Look Who Isn’t Afraid To Show Itself In Europe – The Cadillac ELR!

MAR 4 2014 BY JAY COLE 22

Cadillac ELR Makes Its Geneva Motor Show Debut

Cadillac ELR Makes Its Geneva Motor Show Debut

We were mildly surprised to see the Cadillac ELR in front of a 200 foot screen, blazing their controversial US-focused “Poolside” ad to pass-byers at the Geneva Motor Show today.

Cadillac Has An Unexpectedly Large Presence At The Geneva Motor Show This Year

Cadillac Has An Unexpectedly Large Presence At The Geneva Motor Show This Year

Ok, the part about the 200 foot screen running the ad isn’t true…at all.  Still, the 37 mile, extended range luxury Caddy was there to be seen.

“Cadillac is now much more suitable for European markets than it used to be.  The brand’s revival in Europe has begun.” – Thomas Sedran, Cadillac’s marketing guy in Europe (to the WSJ)

And yes, the ELR will be coming to Europe (as well as China) under the Cadillac brand “later” this year.   European pricing is also still unknown at time of press.

In 2013 Cadillac sold just 430 cars in Europe in 2013.

Separately, GM recently explained what they were thinking about when they made the “Poolside” ad – which you can find (as well as the video itself) here.

Cadillac ELR - Geneva Motor Show 2014

Cadillac ELR – Geneva Motor Show 2014

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Oh good … we get to debate this AWESOME ad again! 😉

Don’t worry with the Geneva Motor Show happening today we are churning out the content at a breakneck speed (well at least as fast as I can upload photos, lol) … so they’ll be plenty of other topics of interest to split the focus, (=

Hey Jay, if you ever need someone to attend one of these fancy auto shows with you or for you, I hereby volunteer… 😉

Me too!

Where were all you guys in mid-January for the Detroit Auto Show…I mean NAIAS?

Ready and willing, especially if the trip is bank-rolled by one of my top two favorite websites, haha. 🙂

I’ve actually been wanting to get out there for the show the past two years too, but it just hasn’t happened yet.

Kinda of a clumsy time to introduce the ELR in Europe when that poolside ad slams Europe. And it is not like they can’t see that ad … . the internet exists.

You gotta believe…..anything’s possible.

It is a reverse psychology trick often deployed by the luxury firms.

“This car is not for everyone (i.e. you!)” 🙂

Damn you, GM. I so much want to root for you but this car is going no where. A gussied up Volt (I know you hate people calling it that but everyone will call it that) is not going to sell for $75K when they can buy a Tesla. It will sell to a few luxury market people who are too afraid to go full-electric. But with the big 85KWH battery and the supercharger network, there is really no reason to fear going full electric.

Cut the price on this ELR and you’ll sell more and start developing additional Voltec models that people want like an SUV, a mini-van, a pick-up truck, etc. I suspect the reason you don’t develop those is that you are afraid to cut into your own profitable versions of those cars. Well, if you don’t then someone else will. Mitsubishi is stepping up to the plate with plug-in SUV. I suspect BMW will make one soon as well.

Or they could sell the Spark EV nationally. They could also encourage their dealers to try and sell the Volt. When the Chevy salesmen repeat FOX talking points to the customers you have to wonder about the cognizants of GM.

If GM joins Tesla in the fight against dealerships it will be really amazing. Maybe they can do that a bit by say restoring the Saturn brand, making it the EV branch of GM and deploying GM-owned dealerships.

Ok, ok, I can dream a bit. 🙂

Fox news talking points? Like this positive story about the ELR?


Or perhaps you meant this very positive review of the Model S?


Or maybe, you’re living in the past … might be time to let go of some FNC-hate.

Well, I wouldn’t call “very positive” a review stirring concerns over fires in two full, separate paragraphs, and calling the vehicle “a work in progress”. And that’s the best you found?

Anyway, I think @brotherkenny was referring more to the usual stance of Fox on plug-ins.
Example: http://green.autoblog.com/2014/02/12/fox-business-nothing-but-bad-evs-video/

Relative speaking, overall, that review is on the positive side for the Model S. The “work in progress” is due to all the FW/SW fixes that Tesla has been pushing out periodically to address the various issues. It is NOT a bad thing. But it just means there is room for improvement.

Ford can use some of that in their SW development. But that is another topic.

These Fox News Model S paragraphs are very positive:

“Even with your foot to the floor, the Tesla’s rear-mounted motor barely makes a whimper, its body cuts through the air like a ghost…”

“The Millennium Falcon’s hyperdrive? By the time it engages, the Model S has already gone to plaid. Whether you’re pulling away from a stop or out to pass, the thrust is immediate, plentiful and enough to make anyone a believer in the power of electricity…”

Their handful of Model S criticisms and concerns were valid, as was mentioning the fires. Liberal web sites do it to:


As for “work in progress”, I would say that’s true of every EV, since they are the fastest changing/improving segment of the industry.

Lastly, your autobloggreen link wasn’t even that negative, but a few of their points were certainly misguided. I guess when you watch FNC through a prism of contempt, everything you see/hear sounds like vitriol. And I think that’s the case here.

But that IMAGINED vitriol is nothing compared to the REAL vitriol on this site that’s been directed at the ELR and its customers this week. That’s been pretty entertaining!

Imagine this restaurant review: “Splendid setting, fantastic selection. Dishes are 60 to 80+$. Amazing food, if only just maybe a little burnt. Otherwise delicious, really. Impeccable service. Don’t worry about that possible burnt aftertaste. Not perfect, but it’s the only game in town. Fun.” Would you go there? Recommend it to friends? Say some person later mentions the place, or just the same type of cuisine, what’s the first thought likely to pop up in your mind? Bracketing even ecstatic comments between suggestions that something just might be very wrong — in the Model S review, that the car and/or technology might be immature or downright unsafe — doesn’t make for a “very positive review” in my opinion. Of course, other outlets have written about the Model S fires, including this website. There’s a BIG difference however between reporting on some very rare incident, and mentioning it multiple times while giving a general description of a product, like it was somehow more prone to this kind of mishap (which it is not, quite the opposite actually). The Fox Business segment I pointed to doesn’t just contain “a few points” which were “misguided”. I’d call it full-on anti-PEV garbage, and I’m… Read more »

Cadillac ELR post you say?

Cue vitriol.

Why does he say vespa at the end when he is driving a caddy?

He doesn’t say “vespa”, he says “n’est ce pas?” Which basically means “Is it not?” (Google translate).

tired of seeing this CTS. It came out years ago.

Sorry, I was trying to be funny, capiche?