Watch This Love / Hate Review Of Cheapest Used Tesla Model S


Let’s learn just how this guy feels about his cheap, used Tesla Model S.

We recently shared a story about “treehugger” Tyler Hoover (a.k.a. Hoovies), landing a deal on a heavily optioned 2012 Tesla Model S with an 85kWh battery pack for just $33,500. It was actually listed on Auto Trader for $32,500, but he had to throw in an extra $1,000 to secure the deal due to other people already interested in buying the car. It also cost him $1,000 to ship it from California to Kansas. Hoovies has had about three weeks to live with the car and now he’s here to share his thoughts on the Tesla.

Overall, Hoovie is quite happy with his used Model S and he plans to keep it. It’s surely hard to beat for what he paid for it. But, as you probably already know, buying a six-year-old car that’s also a first-year model has some drawbacks. Fortunately, many of the car’s key systems have been replaced. However, after 107,000 miles, it has the original battery, which is only showing 6 percent degradation.

Although Hoovie points out that exposing his “hates” may get him taken off the Elon Musk Christmas card list (we’ve got a regular comedian here), he does fill us in on a handful of negatives:

  • Panel gaps
  • Glitchy touch screen
  • Interface “bricks” often
  • Stiff, uncomfortable driver’s seat
  • Can’t order parts or fix the car on your own
  • No local service center
  • Only one Supercharger in a nearby large city

Video via Hoovies Garage on YouTube:

Here’s Everything I Love About My Cheap Tesla Model S (and Everything I Hate)

According to the YouTube channel description, “Hoovies Garage documents the adventures of Tyler Hoover, an automotive writer who makes suicidal car purchases, and maintains a fleet of cars he calls the “Hooptie Fleet'”.

Below is Hoovie’s original video about buying the “cheapest” Tesla Model S in the USA, as well as his video about the car’s battery:

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No local service center
Only one Supercharger in a nearby large city

Presumably he knew both of these facts before purchasing??? I’m not a big fan of people complaining about things they already were fully aware of (or should have been fully aware of) long before they made a purchase, that have nothing to do with the actual item purchased.

If he bought a Maserati, which is in the same market sector, he would likely have the same service center problem too. I’d be saying the exact same thing if he had bought a Maserati and was making the same comment. Nothing to do with Tesla or Maserati, everything to do with his decision making process.

That and $80+ for a fill up of finite dino fuel. And roughly $10 to fully charge the Tesla.

And for this truthful, non-biased, objective observation, Nix gets down-voted by -10?!?!


I’m sure it was the usual suspects (serial anti-
Tesla trolls, shills, shorters and haters) down voting Nix.

Real you never have nothing nice to say so here’s a down vote

Is it really necessary to reflexively try to defend Tesla about everything? Are you on their PR team. The guy has a couple minor complaints, so what?

I picked up a 2014 CPO Model S85…after I learned that I had a Supercharger Station with 16 units 5 minutes away, and I have two service centers in my immediate area. Now this works for me.

Parts and diy and glitchy screen out the cons but the rest are fixable

He said there’s a big update which he isn’t updating that would fix the touchscreen. Lol.

He said the touchscreen and software are glitchy but he also said that he’s holding off from doing a huge software update that will improve the touchscreen and software.


The things people say and do. Gotta love humans and their absurdity

wow, lucky guy, I can’t even find a Bolt around here for cheaper then that!

There’s a Bolt here in at sunnyside Chevrolet in Elyria Ohio that have a used bolt with 50 miles for 30k

That’s a incredible deal. Only major downside is the car is blob grey. I’m looking for that deal but of a Red Model S.

Or cheap S and get it wrapped a unique standout color

It looks better in person.
Like the new Prius, which is horrible in pictures, but, not so bad on the road.

Of course the interior and fit and finish are not going to be up to par with the traditional luxury car makers. in fact, I almost cringe at the cheapness of the Tesla door panels, seats, and center console quality when watching this video., Just look at the linked picture and you will see how cheap the Tesla looks compared to a BMW 7 series.

But yes, the Tesla is all electric, drives nicely, and makes owners happy. But for those who keep saying the Tesla is modern and simple, and that’s why the interior is not old fashioned and luxurious, you are only kidding yourselves. The Tesla interior is all about saving money. And yes, it is cheaper to use a single screen to control everything than dedicated switches integrated into the various panels in a modern German luxury car that reports all the signals to a microprocessor anyways.

Please use a newer model as comparison. And please use pictures from the same angle.
You are comparing apples to oranges.

Nice. Thanks! The Tesla stands up to the competition I think.

Nope, close up of the cheaply constructed center console, inside AND out, will show you a lot about which company took money saving short cuts. Just look at the leather cut patterns of the seats, no comparison. Sorry turning the interior white does not fix cheapness.

Last but not least, check what Victorians thought real luxury looked like in the home verses a modern luxury home. Tastes change over time, what was considered luxury at one time is considered useless clutter at another time.

Design is one ting, workmanship another. The latter is missing from Tesla.


Have you ever actually ridden in a Model S, or are your egregiously negative comments about the Model S interior based only on a video taken by an amateur with a cheap camera and/or poorly chosen camera settings?

I have actually ridden in a Tesla Model S, and it felt and looked luxurious indeed!

I’m also certain I could make that BMW 7 Series look ugly with harsh lighting and poorly chosen camera settings.

Actually I have done more testing on the p100D than most people have. I gave test drives in it for 6 hours straight. Fun acceleration but way less luxurious than the German rivals. The door panels and center console etc resemble a GM Saturn, or something inexpensive for sure.

Of course. I have given demo rides for 6 hours straight in the P100D at our EV get together. I also done extensive instrumented testing on it. You really think I speak from no experience?

Your also a well known BMW fan Warren so you definitely have bias there.

I dunno. Maybe it’s from driving a Model 3 for a couple months, but that BMW looks really busy and dated. Like a stereo receiver from the 80’s. To each their own.

The thing is one of those devices actually produces good sound, and the other doesn’t…

And it’s nice not the computer

Yup, and some of the most expensive high end audio has no digital display panels. And compare the quality, craftsmanship, and cost to make. The old stereo receiver would be higher in all aspects. Especially considering its not likely the old receiver was made in China.

It’s an analogy regarding controls. Don’t take it literally. I could have used any device with 1000 knobs & dials on it, and compared it with a touchscreen device.

Exactly, my feeling about the Jag i-Pace. All those buttons = unnecessary.

The I-Pace primarily just has a volume knob and some dials for the climate. Some people really still beg for at least tactile experience and not using a touch screen for those things. If you read many car reviews, there are lots of negatives when there are no physical dials or buttons, specifically for audio and temp. There are also many other people that are totally digging the touch-screen only situation. It’s all a matter of opinion. Surely, the future is that our car is another one of the “screens” in our lives and everyone will likely transition to touch screen only. It’s the future. I’m just glad Jag didn’t do like BMW or some of the others and have like 50 buttons and dials. Still, the interface is boggy. Hopefully, they’ll learn from it. If the interface was better and more intuitive, I bet I’d rather see everything controlled from there as well.

” Just look at the linked picture and you will see how cheap the Tesla looks compared to a BMW 7 series.”
You should have posted a picture of the trunk inside to illustrate the cheapnesse of the Tesla. Let me guess, you couldn’t find a similar pic for the Tesla?
What a fail!

At 6 years most of the key systems replaced?

But the battery is doing great! 😀

Buyer beware, bigly, on these older Tesla’s. It’s like an older cheap Ferrari or something that you better be prepared to spend through the nose to maintain.

$35k to be driving a Tesla 85 is amazing, but it’s still a rich man’s game.

I will be really curious about the long term out of warranty running costs so I hope he keeps the car long enough to get a handle on that. Hopefully the longer term costs will be closer to Lexus than BMW/Mercedes.

Tesla’s position on providing parts is one thing that has me hesitant about them, I’ve always worked on my own cars and I don’t plan to change that just because it’s an EV.

I don’t even understand why they are not providing parts.

My best guess for that (ironic as it is) is quality control. Even though early model Teslas have historically had terrible build quality, the majority of reports I’ve seen say their service responsiveness has been great. So essentially they are perfectly willing to fix their own mistakes (from the factory), but they don’t want to run into a situation where others make mistakes when doing repairs on their cars and make their company look bad. Since Tesla is is a growing phase (and financially dependent on future-thinking stockholders), they are very sensitive about anything that could potentially cause a public relations problem. As a result, they want to keep as much in-house as possible until they feel comfortable their corporate reputation has been firmly established.

This maybe so, but with a significant number of cars being out of their warranty periods you are left with no better options than “stealerships” with the exorbitant fees to have anything fixed with the current situation.

Simply put, it keeps maximum income, umm, coming in to Tesla. That and to keep the no-middlemen business model going.

Now, they are also focusing on trying to remove 3rd party bodyshops from the equation.

Which you can’t do. It’s against the law

Against the law to work on ones own car?

It’s so against the law

With the Model 3 courts will settle this once and for all.


1. Deliberately not using an OTA update to fix the “glitchy” touchscreen

2. Bought a car which had no local service center

3. Guy is a desperate-for-attention clown who maintains what he calls the “Hooptie Fleet”.

Reminds me of the guy who wrote The Amityville Horror, and had the gall to put “A True Story” on the cover despite a long laundry list of demonstrably false claims in the book!

In other words, the guy had an agenda to portray this car as “problematic” before he bought it, and set out to make sure that his agenda was fulfilled.

Nuthin’ to see here but a clownish attention seeker. Move along, move along!

You are right about many of your points but I think you’re unfairly jumping to conclusions when calling him a attention-seeking clown.

They had one on Craigslist for $6000. Oh, wait….. that was the Craigslist of 2026!

“Attention seeking clown”. Hahaha! That can be applied to different people. Honestly, I think that’s the only reason he’s here since it can’t be any interest in EV’s since he doesn’t own one and doesn’t drive. You think he’d get interested in something else and leave EV owners alone. The so-called ASC parted with plenty of his own money and is allowed to have an opinion.

Posting on the internet doesn’t make you a clown, don’t be harsh.
Otherwise agree.