Long-Range Electric Porsche Pajun Expected To debut At 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show

AUG 5 2015 BY MARK KANE 24

Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid

Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid

The 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show scheduled for mid-September could be the first opportunity to see the all-electric Porsche intended for commercialization.

French sources said that Porsche will unveil Pajun, a smaller Panamera (called also Panamera Junior), which could be a Tesla Model S contender. At least range is expected to be similar to Model S 250-300 miles.

Sadly, since production perspective lies somewhere in 2018, we are talking of a concept or pre-production version debut, if it appears at all.

Source: L’Automobile Magazine via HybridCars.com

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How many handful will they make. They need a lot of batteries to make a lot of cars.

Perhaps 200 units a month…

Or they could buy batterys from Tesla :-), better BYD!

Than RENAULT and PORSCHE use same batteries supplier, also funny :-).
Not good for Tesla because whole industry goes to LG, looks like they have the best batteries.

They are going with them because they are the only ones releasing a large format prismatic cell with sufficient energy density to get 200+ mile range at a reasonable price/size/weight.

Going with Tesla’s approach of small format cylindrical cells means a lot more specialized pack design and assembly, which automakers so far don’t want to invest in.

We’ll see relatively soon the merits of both approaches as the Model 3 and LG Chem based 200 mile EVs gets released.

Nissan still remains a question mark though. They might still go with their in-house AESC batteries (joint venture with NEC).

“Sadly, since production perspective lies somewhere in 2018, we are talking of a concept or pre-production version debut, if it appears at all.”

Which is not necessarily any less than we have of the GM Bolt. But that doesn’t prevent me from getting excited about it.

Except the Bolt has announced production starting next year:

Which was announced at the unveiling of the Bolt concept. What makes you so sure that Porsche won’t make a production announcement in Frankfurt?

Your question is irrelevant related to your statement acevolt replied to. Sure, anything can happen, but lets look what has happened. There is a 100% that GM brought the Bolt concept to the Detroit Auto 7 months ago. There is somewhere between a 1 to 99% chance that Porsche brings a concept, and if they do, they are doing so 9 months later. If they do, they might make statements to confirm production of a BEV model, and they might give an update of what the production timeline is. Too many ifs there. We do have less from Porsche than GM in regards to their next BEV. We have less information. Yes, information can change but if you had to bet where would you put your money if you have more information from people who’s job could be on the line if they are in the practice of giving bad information verses having not much to go off of? For example, a Chief Engineer, and the President of General Motors North America, the CEO, and the employees responsible for Chevrolet.com. No equivalent seen on Porsche’s German or US sites.

The Panamera is already a smaller car with less passenger and cargo volume. The Pajun will be even smaller so I don’t see it as a direct competitor.

Plus if the Pajun’s wheelbase and track is smaller than the Panamera which in turn is smaller than the Model S where are they going to put the same size battery pack necessary to give it the same range as a 2018 Tesla Model S?

If it’s just an electrified ICE, then it will fail.

If VW Group did the right thing, and designed it from the ground up to be natively electric, putting the batteries in the floor like Tesla’s Model S/X, then passenger and cargo space need not suffer…

Could be a Model 3 competitor…

It will probably compete against Model 3 AWD Performance version.

And it will only truly compete to the extent it offers a similar fast charging network.

Is Porsche planning on building a supercharger network here in the USA? Or will they partner with someone to build such a network?

Without a supercharger network, Porsche will be at a disadvantage when competing with Tesla.

For my own needs, once an EV has minimum 250 miles of range (at freeway speeds), then supercharger access is more important than more range (like 300 miles).

Porsche is part of the CCS group, which includes BMW, GM, and parent VW BEVs so far. It will be interesting to see if they band together to roll out a network.

They better get on that, then. 😉

Better late than… never?

VW and BMW have declared 2015 to be the “Year of the Infrastructure”, in which they were to roll out a CCS network along the east and west US coasts. I would love to see a story updating us on the status of that.

Hint hint.

They are doing 100 stations, but it’s going to be mix of 24kW and 50kW stations. Better than nothing, but quite far from supercharger or even matching Nissan’s CHAdeMO efforts.

The CCS group needs to step up their efforts in the US. I’m hoping that GM will do something with the Bolt launch.

I would be very interested in the BOLT even if they didn’t have any infrastructure arrangements at all. I would like it if they put a 6 kw charger in it in lieu of the 3.3 they’ve always used in the past, but thats all I expect from them.

Many industry watchers (I’ve just watched a round table of automotive heavyweights put on by AutomotiveNews,) think the BOLT will almost never be profitable for GM since they are offering it for such a low price.. But they did the same thing with the VOLT and made it profitable later.

My point is, GM is already going to be Giving the Bolt away. I really can’t insist they do any more.

You have to start somewhere. If that means 24-50kW stations, so be it. It’s better than nothing. I think we need longer range EVs to reach a critical mass before a private company can profitably roll out a QC network. In the meantime Quick-ish Charging is better than the ~6kW you get out of many public L2 EVSEs.

If it is a smaller Panamera, which is as big as the Model S, it will compete with a smaller Model S. So 2018 sounds reasonable.

It’s a sport car. It won’t compete with the Model S.

And definitely not with the Model 3, just like it doesn’t compete with the BMW 3-series or a similar car.

What does the company keep saying about EVs again? Ok thats right, time to move along everyone.

Porsche has lost a LOT of customers, to Tesla. I won’t be surprised about what happens in Frankfurt.