Los Angeles Extends $750 Residential / Commercial Charger Rebate Program

JUL 24 2013 BY STAFF 3

Get Up to $750 Back

Get Up to $750 Back

News of charger installs flows into our inboxes several times daily.  However, receiving word of rebates offered on installs is a far less common occurrence.blink-home-charger-installed_1

The latter is the case here though as Los Angelese Board of Water and Power Commissioners approved a a measure that will expand upon its existing charger rebate program.

In Los Angeles, rebates of up to $750 will be available to residential and business customers who choose to install Level 2 chargers.

As DWP general manager, Ron Nichols, stated:

“Our new rebate program builds on the success of our initial EV-charger rebate program, which resulted in over 500 residential charger installations in Los Angeles.  These rebates for our residential and business customers show our strong commitment to supporting electric vehicles.”

The program, dubbed Charge Up LA, is designed to foot the entire bill (or close to it) for residents who install charging stations.  For businesses and commercial customers, the $750 rebate helps out, but it isn’t likely to make for a free charger once installation expenses are added in.

Source: Daily News

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The Antelope Valley Air Quality Board in Northern Los Angeles county provides up to $800 in rebates toward a charger install, which is a little better than the LADWP program.

It’s so stupid. A charge station is a glorified extension cord. It’s the little silver socket on the wall that’s important. The black boxes are emperor’s new clothes.
J1772 could be reduced to a 50-100$ unit depending on copper amount. And then what should be done is ensure the electrical companies don’t overcharge for a simple 220V installation.

To clarify, “Los Angeles” is not offering the rebate, LADWP is. I suspect most folks in the Los Angeles area (me included) are served by SCE or municipal utilities other than LADWP.