Lucid Air Hits The Road In New Teaser Video


Lucid Air On The Road

Since its grand reveal, we haven’t seen or heard much of the Lucid Air, but now there’s a new (albeit very brief) on-road video featuring the high-powered electric sedan.

The Lucid Air reportedly puts out some 1,000+ horsepower, which allows it to zip from 0 to 60 MPH in just 2.5 seconds or so.

Its 130 kWh upgraded battery (base battery is 100 kWh) provides approximately 400 miles of range.

But with a price tag north of $100,000, the Lucid Air may be a hard sell over a similarly equipped Tesla Model S.

Lucid claims to be on track for small-scale production starting in 2018, but as with most startups, that date may be a little optimistic.

The company also added some shots of the Air zipping around San Francisco via their Twitter:

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The more the merrier … for EVs of course 🙂

Glad to see this!

I think it’s a tragedy that Faraday Future got so much attention, when it was quite clear from the start (to me and many others) that FF was never going to put a real car into production. A case of absurdly hyped vaporware from start to finish.

I would much, much rather see more attention given to EV startups which appear to have at least some chance of putting a real car into production; companies like Lucid and Karma and Rivian.

Go Lucid!

That’s a pretty short video for a car with a 400 mile range.