will invest $2 billion in Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) infrastructure and education programs in the United States.

“…Electrify America will establish a network that includes non-proprietary electric vehicle chargers (CCS, CHAdeMO and J1772 standards) at over 650 community-based sites and nearly 300 highway sites across the country…”


Nothing new really. It was already published that their “non-discriminatory” “non-proprietary electric vehicle chargers” resulted in single token Chademo plug out of many and restricted to 50 kW only.

What else would you expected from a company with CEOs in jail, to do their sentence fair and square?

It may be that Lucid is helping fund additional charging locations. Or that they will work with EA to enable Lucid customers to just plugin and have payment based on the car, instead of a network requirement for an RFID card or other payment method. We don’t know the details.

Good. Now then they can make some cars to utilize said network.

And they can consider selling an adapter for charging Tesla and sell them at a reasonable price.

That’s not how it works. The connections EA is using are non proprietary – it’s up to Tesla to make the adapter for their vehicle. EA are using predominantly CCS, which is fast becoming the standard for EV’s in North America at least, unfortunately Tesla don’t have an adapter at the moment. They are installing some CHAdeMO plugs in some locations though, for which Tesla do have an adapter, for some of their vehicles at least.

I’m guessing the Model Y may well come with a CCS plug (as well as a SC), it makes sense for them to allow their vehicles to use what will become a much larger network.

Licensing and business agreements are not a new thing. Electrify America has more motivation to make it happen.

I figure this is a joint marketing agreement. Lucid names EA as their “preferred nationwide charging network” or whatever and gives their customers some free EA credits and EA promotes Lucid in their ads (a chunk of VW’s settlement goes toward EV education/awareness, right?).

Ah, I think I see what you mean now, so EA should build an adapter because it will make them (EA) more money as they get more customers?

I guess that depends on how much it costs to licence the tech from Tesla, and how much it would cost to develop.

While they could do it, the onus is still on Tesla to come up with something to get their vehicles to work (if it’s even possible, it’s more than just a plug after all) with the standard. Tesla did join the CCS group so they may well have something in the works, or their future vehicles may have CCS chargers as mentioned before.

Including CCS on the Model Y and future Tesla vehicles would be a smart move.

What, the Supercharger stations I see everywhere around here, that I cannot use BTW, are not good enough for you? 🙄 I am seeing more and more how some Tesla owners are whiny and self-entitled.

My Bolt is ready to use the network today. While it can’t take full advantage of the speed, the density will be a boon to my travel!

Good luck with that!

The global electric vehicle battery pack market was valued at US$ 61,720.2 million in 2017 and is expected to register a CAGR of over 13%.