This Lone Rivian R1T Electric Truck Video Shows All


We can’t get enough of this incredible electric truck. Build it now!

We sure hope Rivian can bring its R1T electric pickup truck to market, and sooner rather than later. Depending on timing, and what plays out with other automakers, it will likely be the world’s first production electric pickup truck. It’s not quite the same as the average truck on the market today. Some would argue that it falls short in certain areas, while others are quick to say it ups the ante on so many levels. Sure, Rivian didn’t design it to be a working truck. Instead, it built the R1T with the family in mind, along with a focus on storage, capability, innovation, and adventure.

Atlis XT Electric Pickup Truck Revealed: 500-Mile Range, Tows 35,000 Pounds

Immediately following the LA Auto Show, we shared a wealth of videos showcasing the R1T. Sadly, news slowed not long after the epic show came to a close. While we wait for further announcements from Rivian, this newest R1T video helps satisfy our appetite. We can only wish the automaker much success and hope that its plans come to fruition.

What do you think of the Rivian R1T? Leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.

Video Description via YOUCAR on YouTube:

FIRST EVER Electric Pickup Truck – 2021 RIVIAN R1T

Watch now the 2021 Rivian R1T, the first ever electric pickup truck!!!

Rivian, an electric vehicle manufacturer, has released information about the first of its two Electric Adventure Vehicles the R1T, an all-electric, 5-passenger pickup. 

Rivian’s vehicles also feature a quad-motor system that delivers 147kW (197 horsepower) with precise torque control to each wheel, enabling active torque vectoring and maximum performance in every situation, from high-speed cornering to low-speed rock crawling. With 3,500 Nm of grounded torque per wheel (14,000 Nm of torque for the full vehicle), the R1T can reach 60 mph in 3 seconds and 100 mph in less than 7 seconds. This powertrain and chassis also enable the R1T’s tow rating of 11,000 pounds.

The battery is designed for fast charging with charging rates of up to 160kW. This enables approximately 200 miles of range to be added in 30 minutes of charging. In addition to DC fast-charging, an 11kW onboard charger facilitates rapid charging at a Level 2 charger.

The R1T will be produced at Rivian’s manufacturing plant in Normal Il, from late 2020.

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It does look pretty awesome. I have no need nor desire to own a vehicle of this size, but there are plenty of people who do, and if this is as good as it seems, they should be able to sell it in big numbers.

I really hope they do. The path before them is littered with corpses of similar companies that also got as far as building a prototype and wowing the public, but never made it to production. Everything I hear about Rivian is encouraging me to believe that they can do it though, so I’m optimistic for them. Good luck guys.

By the way, the timing of launch isn’t such a big deal as it may seem. Being first to market would be great, but even if Tesla or others beat them to the punch, the RT1 is likely to be good enough and unique enough to still be a success. And it’s a big market for this kind of vehicle; plenty big enough to support multiple EV companies.

Thanks, Spudley! You said everything I was going to, but better. 🙂

Ford 150 is the top seller in America. This definitely will be highly sought after.

The road is littered with underfunded BEV companies trying to make environmentally close to perfect wierdmobiles. Rivian is neither underfunded nor designing wierdmobiles for wealthy hippies.

Actually, that’s pretty much what I’d describe the Rivian truck as…

(Though it has enough attractive qualities to find a decent audience nevertheless I’m sure…)

The corpses (not that many actually I’m aware of?) are of companies that didn’t have anything really unique to offer… Rivian does. That’s why I think off all the startups, they are one of the few having a reasonable shot at success 🙂

I will definitely be cheering for these guys. I think the full sized pickup truck market is probably the toughest nut of all for BEVs to crack. Go Rivian!

Nope, think it’s a market ripe for the taking. Lots of urban buyers want pickups and a BEV PU will attract a lot of sales.

Certainly the urban pickup truck buyer is willing to pony up Tesla-like prices for a pickup truck but we will see if they are open to switching brands let alone technologies. Toyota wasn’t able to crack the brand switching part.

Switching brands requires a fairly strong lure. Apparently Toyota didn’t have anything to stand out enough… Rivian certainly does.

(Whether it’s enough, I don’t know — but at least there is a decent chance I’d say.)

With all the innovation in a Rivian, I can’t see why you’d stay in an F-150 longer than one second after availability.
It does more of everything, better.

Not sure what you mean. Toyota has been quite successful selling pickups.

I for one will not buy a gas truck

I want one. This would be amazing for small farms that need a truck.

It looks great but I suspect the price point won’t be aimed at small scale farmers.

Ron Swanson's Mustache

Battery size alone means it’ll be aimed at the high-end market. That said, I think they’ll have trouble filling orders for awhile.

Battery prices continue to fall, so product should reduce in cost as well.

I think the high price of a luxury good like this is perfectly suited to small scale farmers. Today it seems like small scale farmers are generally just wealthy people who retired from corporate life. Small farms are mostly an expensive hobby. Maybe sprinkle a few broke idealists in there. Now big, commercial farms, I agree this isn’t targeted to them. They buy stripped 1 ton trucks with 8’ beds and vinyl bench seats. Nothing worse than cloth seats in a farm truck. I grew up in a farm family. I’ve seen the change from small (under a thousand acres) to corporate farming. All our existing land is leased out to local mega-farmers who run 20,000 plus acres with specialized infrastructure. Mint, soybeans, pinto beans, wheat, barley, with a few other crops rotated in. Lots of smaller boutique farms have popped up or leased/purchased the odd shaped plot that our irrigation circles didn’t efficiently reach. Sometimes as little as 20 acres, which is just weird. Very few of them are financially viable. Wine grapes, berries, some folks tried alpacas for a while (ha!). Lots of fad crops that come and go. They’re all just cos-playing and living off their wealth,… Read more »

“This would be amazing for small farms that need a truck.”

With that extra-extra short bed and the high price, this isn’t aimed at those who need a working truck. This is aimed at the “suburban cowboy” who uses the truck only for commuting and for off-roading as a sport.

Small Farms with solar.
You might as well let the SUN pay for the vehicle.

To all interested about Rivian ,please listen to Autoline daily afterhours, the latest interview this week ,Jan 2019 with Sandy Munro , he has a bit more insight about the mod 3 and towards the end of interview he divulges he is a consultant with Rivian , but is not allowed to talk, a very interesting interview and worth a listen if you are going to try to figure out who is going to have a bright future in the mobility world of tomorrow and WHAT COUNTRY will , listen to ALL of it , also go back awhile in the same site and listen to Michael Dunne , “The CHINESE ARE HERE” ,being a former Detroit Auto analyst and having lived in China as a consultant to their Auto co.s he has a lot of insight. Detroit is changing , but not fast enough , I’m afraid, they are bound for trouble in 5 years ,10 years max. they are enjoying the protection of the US Gov’t. now, I ask you , how long is that going to last? This current Gov’t or next? that’s 6 years max. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ,Detroit!!!

“Sandy Munro… divulges he is a consultant with Rivian…”

That’s a good sign! Perhaps his input and advice can help Rivian avoid some mistakes that Tesla has made along the way.

Go Rivian!

I watched the entire interview. Pretty fascinating. “At the end of the day”, Sandy does not have much good to say about American vision or boldness (I.e., having “balls the size of this room”). He is also not impressed with the new engineering candidates he has recently interviewed. He is in Detroit area but cannot find the talent he wants – that says something. I think he has correctly determined that China is going to be an economic juggernaut in the auto industry. I also think it is fair to say that he sees tremendous growth for Tesla – albeit mainly in China. It also appears Tesla’s international sales will come out of their Chinese plant(s) – not Freemont – starting in the decade of the 2020s. They’d be foolish not to center their strategy around international growth around lower cost manufacturing (and even design) in China.

Chinese will beat it with their electric truck by 2021.

That’s fine. I’ll wait for Rivian.

Ron Swanson's Mustache

When I think of nations that make quality cars, China is nowhere near that list.

Think of the poor reputation for quality which Japanese cars had, when they were sold in the USA in low numbers in the ’60s and in greater numbers in the early to mid-’70s. Now think about how fast that reputation for quality changed in the late ’70s and the ’80s. I rather suspect it will be similar for the Chinese, but I suspect they won’t take 15-20 years to get their quality up to comparable with American make cars.

Same goes for Korea…..

Completely agree. Traditional ICE cars have a number of fairly complex systems where American OEMs have a substantial technological lead over Chinese companies. With the advent of electric cars, the American OEMs are immediately on par with the rest of the world (Tesla is the lone American exception). While the Koch Brothers (and others vested in the fossil economy) fund their campaign to delay the advent of electric vehicles in America, the Chinese will gladly assume a world leadership role.

It’s actually not at all certain. As globalisation accelerates, the window of opportunity for economic success becomes ever more narrow. Japan was able to become a leader in many industries and reach “western” standards, before manufacturing started moving on to cheaper places. South Korea kinda half made it, becoming technological leaders in some areas, around the time when manufacturing started moving on — but not leaving enough time to really catch up with the “western” economies. Taiwan seems to have missed the train, with most manufacturing having moved on before they ever managed to catch up with leading economies. China is still too early to tell for sure: but they aren’t anywhere near technological leadership outside of a few narrow areas yet, while manufacturing is already beginning to move on…

At the same time, ongoing automation could break that pattern of chasing the lowest labour costs in many industries — so future globalisation trends might actually look quite different…

More vaporware

Put my deposit on one of these immediately and can’t wait to get my hands on one. This is everything I hoped for in a pickup to replace my gas burning F-150. Don’t change a thing Rivian, but please move forward with the greatest of speed!

“everything I hoped for in a pickup ”
Just about….for me, at least. I had been following Rivian for months. I was ready to put down the $1000 (my wife even was pushing for it) until the bed length finally sunk into my brain…just doesn’t work for my uses. That bed is just way too short to be utilitarian.

I do wish my Model S had that power frunk lid. It’s a hassle on a rainy day to get it open, take out your bags, and close the lid without setting anything on the wet ground. And for those who don’t own a Model S and haven’t heard, you also have to be careful in how you close it, or you could bend the aluminum hood. It’s the first thing they showed me when I picked up my car back in 2015. My biggest worry is that someday someone who doesn’t know this will close the lid wrong and dent it.

I think if Ford rather than Rivian had unveiled this exact same vehicle it would have done wonders for its stock value showing investors it is ready for an exiting future beyond its current F150 cash cow routine.

And ironically on this site it would receive dozens/hundreds of negative comments. “2021? it’ll be way too late”, “Compliance car”, “Way overpriced”, “Vapourware” etc etc. 😉

Hopefully Ford have a decent PHEV in the works, and a production aim of way more than Rivian.

Not that the Rivian isn’t a great looking vehicle.

I know they’ve said this here more than once, but I haven’t seen FORD say they are releasing a PHEV truck.

They HAVE said they are releasing a Hybrid, for gas mileage purposes I’d assume.

Investors likely would have the opposite reaction as it means the Ford would have to invest billions off their bottom line to make that happen.

I doubt it, for instance Mercedes experienced something of a shareholder rebellion when it failed to address the Tesla challenge. I think one of the reasons Ford is trading so low is that has become a bit of a one trick pony: it gets 90% of global profits form the F series which are of course not the most future ready sort of vehicles. Investing billions in the future with compelling products to show for it will not be off putting for investors and I could see this car making a profit for Ford at the high end of its truck range.

Just a Freudian slip spelling exciting as exiting? I think you summed it well for Ford.

Ford needs to pony up and buy Rivian with their current cash hoard from selling F150’s

Still not sure about that charge port placement. It seems like the very corner of the front bumper is more prone to damage in a fender-bender than any other common placements (rear taillight, middle of front bumper, front fender).

I really like this Truck. I thought the same about the charge port placement, but they seem to know what they are doing ;).
And for the ones wondering about the market/sale just check today’s article in Motor1, the top 3 vehicles sold in the US last year, almost 2 million, were pick up trucks ( Chevy, Ram , F150 ) . They are also targeting a specific clientele.

Having it on the front of a truck is a bit of an odd space to have it. Unless you have a long cable that means you’re going to have to pull into the spot to charge. There’s a reason most pickups are backed in, even in North America, where almost everyone pulls in – it’s because for longer vehicles it’s sometimes the only reasonable option in smaller spaces.

Good point. And since they’re playing up the off-roading ability of the vehicle,that may make it even more prone to damage on the front corners.

But if that’s the worst fault of the vehicle, then it should win a lot of praise!

I really hope Rivian will find success, and I think (unlike some other EV startups) they have a good shot at it.

Nicely done video…

The Rivian R1T seems to be a well thought out EV truck… ticks a lot of the boxes.

Yes it will be a premium price not able price wise to compete against a F150 but it’s a great starting point demonstrator that an EV truck can deliver superior overall performance and features compared to a traditional ICE truck. Certainly there will be early EV truck adopters willing to pay a premium price.

Hopefully Rivian has the juice to get this truck into production… sometime soon.

Other than the mega-high challenge and cost of getting to actual volume production, Rivian’s biggest challenge will likely be that Tesla will also have a truck offering (at some point) supported by a robust convenient and reliable fast charge network for those occasional long distance trips… there is no escaping that the Tesla fast charge network is a huge value add.

Competes with the top-end optioned F150 on price, features, and capabilities.

Only the 200 mile one unfortunately. Remember you’re taking around 10% off the MSRP of pretty much all trucks to get the actual selling price too.

Ahh cddavis….have you priced a new full sized pickup with off road trim n options lately? You’re looking at least $50k usually often much more to even attempt to meet the performance of this Rivian truck. Of course the Rivian will have triple or quadruple the fuel efficiency of any fossil fuel trick which will surely make this bev truck LESS costly over tim…in as little as 3 years maybe for some high mileage drivers.

And know that VW is building the quick charge network for Rivian. Sure it won’t be as widespread as Tesla’s but it should be as fast at charging if not faster. Let’s hope VW happens to place their quick charging locations near all our great national parks 😁

All the higher performance engines are available for a couple of thousand extra, even on the base models. You certainly don’t need to buy a top end truck to get the best performance (in fact it’s the opposite, the base models are usually faster due to the weight being lower). All you get with higher packages is more technology and comfort. Off road trim is around $1500 more on all models too – and includes an E- locker (on most dealer models anyway, even without the FX package), hill descent control (can be installed yourself for $15), skid plates and basic upgraded rear shocks – you can get better aftermarket ones for a couple of $100. As an example I got a 4×4 XLT with E-locker, the V8 (because it has the most payload), the “sport” package (different interior colour and colour matching bumpers mainly) and tech packages, for $40k Canadian new last year. That’s a <6s vehicle. The Lariat, with leather and other tech would have been $50k Canadian (~$40k US). The Platinums, Limited and King Ranches are just Lariats with different interiors and a couple of bits of extra tech. You're basically looking at the same price for… Read more »

Sure but most folk aren’t going to do all that after market stuff for off road performance. They are gonna think they need the pricier off road stuff from the factory n dealer.
Regardless, the Rivian seems like it will simply perform better than any pickup truck except maybe the raptor or other high cost super off road trucks.
And you and no one has any control over fossil fuel prices. Electricity is usually regulated and therefore cannot go up as much as gas or diesel….especially if you got solar or wind power generation at home.

@Sustainable2020 said: “…VW is building the quick charge network for Rivian. Sure it won’t be as widespread as Tesla’s but it should be as fast at charging if not faster…”

Hopefully VW’s Electrify America delivers on that as planned… that would be great for Rivian and all the other EV car makers.

EV car makers get so focused on the car itself that they often lose sight of the importance of their EV offering including access to a robust convenient and reliable fast charging network for those occasional long distance trips.

Agreed. GM and nearly all the other non Tesla bev builders will benefit as well.

Where was Tesla 8yrs ago? Rivian is at that same place at the moment, but the charging infrastructure is mostly being built already, so that is one thing they don’t have the same challenge with. Service centres will be another matter, will they go the Tesla route and run company owned stores (interesting of their home state is blocking that sales model), or will they go the dealer network route?

Not quite the same: Tesla already had one (low-volume) vehicle in production. While it didn’t turn out to be the financial success they hoped for, it was still important in building experience, reputation, investor sentiment etc… Tesla likely wouldn’t have been able to bring the Model S to market if they didn’t have the original Roadster first.

Bring it, and quickly!

A remarkable truck, but I can’t wait for there to be a more mainstream priced EV truck.

Maybe Rivian will follow the Tesla model and release these upmarket trucks first, then in 3yrs they bring the “Model 3” version that is cheaper version. R1T and R1S look like very big vehicles to me. A smaller truck would also do very well. For me the promise of serious towing capability is really exciting.

Rivian seems to have knocked it out the park with this truck. I think Faraday Future could learn more than a few things from Rivian on how to manage a project properly. Although FF won’t be around for much longer.

Yep – FF is DOA. Faraway Future

Rivian is about as different from FF as it’s possible for a startup EV maker to be, when aiming at the U.S. market. Which is all to the good for Rivian!

A great presentation by Clark Kent and the team of superheros at Rivian.

I’d love one of these. Love the gear tunnel.

Nice. Clark Kent. That’s awesome!

When it goes on sale the word everyone will hear is Backorder, they have a winner here not just in the truck but the people and way it is being built and their vision for why they are doing it, great to see just what Elon wanted to create, a vision for the clean future.
The next step is an affordable way to recharge at home off grid!

I would love one of these, but it’s too bad they didn’t put a 6 foot box, that renders this useless for any work, and as most people have probably noticed, even a lot of big city “cowboys” who never take their truck out of the city and rarely put anything in their truck box still get 6 foot boxes, just in case they do need to haul anything… otherwise you’re better off with the suv, as you can probably fold down the seats and use it with the seats folded or taken out.

Perhaps it’s a deliberate strategy by Rivian, putting an extra-extra-short bed on the truck, to discourage people who want a real working truck from buying it. I think they are aiming at the “urban cowboy” and off-roading crowd, rather than those who want a practical pickup. If Rivian aims as those who won’t be using the truck for hauling/towing heavy loads, then they won’t get as many complaints about the big hit to range when doing so.

But this bed isn’t even as long as an extra-short-bed pickup bed, which is why I think the R1T, like the Honda Ridgeline, should be called an SUT (Sport Utility Truck) rather than a “pickup”.

A deliberate strategy to drive away potential customers would be excessively stupid.

Rather, it’s a deliberate trade-off.

I spent some time researching Rivian. It looks like they have their act together. RJ is no Elon, and that “trademark front end” is polarizing to say the least, but there is plenty of room in the industry for another serious EV producer. Now the next question is, “Do I do I reserve one of these for delivery in two years or keep waiting for the Tesla Pickup?”

Tesla pickup is weird/fugley.

There is no official design yet for the Tesla pickup. All the mockups are from other people. Remember how ugly some of the Model 3 design guesses were.

Not all of them. There was an “official” mock-up at the Semi unveil event… Though it was likely more a joke than any sort of actual preview.

We have not yet seen the actual design. All we’ve seen is some renders based on the joke image that Elon showed at the Semi Truck reveal event.

But the real design probably will be seen as weird by a lot of people. Elon said it would look rather different than a normal pickup, and that it might not sell well because of that.

If they stay true to form, then the Tesla pickup will be something quite different. No doubt their aerodynamics will be key to maximising battery range. If Model 3 points the way, then expect simplified interiors on all their next gen vehicles.
Plenty of room for every manufacturer to sell their unique visions.

The Tesla one will hopefully address a distinct niche.

Either way, the reservation is surely refundable?…

If you haven’t reserved one by now you will be waiting for Tesla for sure.

I wonder if the Rivian or Bollinger will be able to use some Tesla Superchargers… Since Tesla is adding CCS plugs to many of their Europe ones, if they brought CCS plugs to the US Superchargers, then it would be a win for both Rivian and Tesla(Rivian owners get a fast, reliable, and well-placed charging source, and Tesla makes more money, by selling electricity to Rivian owners, but not having to produce more cars, also is good marketing for Tesla, having people see Tesla branding every time they charge up).

Both Rivian and Bollinger will be using CCS ports. I see Tesla switching over to CCS in the North America at some point in the next five years.

Did Bollinger say anything about the charge port?

They did inquire about using Tesla chargers a while back; and that was before Tesla said announced anything regarding CCS in Europe — so I would assume they at least considered the possibility of using Tesla’s port… (Or at least an adapter.)

Placed a deposit at the LA Auto Show. Great looking truck, and the SUV is sweet too.

I saw this bev beast and it’s brother, the 7 passenger bev suv, in person at the LA auto show. Both were the hit of the show with actual Rivian staff that are working on the vehicles showing/telling us about the many features/attributes of Rivian vehicles….instead of models that usually don’t know a damn thing. Both are big, impressive, great looking bevs made for the American market with Tesla like pricing. Yes, both Rivian bevs will be built for the rich at first but let’s hope Rivian brings us smaller versions of each mid decade. Rivian has chosen the narrowed markets of big all terrain bevs to pursue first…which is genius I think. These vehicles will demonstrate to the fossil fuel heads just how much better bevs are better off road as Tesla has done the same on the road. Tesla has no plans for introducing any new vehicle going off road, at the moment, and that’s fine. Let Tesla enable Rivian to take this bev niche for now and Tesla focus on conquering the super car market with the next roadster, starting to transform the heavy load road transport system with the Semi, as well as give most of… Read more »

Tesla should simply buy Rivian while it’s stock price remains grossly inflated.

@DMst said: “Tesla should simply buy Rivian while it’s stock price remains grossly inflated.”

Why? There is currently nothing that Rivian has that is of value to Tesla. A Ford or GM would be a more logical buyer.

On the other hand if Rivian had an agreement with Tesla to gain access to Tesla’s fast charge network that would be of huge value to Rivian.

That’s a good idea

Better yet, access to Tesla/Panasonic’s battery supply

Hmmm….not a bad idea. I think Tesla might actually welcome the company in the sector. Remember that Tesla’s objective is to transform the energy we use from fossil fuels to clean and renewable electricity….not necessarily to dominat the bev market or make money at any cost.

Rivian is hitting a couple niches for bevs in North America that no one even has a prototype for yet. I know Elon tweeted bout specs for a Tesla truck last year but we have no evidence that a Tesla truck is even really in the works at Tesla. Tesla has its hands full with increasing model 3 production, new semi, new roadster let alone the upcoming, to be revealed in prototype form in a few months, model Y.

At a time when new EV concept renders appear almost daily, I applaud Rivian for showing up with a running prototype. Hope they do well.

Tesla can use this to get some good ideas for their pickup. The Rivian reminds me of a Honda Ridgeline on steroids. I have never been interested in pickups, but this is amazing.


Are they going public? The next Tesla?

Rivian reminds of Tesla ten years ago…really promising company

I haven’t read any rumors that Rivian will soon offer an IPO, but that seems inevitable if they want to grow to the size of more than a boutique auto maker. The fact they already own a former auto assembly plant certainly suggests Rivian doesn’t plan to stay very small for long.

So it’s probably more of a question of “if” than “when”, when it comes to an IPO, barring sudden early financial disaster.

Rivian has gotten about half a billion in financing, including ALJ, Sumitomo, and Standard Charted Bank.

So they have been pretty diverse on where they have been getting financing from.

I want one, this is the first EV that really captures my attention. This does everything I want and more. Alas, at this price, electric vehicles of this caliber are just dream vehicles.

First EV that is a category killer. Really nicely executed.

@DMst said: “[Rivian R1T] First EV that is a category killer…”

What category is in danger to be killed by Rivian R1T?

I like Rivian but sometimes it does seem that InsideEV’s has maybe been promised a free truck to give them so much praise and front page attention.

I think IEVs is giving Rivian just as much attention as it deserves. If anything, I think Rivian deserves more than it’s getting, and probably would get more if it wasn’t so secretive.

There have been several EV startups which were “all hat and no cattle”; Faraday Future, Lucid, and Detroit Electric come to mind. Contrariwise, Rivian looks like the real thing; like the first new EV maker which could actually offer some real competition to Tesla.

Westcoaster, which EV startups do you think are not getting sufficient attention and praise?

Go Rivian!

Actually, Rivian is promising because they are *not* trying to compete with Tesla.

I want an AC or DC outlet in the frunk! I have a full sized electric thermal cooler that can utilize it. It’s good for summer time grocery shopping!
Does the SUV variant R1S have AC outlets in the back as R1T?

I will love it if it is true. This is just the vehicle I want. I saw it at the LA auto show and spoke with some folks.
My biggest concern is that they are counting on a network of CCS charging stations that someone else will build.
They think this is the first electric pickup truck. I’ve driven least 3 others and know of one I haven’t driven. 2 (Via Motors and Phoenix Motorcars) have not gotten beyond prototype phases and 2 (Ford Ranger EV and Chevy S-10 EV) were in production (I saw a Chevy S-10 EV guarding the Bush White House) but most were crushed by their manufacturer along with the EV1. I hope they haven’t exaggerated too many of their other claims.

You’re way off base…those other bev trucks were simply greenwashing. Rivian is the real deal, this rig will be tremendous. With that said, I wouldn’t buy one the first year…as I would not buy ANY first year model. Just to many kinks n quirks to get out those first few thousand vehicles.

While the Rivan might be the first *serious* offering, without that qualification it’s still a false claim.

I think it’s fair to discount prototypes. A high school or college shop could build a conversion EV pickup prototype; should that count too?

Rivian is aiming for the first truly mass-produced light truck, altho with that extra-extra-short cargo bed, I personally would call it a SUT (like the Honda Ridgeline) rather than a “pickup”.

They weren’t prototypes — just low-volume compliance cars.

Also, it’s not certain that Rivian will actually be the first to market with this.

And AFAIK there is at least one low-volume EV pickup in production right now? Don’t remember the details, though…

Last but not least, “light truck” is a very broad category, encompassing vans among other things — with some EV vans having been in production for years…

I am not even a truck guy, I want one already. The gear tunnel is a great design and use of space, 1 motor per wheel is awesome. It is doing everything right.

Once it has a charging network, this thing will sell like hot cakes. Big 3 better watch out, this truck is coming straight at your profit center!

I like your enthusiasm!
VW is building a great charging network just in time for Rivian.

Rivian would be lucky to sell 10% of what the F-150 sells every year through 2023. Like Tesla, Rivian will likely have problems ramping up production to meet demand the first few years. Perhaps Rivian will poach some of the experienced production heads at Tesla to help.

Let’s hope both Rivian vehicles hit annual six digit sales numbers by 2025. They are both big, beautiful bevs for we big Americans and our junk we haul. Perhaps the Ruskis will like them too.

How about releasing one for a test drive by an independent party? Or do they only have 1 truck and 1 SUV? I’d like the 400 plus miles tested. Supposedly the big battery models will be released FIRST – so lets have someone put it through its paces.

Only hard and fast claim I have seen is that they will have one for sale 1 year and 51 weeks from today.

That will likely happen later this year

It seems the mid-sized battery is what they have created first… Though IIRC the official statement was that both the mid and the large batteries will be available at the beginning?

Regarding test drives, it seems a little early for that…

I’ll take 10! Well, if I would if I won Mega Millions someday. Hey InsideEVs. Give us hard of hearing and deaf a break and add closed captioning you jerks.

I totally share Clark Kent’s enthusiasm for this pickup.

Any idea how many reservations Rivian has booked thus far?

Owner of an 08 F-250 diesel and seriously considering it. No more $150 oil changes. Was doing construction and scrap metal, no so much so.

Why is the front so freaking ugly.

My daily driver is a pickup and when the Rivian comes to market I’ll be checking them out. Depends on how they hold up in the cold.

Ugly front lights..ugly wheels. Should offer wheel options and definitely redesign grill face and entire front end. Ugliest pickup next to new Chevrolet 2500..

We need to see a -30 Celsius winter test.

My check book is ready to buy. Clueless Detroit doesn’t want my money.

Ford needs to buy this company and let it go on its own while taking the technology and merging it into one 2026 F150. In the meanwhile, they can then release a 2024 BEV F150 using the next gen 2020 F150 design.

It is a nice design, but they are obviously going after rich goat ropers rather than creating a true work vehicle.

Damn… $69000 for a truck??

I would buy this truck

When will Production begin so I can see one of these in person

Who wants a family pickup truck? Give me the carryload and horsepower or gtfo w the spaceship vehicle.