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As you can see from the video, the Lucid Air is not only upscale and roomy, it’s ultra-luxurious, with space beyond its class.

Perhaps this is because according to Lucid Motors CTO Peter Rawlinson:

“The inspiration for the Lucid Air was drawn from the travel experience of the executive jet, and the key enabler of that is the miniaturization of the electric powertrain.”

That’s interesting because Mashable’s Raymond Wong just wrote about the Air’s space and luxury, after experiencing it firsthand. His words:

“I got a chance to sit — unfortunately, I didn’t get to drive or even ride in one on the streets — in the Air at the New York Auto Show and I have to say, it felt more like being in a private jet or in a first-class plane cabin than in a road vehicle.”


Lucid Air interior – Let’s not forget the fifth display in the rear

Having ex-Tesla Model S engineer, Peter Rawlinson calling the shots, provides quite the advantage for Lucid. Rawlinson knows exactly what was “good” about the Model S, and what was lacking. Rather than setting out to build a “Tesla killer,” Rawlinson decided that Lucid should pull out all the stops and make this car a true wonder. It’s designed to outdo even the best in German luxury vehicles. Rawlinson shared (via Teslarati):

“Some people will compare us with Tesla because it’s a luxury EV in that space, and I can understand that comparison. But what I hate is being described as a Tesla killer, because that’s just not representative. We want to take our rightful place [in the luxury car market] which exists worldwide, and it’s dominated by the Germans.”

“[The Tesla Model S] is a great product — a landmark — and I was thrilled to be involved with it, but there are certain things it didn’t do.” (via Mashable)


Lucid Air’s 55-degree reclining rear seats

Rawlinson also told Teslarati:

“Of course you bring knowledge, and experience, but this is really a free-thinking look, and how we can make the next level of electric car, completely uninfluenced by Tesla Model S. This is how we can really take advantage of electrification in a way that product didn’t. This is the electric car reimagined from scratch. Uninfluenced.”

The Air employs a “sculpted” battery to create additional cabin space. He explained (via Mashable):

“The [battery] pack bolts under the car just like Tesla, but the Tesla pack is continuous — a simple prism that runs front to rear. What we’ve done is sculpt the battery back away, particularly around the rear occupant’s feet so it’s roomier and more comfortable.”

“The battery, the motors, the whole electric power train — we used an imaginative way to create a better vehicle package. They enabled this better package. So we were thinking where do people want to sit? Where would their feet go? Well, their feet should take priorities over batteries [back there], so that drove the shape of the battery.”

Inside the Lucid Air –  A look at a few of the displays.

The Lucid Air that Wong enjoyed was the top-of-the-line model,  complete with the panoramic glass, executive reclining rear seats, and massaging front seats. Not to mention the 1,000 horsepower dual-motor powerplant. The base will come with a “normal” aluminum roof, and the rear seats don’t recline. But it still offers a ton of room, and is appointed with the finest materials.

The Air won’t have autonomous software in place for a number of years, but its engineers are already considering how cabin space will be used “differently” once we don’t have to worry about driving. How about a nap in one of the rear seats?

Wong explains some other key features that set the Lucid apart from the Model S, as well as most cars on the road today:

  • Three displays (two touchscreens, plus a digital instrument cluster)
  • A fourth retractable iPod-like touchscreen
  • A built-in natural voice assistant with AI, to outperform platforms like Echo and Siri
  • Facial recognition
  • 217 mph stability test achieved

The list goes on and on, and the critical praise for the Lucid Air has been outstanding. Let’s just hope that the company can secure the necessary funding to make this all a reality.

Source: Mashable, Teslarati

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Don’t like it. Model S interior looks nicer and is simple and clean.

Model S has plenty of legroom in the back and no one even sits in the back, all my back seats do is collect dust.

That’s also not their final car and isn’t in production.


The back is important for upscale customers in China. The car responds to a Chinese view of the luxury sedan. It’s not for you (or me for that matter).

If they can produce it with the level of quality shown, it will do well.

Thin air and renderings are always better than the real thing until the moment you want to actually have and drive it.

That being said, I hope apple drops cash onto them to make it real, competition is good, I don’t want tesla to have a monopoly on energy distribution and electric driving.

Rule #1: Never ever compare a production car with a concept car.
When was the last time you compared a bird and a fish.

Touch Screens

Yes, it is, because they designed it for crooked Chinese bureaucrats, and then just your garden variety oligarchs and dictators. Yay inequality!

Vapourware into

Thin Air

Next /

Does it matter? Another high end electric car that will see very limited production.

Yes, it matters. Car buying is largely aspirational. If the definition of luxury is electric, that has a huge effect down market.

I think its generally agreed that Model S interior is a few cupholders short of befitting a luxury vehicle so it makes sense for Lucid Motors to try to exploit that, but I think there is a reason Tesla keeps things simple: the powertrain is pretty expensive as it is and adding a hugely expensive interior will make production cost go through the roof. Not easy to eke out a profit that way…

I can see this work for the Chauffeured Chinese rich very well though.

Agree with Alonso Perez. If the definition of luxury is electric, that has a huge effect down market.
And yes, this is designed more for rich people who relax or work in the back seat while having a servant driving.

I have complained about the interior of the model S before and apparently I wasn’t the only one that noticed it. The Tesla is a “luxury” car in performance but not much else. The interior is pretty drab for a high end $100k+ car. It’s not terrible but it’s just “OK”.

This is more like it! This corrects the major flaw of the model S. More performance is certainly not needed so I find the 1000 hp motor quite ridiculous. I have my doubts that you will actually get 1000 hp in the end as I doubt the battery will be able to provide it. I like the car though, I hope it makes it into production.

Finally something better than the Model S..

We’ll see when it arrives.

1000 hp will probably be on the big battery (400 mile) version.

By 2019 you won’t need a chauffeur, just let the car self-drive while you recline in back!

So, this is aimed pretty much only at the upscale Chinese market, for those rich people who want to recline — literally! — in the back seat while their chauffeur drives.

Rather disappointing. 🙁

I’m starting to get genuinely excited by Lucid, and I don’t understand why it gets so many negative comments.

A big question is if they can make it a reality, and if so, what the sub-60k USD base model will be like.

The sacrifice of luggage space for interior space will make sense for the majority of cars if autonomy leads to a car pool model, since most of the time we have no use for much luggage space. Today, when we own or lease cars, most cars must meet most of our needs, but if you hail a car for each trip it makes much more sense to choose different vehicles for different trips.

I think what Lucid has shown so far holds great promise. How they’ll manage to build a base model cheaply enough to be sold at a profit for under $60k beats me, but I hope it doesn’t beat them..!

Tesla originally wanted the pricing to be $49,900 after tax incentive so I believe the interior represents that price point.

It’s too bad that the higher end models don’t have much differentiation like the other brands have with M cars and AMG. I think that would have mitigated some of the complaints, but their volume and production capacity probably doesn’t justify having multiple levels of interior trim.

You better believe Tesla is keeping an eye on these guys (or they better be) At the very least, it points out where Tesla S falls short in the Luxury market.. The interior materials, fit and finish. Hopefully this will push Tesla to do better.