London Realtor Chase Evans Switches 95% Of Fleet To The BMW 330e

JUN 12 2016 BY MARK KANE 18

BMW 330e

BMW 330e

Chase Evans, a London estate & letting agent, has decided to electrify its car fleet in a pretty bold way.

About 95% of its fleet is being converted from petrol vehicles to BMW’s plug-in hybrid 330e.

The 2016 BMW 330e is currently rated by EPA at up to 14 miles/22.5 km of real world all-electric range via its 7.6 kWh battery.

“The first 50 vehicles of the new fleet are being rolled out in Spring 2016 and are all from BMW’s new 330e range emphasising Chase Evans’ dedication to reducing their carbon footprint and showcasing both the company branding and the ecological message.

Thanks to the BMW eDrive technology, the vehicles will reduce the company’s energy waste, whilst still offering a luxury experience with the fuel efficiency of a small car. The ideal solution for day-to-day requirements.”

Ian Ruffle, Operations Director at Chase Evans said:

“Due to the nature of our business our staff cover a lot of miles on short journeys in a densely populated, urban environment and so reducing our carbon footprint is important to us. These cars not only look great, but they also give us the peace of mind that we are playing our part in reducing energy waste and pollution.

We chose to work with BMW not only because they have mastered this new technology, but their professionalism and customer service has been exceptional and we look forward to building on this new relationship.”

Kevin Hewitt-Devine, Business Development Manager at Sytner said:

“Sytner are delighted to support a long standing partner and supply Chase Evans with their new green fleet of plug in hybrid electric vehicles.

Chase Evans are early adopters of the 330e model, and with emissions of just 49g/km C02 this will represent a significant reduction in their carbon footprint. The technology on these vehicles is market leading and goes hand in hand with Chase Evans’ forward thinking approach.

The 330e is the ideal car for driving in and around London, raising fuel efficiency and reducing pollution while still offering the luxury and performance you would expect from a BMW.”

source: Fleet World

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18 Comments on "London Realtor Chase Evans Switches 95% Of Fleet To The BMW 330e"

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The 2016 BMW 330e is currently rated by EPA at up to 14 miles/22.5 km of real world all-electric range”

“our staff cover a lot of miles”

“a significant reduction in their carbon footprint”

For fleet vehicles, the above 3 statements are mutually exclusive unless the staff is diligent about always plugging the cars in when parked. If the gen1 volts fleet statistics are to apply, then most staffers would be too lazy/ignorant to do so.

The fleet purchases of plug-in hybrids is green-washing.

Oddly enough there was no mentioning of installing 100 charging stations…

And this might be part of the motivation:
…make the vehicles an ideal solution for driving inside and outside of London’s Congestion Charging zone.

The LEZ seems to be working then 🙂 Great!

It is a part green washing, a part economical and a little green thinking. But so what? There are more PHEVs on the road. It’s not like they are gonna drive a Prii instead of a BMW. They are sales agents.

What’s the matter with choosing an i3 since they chose BMW? Green-washing is right.


It’s a good thing. The daily drivers get used to driving electric. The next phase is to go fully electric, in the next 4 years a lot of new offerings will make BEV much more appealing. Current BEV just can’t offer price/quality that is breder for these companies.

The Tesla 60 kWh is a much better choice. I suspect they did not know about the 60 kWh as it just came out!

The S60 costs 80% more. Not to mention how bulky and big it is, not something you want to drive around in London.

The question is rather why not an i3 or i3 REx.

But every plug-in takes us forward, so great job done by Chase Evans.

It won’t be more green than conventional hybrids without plug once the battery goes flat.

I’m a REALTOR® in Atlanta and went pure electric long ago with a BMW i3 and Nissan LEAF. Sure I’ve had people tell me it can’t be done, but every day I prove it can be done successfully.

Hmm, so they skirt the London congestion charge, never plug them in, and get some greenwashing cred! Yeah I am guessing the only EV only miles these 330e’s will see is the 7-8 miles from the dealer to the Chase Evans’s parking lot.

Folks I have a BMW330e and get at least 18 ev miles out of the car before it goes into Hybrid mode and I juat did a 440 mile trip and got avg 40MPG.

The point of having driver not plugging in is a concern.

The issue is not the never plugging in (both Mitsubishi and BMW admit fewer than 30% of their PIH owners *ever* plug in) but where to do so. Some might be able to charge at home but until the issue of lack on charging in designated parking bays is seriously addressed – to the tune of at least half of them having some form of EV charging capability – the whole PIH thing is a complete nonsense.

The principal motivation for this company’s fleet going PIH is to avoid paying the £11.50/day (07:00 and 18:00, M-F) London Congestion Charge – the fact that it won’t make a scrap of difference to congestion (or emissions) is apparently irrelevant to all concerned!

This will make a lot cheap used plugins in a few years 🙂

I assume There are 3 good reasons to have a phev in London:

You avoid congestion charge
You don’t pay as much tax
You get preferential car parking next to charging stations

The last point is critical, parking in London is hellish I should imagine people using these cars will plug in all the time just to use the space. As for the range, London is one of the few places this short of range makes sense, if you are driving in London it will take 4 hours to drive 14 miles.

If only Chase Evans treated their employees as well as they treat the environment.

A despicable bunch!