Long-Range Electric Volkswagen I.D. SUV To Follow I.D. Hatchback & I.D. Buzz MPV


Volkswagen I.D. Buzz Concept

Volkswagen I.D. Buzz MPV Concept

Volkswagen is gearing up to release an entire lineup of electric vehicles in the coming years. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until 2020 for the first installment. Eventually however, a Volkswagen I.D. SUV is part of the plan.

VW’s initial offering is planned to be a compact sedan/hatchback model, which premiered in October at the Paris Motor Show. Following this, VW will come forward with a production version of the I.D. Buzz MPV concept, as long as the company finds a market necessity for the vehicle.

VW design chief Klaus Bischoff spoke this week at NAIAS in Detroit, at an event previewing the Buzz concept. He made mention of the company’s plans for a long-range all-electric SUV. Bischoff said:

“Just because we haven’t shown a CUV or SUV yet, it doesn’t mean we don’t do it…”

The Buzz (Microbus concept) is initially set to follow the hatchback by two years, entering prduction in 2022, with the SUV behind it. Volkswagen is projecting one million sales from the new I.D. line by 2025. While nothing is official, the Volkswagen I.D. SUV will likely be the next big concept premier, in the near future.

We should note at this point that it appears VW’s is doing some brand/mondel engineering by not scheduling an all-electric SUV out of the gate, as its ‘upscale’ sister – Audi is releasing an all-electric (95 kWH) SUV, simply called the e-tron in early 2018.

Bischoff said that the I.D. line will not wear a regular VW family grille. The I.D. family will “have a different design language to our internal combustion engine models.” The vehicles’ platform will feature a longer wheelbase, and allow for a vast amount of interior space, with dashboard controls spaced further from the driver. Most everything will be controlled via a floating touch-screen and viewed via a head up display on the windshield. Like the BMW i3, interiors will be partly comprised of recycled and renewable materials.

The original I.D. compact sedan/hatchback is going to be released first to set the tone of the new electric family line. Volkswagen intends for it to become iconic like the Beetle, Golf, and Microbus models. Then, moving to the other configurations within the I.D. platform will create a logical transition.

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Great, a complete line-up of VW Vaporware.


Conceptwagen 🙂

LMAO! Good one!

So Volkswagen is showing concept cars again that will (might?) go into production after 2020. What else is new ?
Sorry but in my opinion too little, too late…

Jam tomorrow !

“We will have this awesome cheap EV with 500mi, just in 4 years” is a shameless manipulation that has the goal to discourage people from buying today’s “expensive” EVs with “just 200 mi” range.


Its all “Grade-A” Bull until t the rubber meets the road. You can smell it before you finish reading it .

On the other hand, they have an elite, Make-Work propaganda department.


A division that successfully produces nothing.

The VW that I know this morning:

“Prosecutors believe the Volkswagen case is different. In past cases involving coverups of violations, auto makers sought to conceal problems after they emerged. But the U.S. government accused Volkswagen, which launched its “clean diesel” campaign a decade ago, of setting out from the beginning to carry out a bold, systematic fraud that it sustained over many years.”

During the war: “Send them to the gas chambers!”

After the war: “We will send the gas chambers to them!”

I know, questionable joke.

Another Euro point of view

I agree that it is hard to take VW seriously lately but we should maybe see things differently. VW group sold 10.3M cars in 2016, figure which will likely give this group the lead in terms of sales in front of Toyota and GM for 2016. What may be happening here is that VW as a group is mainly closely watching the two other giants EV programs as not considering the others are as too significant (right or wrong). Toyota won’t produce EV’s in mass before 2020 and GM seems to have issued the Bolt mainly to annoy Tesla but does not seem to be willing to produce EV’s in the hundreds of thousand in the near future. You guys need to consider the all planet, Tesla may be a freaking success in the US but in Europe Tesla sold less cars in 2016 as compared to 2015 (and no relation with currency exchange as EUR drop occurred in 2014) so hardly a scary competitor despite all the hype around it.

Another Euro point of view

To put some meat on what I wrote above, two links to EV sales blog:



This what happens when VW puts on the market a pluggin in Europe, it becomes nr 1 in sales in the first year of introduction without VW even trying to accomplish something serious. Why ? I don’t exactly know, but it probably are the same reasons why this group is worldwide nr 1 as Toyota is nr 2. We blame both for lack of ambition but THEY are making the profits and They are those who sell 10M+ cars. Probably they know one thing or two about this business we don’t. Just saying.

Yours sounds more like an industry point of view, than a Euro point of view.

Volume doesn’t equal virtue. Volkswagen outsmarts itself. Most Americans see through it. Europeans, if I think you’re trying to get closer to their point of view, are catching on. They’re pissed. They see the regulatory capture big auto has in Europe.

Mine is just another point of view, not regional, by name. You feel me?

Another Euro (industrial) point of view

Yes of course I understand you. And your point of view is the right one as the only one that matters in the long run for our well being. Now it is yet important to understand the industrial point of view as to have reasonable expectations. Failing to grasp it leads to paranoid conspiration theories sort we often read in comments section of EV enthusiast sites. Probably the best ambassador as per the industrial approach of car electrification is Carlos Ghosn. Right combination of shareholders short-term interest and car electrification efforts, but this will always be very frustrating and deemed too slow by EV enthusiast.

I think conspiracy is limited, sadly, to people like Sven’s comments on the Indianapolis incident (the “explosion” was parts flying around), and pushy investors. The rest of us perhaps carry a view that our expectations are reasonable. NHTSA pointed to stats, a long time ago saying 80% of drivers go less than 40 miles a day. VW/others may refuse to build cars for specific geographic markets, but that’s unreasonable for consumers. If I read the current industrial view right, saving $300-400 per car on pollution devices is going too far where suffering a lower profit margin on more battery, than engine, is something consumers shouldn’t expect, no matter how much: -Electricity is cheaper -The car is cleaner -A car whose engine doesn’t go through so much as a warm-up, on the average day, is cheaper/easier to maintain -It quiter -It’s substantially more powerful, on electricity alone. -It enhances the Low CG characteristics of the handling, and is safer Etc. If I get the industry view right, it feels it can work around all these things because: -Consumers are dumb -Acting as a group against natural consumer interests is, for the most part, legal (even Ghosn is in ‘GlobalAuto’s opposition to… Read more »

Nope, it appears Toyota has again beat out VW for the global sales crown with 10.366 million units sold in 2016.


Another industrial point of view

So no sauerkraut and sausages fest in Wolfsburg this evening 🙂

Perhaps Toyota could send over some sushi and sake to Wolfsburg. 😉

The official final figures from Toyota are not in yet – they are just projections. VW’s goal is to be Number 1 by 2018, not 2016. No matter how you look at VW, it’s amazing they sold all that many cars without being allowed to sell any VW, Audi, Porsche diesels in North America and several other countries for the entire year, otherwise they could have sold around 25% more.

Just for the record, VW’s figures are actual deliveries (sales), while Toyota’s are not sales, but vehicles manufactured number. So, unless Toyota has no unsold inventory at year end (very unlikely since I know my local dealer alone has several unsold clearance Toyotas manufactured in 2016 on their lot), it would be pretty clear that VW is the biggest by sales.

So, you don’t believe in Vw, you don’t care about Vw you don’t even want to hear about Vw but, you had to leave you mark eh? Don’t you people have nothing better to do? Don’t you have anything at all to do? Don’t you get bored of writing the same thing over and over? Or you just copy paste? Maybe you have a template set up for Vw articles? Cannot wait for next Vw article. I atually enjoy reading your gibberish. Too little too late man yeeah because

Another Euro point of view


Are you high on something or you forgot to switch your brain on this morning ?

It’s not like anyone is running around calling them “Convicts”, yet.

They can’t be maligned enough! After that “Clean diesel” crap, they should go under as a company, and have another company replace them. How many people did they send to the grave early with their poisonous fumes!

And this coming from a person with a German background that used to have such pride in “German Engineering”.

This is closer to the way I think about VW. I think they should be completely banned from selling cars in the U.S. Rotten all the way to the top. Sell your diesel junk elsewhere and for that matter everything else you make.

This 2024 electric SUV is good news if you’re shopping for your 3rd grader’s first car today.

No sedans or sportbacks? Ok bye. No more VW for me.

I can buy a Bolt this year and have it worn out and ready for replacement by the time VW (or Ford) has a long range EV.

With 30 EVs to introduce by 2025, VW launches will be pretty frequent if the first of those is in 2020.

But for now let’s all call it the Vapor line rather than I.D.


VW Group has 4 EVs on the current list. How can they project such a vaporware story when they have real products that they could talk about expanding?

This is no vaporware. VW has to fill the void left by loss of their diesel car sales. It would be naïve and stupid to underestimate their EV product line commitments. In fact, expect to see earlier VW I.D. model production, not later, than 2019.