Reflecting on 2014, Looking forward To 2015

DEC 31 2014 BY JAY COLE 30

Thanks To A CARB Hiccup The US Did NOT Get To Purchase Any Of The World's Best Selling Plug-In From Mitsubishi. A Refreshed Outlander PHEV Will Come To The US In The Fall Of 2015 However (Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Concept-S Shown)

Thanks To A CARB Hiccup The US Did NOT Get To Purchase Any Of The World’s Best Selling Plug-In From Mitsubishi (31k+). A Refreshed Outlander PHEV Will Come To The US In The Fall Of 2015 However (Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Concept-S Shown)

It is that time of year again where we look back on the year that was, and of course, the year ahead.

The Tesla Model X FINALLY Goes Into Wide Production In H2 Of 2015

The Tesla Model X FINALLY Goes Into Wide Production In H2 Of 2015

For InsideEVs specifically, we published 4,241 stories in 2014, working every day of the year – often 24 hours,  with more than 20 contributors from 8 countries.  So if you want to chat about EVs at 1am New Year’s Day, just shoot us an email, we are around – although we might be slightly inebriated.

The site continues to be the largest media outlet dedicated to only electric vehicle news by a wide margin (our thanks to everyone who checked in with us in 2014) – meaning of course you won’t find any stories about the latest hybrid happenings, or trucks equipped with a new “eco” engines; not that there is anything wrong with those type of vehicles…or the sites that cover them.

We also made it to every major auto show in 2014, whether it was being taunted by a brand new McLaren P1 outside our hotel in Geneva, to shows at home (NAIAS in Detroit, New York and Los Angeles), or breaking through the smog in the far east at Auto China 2014 – mercifully the Chinese event is only every other year.

During the year 11 new major plug-in models where introduced to the United States and about 20 worldwide (depending on your definition of major).

Harald Krüger, A Noted Proponent Of Plug-Ins, Takes Over As CEO Of BMW In May 2015

Harald Krüger, A Noted Proponent Of Plug-Ins, Takes Over As CEO Of BMW In May 2015 – Giving Us Three EV-Friendly CEOs In The Business

For the US (and the world), the main newcomer was the BMW i3.  Despite a fairly rocky launch centered around the extended range REx version and some charging issues in the US, BMW managed to sell about 6,000 copies since the i3’s launch in May and close to 14,000 worldwide in 2014.

While there was plenty of press releases touting new offerings in 2014, most of them ended up not for release until 2015 and 2016, meaning 2014 was mostly the year of waiting.  Waiting on the Tesla Model X to arrive, waiting on the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV to arrive (US), waiting on the next generation of Chevy Volt to arrive, etc., etc., etc.

So congratulations, you hung in there through 2014.

2015 should be the best year yet for plug-in vehicles!

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Do you expect that 2015 will be the year of the plug-in much like 2012 was?

David Murray

I think 2015 is going to be a big year, mostly because of the new Volt and possibly the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV if it is brought to the USA like we’re told. Also the Tesla Model X.

I expect gas prices to be high again within 6 to 12 months. So these vehicles should be selling like wild.

I think most of the FUD that was spread about EVs in the beginning is over with. I’m talking about stuff like fires, or them costing the tax payer $250,000 for each one built, or them being worse for the environment than a gas car, etc. Sure, there are still people wearing tin-foil hats that believe that stuff. But I think most of the population has sort of woken up to the truth.


I don’t know about that. Every time my wife hears about someone around work who’s bought a new car (she works at a large bank, so there’s a lot of people around work) and she asks them if they considered an EV, they usually say they didn’t even know they were for sale.

Of course here in Canada, few EVs even get any advertising, so this isn’t *that* surprising. Nissan doesn’t advertise the Leaf here *at all*. But Kia seems to be taking up that banner, so with any luck there should be a bit of a shift in perception.

For the most part though, it seems that EVs don’t even enter the car buyer’s mind, although we do get plenty of questions about our Leaf. One of our neighbours was asking about it just the other day, and how difficult it was to get the charger installed in our underground parking.

So yes, slowly, so very slowly, awareness is being built. Just ask your friends if anyone even remembers the Tesla fires.

Rick Danger

To the whole InsideEVs crew: Thank you for everything you do to make this site the GO TO SPOT for EV news!
A very Happy New Year to you all, and I look forward to spending an inordinate amount of time reading InsideEVs in 2015!


I too always think the next year is going to be THE year for EVs. But I feel like we are really starting know what is needed, how it will be used, and how it will sell. 2015 will the THE year!


End of 2015 might be hot if next gen LG batteries are available. 2016 seems like the hot year with several 150 mile cars being available.


2015 is premature. Methinks 2018. I’d like to see sales % higher than 2% before we start the self congratulatory back patting.

David Murray

Agreed.. of course I think every year will be better than the one before. So naturally 2015 will be a bigger year than 2014. And obviously 2018 will be an even bigger year. I expect significant market penetration of plug-in cars by 2020. That sounds like a long way off, but it is only 5 years.


“The Tesla Model X FINALLY Goes Into Wide Production In H2 Of 2015”

I hope so, but am deeply skeptical. When I first walked into a Tesla showroom in November, 2012, I was told I could order a Model X for delivery in fall 2013.

This is worse than Windows ’93 (later renamed as Windows ’95).

Jesse Gurr

Is it “H2” or “Q2”?

Jay Cole

It was the 2nd quarter (April), but got delayed (via Q3 report in November) until the 2nd half of 2015…specifically Q3.

Here is the quote specifically (link to Q3 report & statement here):

“In anticipation of this effort, we now expect Model X deliveries to start in Q3 of 2015, a few months later than previously expected.”

Ted Parton

Jay and team, thank you for the hard work and great coverage. Looking forward to an exciting 2015.

I think that with the number of automakers planning to have multiple PHEVs by 2020, things are looking up all around and that this should help drive down battery costs.

JP White

I don’t buy the excuse that CARB caused the non availability of the Outlander PHEV. I believe Mitsubishi struggled support the demand they had already never mind adding the US. CARB requiring a mod to the car was the excuse they needed disguise the lack of capacity to sell in the US. It doesn’t take over a year to make a small mod to the car, they just weren’t motivated to do it.

I look forward to it coming to market in the US. I’ve waited over 2 years now!!

Happy New Year everyone!



+1 with your assessment about CARB.

BTW does anyone know if the eGolf and Mercedes have this new monitor feature?


Great job, just be careful not to have too many stories. There’s only so much I can read in one day.


Thanks for all the hard work guys love coming to the site multiple times a day. If you guys are taking any requests for a scoop in 2015 I would ask to give me some news on the plug-in Chrysler town and country. Have a great night enjoy the booze and I look forward to another great year with you guys!




Thanks Jay et al. for a great year! I’m glad I found this site sometime in 2013.

Feel free to take more than an hour off after midnight 🙂

As to prognostications… well, I’d say 2014 is part of EVs’ coming-of-age. With problematic economic and political fundamentals (falling gas prices, Euro zone still a mess, Toyota/Honda/Fiat/Chrysler/+ now firmly anti-EV, etc. etc.), EVs still managed to make solid gains pretty much everywhere, but most impressively in China and Europe.

– The Leaf has become the ubiquitous no-nonsense global EV, penetrating many mainstream segments.
– Mitsubishi has found its EV calling with the Outlander PHEV blockbuster.
– The Model S has become a global brand, with Superchargers crossing continents and a Tesla Gigafactory being built.
– German and Chinese automakers now fully on board, with models well-suited for diverse markets and needs.
– BYD has leveraged 2014 to build its eBus power base off of domestic orders in the thousands.

Hopefully 2015 will see eBuses starting to flood Western cities, which should be a huge eye-opener for the mainstream public.
Not to mention all those exciting passenger models around the world.

A Happy New Year everyone!

David Murray

All very good points. And the part about the anti-EV companies is an excellent point. This was the year where each auto-maker has kind of made their stance known on the subject.

Toyota’s stance is the one that took me most by surprise, being how they essentially created the hybrid market. I’d say that without Toyota, many of the other brands probably wouldn’t have bothered making hybrids. Much like Tesla is causing other brands to make EVs. If you had asked me 3 years ago, I would have expected Toyota to almost own the EV and PHEV market by now.

GM is the only company I’m not 100% sure where they stand. In fact, I’m not even sure they know internally where they stand. They have two great products, but one is a compliance car. The other they almost hide like they’re ashamed of it. I think 2015 will be the year we see where GM really stands. I think we’ll get a peak of that in a few weeks, but we won’t really know until it goes on sale.



And a Happy 2015 to you David!

Ocean Railroader

The main thing I would like to see happen in 2015 is that the ranges of the main stream EV’s double. Such as I would like to see the range of the BMW i-3 double along with the Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi i-miev.

I would also like to see a massive roll out of DC fast chargers to in America where the number of them triples. Or at least a path of DC fast chargers from to where you could go inland from the East Coast to the Midwest.

In terms of Tesla as far as a I care they do not exist do to their extremely high prices. This means their superchargers and cars are out of my reach so far as I care they don’t exist. As for Tesla even with the model X they are not really going to be a factor in 2015. But I would like to see them build at least 80,000 Tesla Model X’s and Model S cars in 2015.

In terms of

This is website is in my top five favorite websites. I hope we have another good year of EV’s.

In 2015 I plan on buying a used EV.

David Murray

I understand what you mean. I sometimes get frustrated seeing all the news and hype around Tesla even though I’ll likely never be able to afford one. Even the Model III will probably be out of my price range. However, I understand their importance in the big picture. Tesla is the halo car of all electric vehicles. It gets the public talking and thinking. It keeps other manufacturers on their toes. Tesla also pretty much kills most of the EV FUD that goes around as nobody can ever claim EVs are slow, or that nobody wants to buy them, or that they can’t go very far. So all of that crap has been put to rest thanks to Tesla.

Ted Parton

I would like to see 2015 become the year (in the US) where many manufacturers rollout their EVs nationwide. Competition should result in more range, options, and better pricing.

I applaud BMW for doing so with the i3 and i8, but now it is time for GM, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Kia, Volkswagen and others to do the same.


Great job done, best web-site by far. you just need to post more stories in metric, after all 95% of the world use the metric system.

Jay Cole

Thanks Miggy, we probably should have more ‘metric’ stories (or at least both listed) – something to work on for 2015!

sidenote: I told you we would be around after 1am on New Year’s Day to chat /sad


Thanks Jay and Happy New Year, when I sent that post it was New Years Day, went for a swim at the beach. Cheers from New Zealand.


Although I follow Inside EVs for years now, as well as some websites in Europe, 2015 will be the year I actually buy an EV myself. If all goes well, it will be the Kia Soul EV.

Thanks for the great work, Jay et al.! And maybe we should thank the commentators as well, since they often add great details to a story, come up with different points of view and hardly anybody is trolling. A quality website!

Jay Cole

This is a great point Paul (and good luck with the Soul EV purchase). The community here really is outstanding. While I don’t do all the moderating myself, rare is the day that that anything needs to be looked after.

Just looking at some stats, only 3 persons were removed from commenting this year, and 82 moderation edits had to be made (which could be for anything)…that’s unbelievably low for more than 60,000 comments in 2014.

On a selfish note, there is honestly nothing better than writing a story then have someone add in their particular knowledge, or give out a new lead for us to run down, and then add to the story…or start a new one.

I think the interaction and discussion on a story makes the overall product much better…even if that means gently pointing out we totally messed up translating those technical specs on the new Renault Whosamawhat.

George Bower

I’m with Assaf.

Feel free to take more than an hour off after midnight Jay 🙂

Thx to all the staff for work done above and beyond the call of duty.

Happy New Year.

Out here in Arizona, when the sun comes up this AM I will be surrounded by the Matazals and the Sierra Anches mountains covered with snow.

I very special day for desert dwellers.

George Bower

New Year Day
View of Matazal Mountains behind George’s house in Tonto Basin, Arizona