Why We Love Electric Motorcycles (w/video)


‘Cause they kick an 85D’s butt.  Right?

While everybody is making all sorts of happy noises about Tesla’s “Insane” mode at 0-60 in 3.1 seconds or something, why do all the videos seem kind of tame over here in biker land?  Well, frankly, if a bike can’t do a sub-4 second 0-60, it’s just not trying hard enough.  See this?

Yeah, of course it looks like fun.  Cause it is.  Now add to that the fun of the front wheel lifting and the real wheel spinning out, and you’re starting to get the picture.  We wandered over to our buddies at WallStCheatSheet.com and got a little rundown on the quickest electric motorcycles, here: “10 Fastest Electric Motorcycles” and we found a video we like a little better:

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Since the video makers didn’t limit their selections to production bikes, they not only got the Killacycle’s 0-60 time wrong (is actually 8/10ths of a second 0-60), they completely missed the quickest one of all. Duh!

201 mph @ 6.94 sec – Lawless OCC Electric Drag Bike & Larry Spiderman McBride-

BTW, -No EV- has hit 215 mph on a 1/4 mile dragstrip as this article states-

So far, the Lawless/OCC bike is the only EV to crack 200mph in the 1/4 mile. Don Garlits is still trying.

Just for fun… Those of us involved with NEDRA will never let Killacycle owner/builder Bill Dube’ live this one down-

KillaCycle inventor crashes at Wired NextFest (2007)-

On a more positive note…. Bill Dube’s wife Eva Hakansson has run 270 mph+ at Bonneville on a electric bike she built (KillaJoule)-


There’s quickest, as in elapsed time (ET, with records generally made on a dragstrip), then there’s fastest, as in MPH, usually at Bonneville.

I double-checked that the video was posted on YouTube more than a month after this was posted-

A Colorado Couple Built The World’s Fastest Electric Motorcycle In Their Garage-

This is also not included in the video, good job on researching your subject matter there guys!

P.S. No put-down intended towards Inside EVs. You guys beat everyone getting the hot EV news out there ASAP!

Had a friend that rode a motorbike. He hit the rear end of a car that suddenly stopped in front of him on the freeway in LA, and went sailing about 100 yards before he landed. He was killed instantly (on landing), of course.

A guy I knew was killed driving in his car When a big rig’s cargo came loose and smashed into him.

As a rider, I don’t need or want an electric crotch rocket, I want a reliable bike that has a range of at least 100 miles, while doing the speed limit in any state in the country. Swappable batteries would be a plus. I want a bike that looks like a “standard cruiser”. With a pillion and pegs for my passenger, and saddle bags would be good too.

L2 charging is a minimum. And if we can cut a deal with Tesla to use the Supercharger network, that would be great.

Yes, I’m asking for a lot, but my bike is a pleasure vehicle, and if I’m going to replace it with an electric, it’s got to be able to take its’ place, for the way I would use it.

I want to see this bike built.

I’d like to see it under $20,000.

Good luck with that. You could currently get some of what you want, but the range thing is quite a lot trickier, depending on how you ride. Unless you baby it, you’re not going to get much range, especially at highway speeds.


It already has. Check out the Brutus V9 electric cruiser. Definitely not under 20K though.


Lose the fairing, and replace the Arlen Ness style bags for Saddlemen and you’ve got a real looker.

200+ miles certainly does tip the balance in it’s favor though.

What? No Voltron? 😀