London to Edinburgh Journey Via The Electric Highway Featured In Fully Charged (Video)


London to Edinburgh is ~ 405 Miles

London to Edinburgh is ~ 407 Miles

In the latest episode of the Fully Charged series, Robert Llewellyn presents his January 24th 407-mile EV journey from London to Edinburgh in 13 hours, which we initially covered here.

The Nissan LEAF is the third EV to challenge this route.  A few years ago, a MINI E covered the route in few days and a Tesla Roadster took 18 hours to complete the journey in 2011.

Now, 13 hours with heating on and with 8 stops for free QCs makes such a journey more viable in terms of consumed time.

We’re sure a Tesla Model S will soon drop the time record for the trip to below 10 hours 7 hours or so sometime soon?

We’re waiting for next record!

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In this particular case, the demonstration of concept is nice – good to know the charging infrastructure is there for crossing Great Britain north to south.

But London to Edinburgh is probably best done by train (around 4.5 hours, faster than any car, no driving necessary and less emissions).

You can fly too.

It can’t be less emissions, since the Ecotricity fast chargers all use renewable energy.


Tesla did 45 MPH avg on their trip.
So this is 31 MPH avg including chging.
Wake me up when it’s over.
I’m an EV fan but this is just torture.