Long Beach Transit May Not Receive Funding For 10 BYD e-bus

MAR 15 2014 BY MARK KANE 8

BYD Electric Bus In Downtown Los Angeles

BYD Electric Bus In Downtown Los Angeles

According to a TheTransitWire.com report, there is formal problem with tender for 10 electric buses for Long Beach Transit in California, won by BYD year ago.

Federal Transit Administration may block federal grant money to buy BYD vehicles:

“In two letters obtained by the newspaper, FTA officials reportedly warn Long Beach Transit that BYD was not eligible to win the work in March 2013 because the manufacturer could not certify compliance with the federal disadvantaged business enterprise program at the time. The DBE program requires projects receiving federal funds to give minority-owned businesses an opportunity to participate.  Although BYD now meets these conditions, FTA does not consider current status relevant and asserts that the company should not have been awarded the contract in the first place.”

If nothing changes, Long Beach Transit has a choice between paying the full $12.1 million bill without grant money or cancelling the deal and making a new tender.

“BYD believes it is in compliance with all Disadvantaged Business Enterprise FTA requirements and is working closely with senior FTA officials. BYD believes strongly in not only meeting our DBE goals of utilizing small business owned and operated by disadvantaged people, but in exceeding those goals. We are an American company creating American jobs with superior 24-hour battery technology, and we are proud of our commitment to the entire DBE program.”

The Chinese manufacturer doesn’t have it easy on this side of the ocean despite its intent to bring production to California. Proterra, which typically sells buses to agencies with federal grants, protested Long Beach Transit’s selection of BYD in March 2013 right after Proterra lost the bid.

Then, in summer of 2013, cracks appeared in a BYD vehicle during Altoona testing and last fall the state of California investigated BYD for alleged labor violations, but BYD was cleared.

Source: TheTransitWire.com

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This BYD POS should not be supported with my tax dollars. I would rather they went with the Proterra e bus.

Are you an eBus expert? Or the BYD bus a “POS” just because it’s Chinese?

At least according to stories posted on this site, it seems that local transit agencies around the world have been testing these BYD buses for a couple of years now, and are rather very satisfied overall.

The thing I don’t like about Proterra is the need to have charging stations in route.

EVs should be like vegetables… They’re best when sourced locally. 😉

Yup, just like the electronic machine upon which you just typed your comment. Source it locally – or don’t use computers, please.

LOL, all this China-bashing by a nation whose entire consumer-product spectrum is made in China.

Now is *not* the time to play protectionism with alternative-fuel and renewable-energy technology.

If BYD did something wrong and claimed an illegal exemption, then by all means exclude them. But if they made an error and have corrected it since then, what’s the point?

Pure anti-chinese racism.

Oh Bull.
It’s just that BYD has a reputation for not delivering. Do you remember the BYD E3DM. It was going to be the Chinese version of the Volt. What happened with that?

US regulations preventing free trade will eventually hurt the US economy. Without a free market, old inefficient companies cling to existence through political favors and tax payer dollars. We need real competition, and not corporate welfare, or what I call corporate socialism. Which is what both the democrats and republicans support. The most amazing thing is that the democrats recognize it but the astoundingly dense GOPers still think we are free and have free trade and are democratic and have a representative government. They are totally brainwashed.