Lowered BMW i3


The standard BMW i3 is no slouch in the handling department, but as with most off-the-shelf cars, there’s room for improvement.

H&R is known for producing quality lowering springs that enhance handling, while only diminishing ride quality slightly

Now H&R has a lowering spring kit for the BMW i3, and European Auto Source has outfitted its electric i3 with the H&R package.

As BMWBLOG states:

“In order to increase the driving dynamics and its stance, European Auto Source decided to install a set of H&R Springs on the fully electric i3. Without sacrificing ride quality, the H&R Lowering Springs installed on this i3 gave it a fairly decent drop. Benefits of the H&R springs are not only the lowered stance but also a lower center of gravity providing improved handling. The i3 can be be lowered anywhere from 1.0″ to 1.8” on average.”

Lowered BMW i3

Lowered BMW i3


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Love it. Wish I could find springs for my Volt.

Doubt it would improve ride quality, but reducing the clearance height from a crossover-figure to more of a Prius, I guess, I would like to know the range improvement on the highways!

Yup…there probably would be an aerodynamic improvement. The i3 sits pretty high…you can tell when you step out of it.

Yeah. I never stood beside one, but in a carpark I passed one and I was looking up at it! If I remember right, it’s ground clearance was MPV height.

Looking at how narrow it was, it reminded me of an old (~1995) Kia Sportage my mam had as a child. It’s profile was that tall and lean, and for what? They gave it a purpose of the most efficient car to be currently sold, so why not make it hug the floor like a Prius? Or M3?

It’s not like it was going crawling anyway.

All my friends know the low rider
The low rider is a little higher

Low rider drives a little slower
Low rider is a real goer

Low rider knows every street, yeah
Low rider is the one to meet, yeah

Low rider don’t use no gas now
Low rider don’t drive too fast

Ah haw! I saw that…

Adjustable height suspension is standard on the Japanese market i3.

That would be awesome if it had active suspension that would lower above 45 mph.

Wait what?
I also notice in Europe there’s a sunroof or moon roof available.

BMW i3 Ground Clearance ( US ): 5.5.
That’s not excessive. That’s cutting it close already.
And that rear electric motor doesn’t have a plate cover.

suddenly it looks better