Longer-Range Renault ZOE At The Paris Motor Show – Photos & Videos

SEP 30 2016 BY MARK KANE 31

Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn and ZOE

Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn and ZOE

Carlos Ghosn once again shines at the Paris Motor Show, as French automaker Renault brings forward one of the most important battery upgrades in the EV world for 2017 (or at least for Europe).

The 4-year-old Renault ZOE got a major upgrade with a new Z.E. 40 battery (41 kWh) replacing the old 22 kWh unit in the upper trim levels.

The mileage range gain is more than 75%, up to 400 km (NEDC), or about 200 miles of “real world” driving. A bump that outshines both the recent upgrades found in the Nissan LEAF (30 kWh upgrade) or the BMW i3 (from 22 kWh to 33 kWh).

Renault ZOE, already the best selling all-electric car in Europe in both 2015 and 2016, should now get a major boost as Z.E. 40 comes on the market immediately in October.

The lithium-ion battery supplier for ZOE is still LG Chem, who also grabbed the second most important premiere for a production BEVs – the Opel Ampera-e (Chevrolet Bolt EV) in Paris.

Let’s check the live photos and videos from the show.

2017 Renault ZOE quick specs (R90 – longer range, but slower charging):

  • Z.E. 40 – 41 kWh battery (LG Chem) and range of 400 km NEDC (300 km real) / 250 miles NEDC (186 miles real)
  • 22 kW on-board charging (three-phase, Type 2 inlet)

2017 Renault ZOE quick specs (Q90 – faster charging, shorter range):

  • Z.E. 40 – 41 kWh battery (LG Chem) and range of 370 km NEDC (278 km real) / 230 miles NEDC (173 miles real)
  • 43 kW on-board charging (three-phase, Type 2 inlet)

Old Renault ZOE quick spec (R240 – still on the market):

  • 22 kWh battery (LG Chem) and range of 240 km NEDC (170 km real) / 149 miles NEDC (106 miles real)
  • 22 kW on-board charging (three-phase, Type 2 inlet)


Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE battery

Renault ZOE battery

Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

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It was sad when I found out from my local Renault dealer that earliest delivery for me would be March 2017. My current EV rental ends end of November 2016 and I expect to take delivery of my Model 3 (realistically) in September 2018. So only 18 months for ZOE time, not long enough to justify used value loss I will have in Turkey.

First world problems…

You can buy a used 2015 Zoe in the U.K. for about $8000. Considering the price of petrol it would be a bargain.

Does that include battery or do you have to rent the battery?

The ads rarely say so it is difficult to gauge the used Zoe market as a whole on this point without spending one’s life ringing up ignorant car dealsers. Certainly relatively new and low mile Nissan LEAFs can be bought for this sum and less. Mitsubishi i-MiEVs even less still – nearer £5-6k.

Have no idea what applies in Turkey. But there are several other EVs that are already cheap, such as the LEAF, and they are set to fall even more as people adjust to the new range/price level. By the time your lease is up you might be able to get a 2013-15 Leaf well below the quoted $8,000.

Will be interesting to see how the new ZOE’s MSRP will compare to the Ampera-e.

It’s considerably cheaper, as it has to be. I think both will do well. GM won’t supply enough cars, and the Zoe is preferable for those who neither care about power nor go often on long trips – which is a lot of people.

Weren’t they going to release atleast some news of the Leaf at Paris? Only reason I checked out the news from it.

Maybe they are keeping the new Leaf unveil for the Detroit NAIAS 😉 They don’t want to overshadow the Zoe 40 afterall.

I found some info about the Leaf in Paris.


This is a great step forward. I test drove the MK1 version and it was good. It felt under powered compared to my LEAF though and when I put it in ECO mode it was terrible. I see they have dropped the power on the bottom of the range one so it will be even worse.
Still this range increase is superb and a step in the right direction. Lets hope LEAF 2.0 gets a 60kWh pack, more power and decent styling.

Now nicely packaged with this new program:

“The electric vehicle bonus reserved for vehicles of less than € 40,000”


If the french government didn’t own 20% of Renault, I’d almost not care about it ..

Why is that a problem? That’s less than Musk’s Tesla share!

I’ve put my name on a reservation list here in Finland for one (non-binding) but I haven’t driven one, as they are yet sold here. How is the regen handled on the ZOE? I disliked to hybrid braking on the Leaf and I loved the one pedal driving of the i3 (and to a lesser degree the Model S)

Zoé handles regen more like the Leaf, so first mild regen by releasing the accelerator pedal, then more regen when pressing the brake pedal a little. The is no option to raise the regen level for the accelerator pedal…but I still like to drive her daily. One pedal driving is great, but looking at the price and value of Zoé, I don’t reget I got one.

My bet is Leaf 2.0 will be around 50 kWh (unfortunately) with around 190-200 miles of range… but will undercut the Bolt in price by a few thousand and the M3 as well (US $32k to #33,500 for base model). Just speculation.

LEAF 2.0……any news


If Renault is still insisting on rental-only in most markets (anybody know?) I suspect that will greatly hamper sales.

That’s right. But I’ve heard rumors that Renault policy is going to change with 40kWh Zoes.

In France the battery of the Zoé 22 and 41kWh will be rental only.
But in Netherland and in Germany you can buy the battery.

Renault Netherlands spilled the beans on Wednesday, prematurely publishing the price list. It shows Zoe will be possible to buy with either rental or purchase of the battery.

They’ve also said the existing cars can be upgraded to the new battery. Price is unknown, but the hints were €10k which is obviously far too much to be interesting.

In Denmark they have switched from rental-only for the old models to now purchase-only for both of the new R90 models (22 kWh and 41 kWh). I just had a look at the new Danish price list in PDF-form.

400 km is certainly a magic # for all European s. Renault Nissan just have to apply this motor battery combo in all vehicles in the place of Diesel.
This will help the alliance overtake VW.

If the announce the price just a week before launch, they may do the same for upcoming Leaf with 40 KWh battery also a week before launch. Any idea as when that model is arriving.

Not really, but the word is November.

I think Renault is testing out markets under different circumstances. Some examples:

France: No buyable battery since introduction of Zoe (besides fleet customers)

Germany: Introduction of buyable battery with 41 kWh battery (not available before), but quickcharge model is not available at all (since introduction of R240 in 2015)

Norway: No rentable battery (largely because of incentive regulations)

UK, Austria, BeNeLux: Full range with buyable/rentable battery and range model/quickcharge model

Did I got that right? Any thoughts on that?

You got Norway right at least. 🙂 Electric cars are exempt from value-added tax. At a rate of 25% that makes a big difference (although the other car taxes, that EVs are also exempt of, amount to considerably more), and I believe the battery lease didn’t qualify – at least originally. To start with EV leases were also subject to VAT, but this has changed, so I’m not really sure if the battery lease could qualify after that. I am however pretty sure buyers wouldn’t want it.

And still no height adjustment of the drivers seat…

@Article author:
– Can’t find 43kW AC charge in the price-list postet here: http://cdn.goingelectric.de/forum/resources/file/31841
Will that option appear later?

– You didn’t mention that for some EU countries it’s the first time you can buy a Zoe including battery (no battery rental) – but then only 66% of the original capacity are guarantied (rental: 75%).


400km..how misleading is that! With 41kWh the real world range cannot be more than 210km even if the car is very lightweight.

Read the link I posted above. Renault says 300km at “normal” temperatures and 200km at cold temperatures (their driving profile with v_max = 90km/h). Of course with a new battery -> only 75% (rental) resp. 66% (bought) battery capacity are guarrantied…