London Mayor Backs Diesel Scrappage Plan – Supports Plug-In Vehicle Adoption

SEP 23 2014 BY MARK KANE 3

The Mayor of London officially welcomed the introduction of four British built, pure electric buses yesterday evening (29 July) at an air quality event at The Mansion House.

The Mayor of London officially welcomed the introduction of four British built, pure electric buses yesterday evening (29 July) at an air quality event at The Mansion House.

London Mayor Boris Johnson is leading the fight against emissions supporting every initiative, including private electric cars, electric taxis, electric buses.

“The Mayor has implemented a vast programme of air quality improvements since 2008 and the capital now meets legal limits for 8 of the 9 regulated pollutants. The oldest and most polluting taxis have been taken off the streets, Low Emission Zone standards have been tightened and the world’s largest bus retrofit programme has helped delivered the cleanest large bus fleet in the world.”

“Since the Mayor was elected, half as many Londoners live in areas exceeding legal limits for NO2, emissions of harmful particulates are down by 15 per cent, and nitrogen oxides emissions are down by 20 per cent.”

The Mayor backs the national diesel car scrappage scheme to get rid of the oldest and most polluting diesels, which are 12 years months old!

We are not sure if this will pass, but we believe that they are aiming at removing 12-year-old cars, not 12 months as the following passage states:

“The Mayor is supporting proposals for the Government to help motorists by offering between a  £1,000 and £2,000 grant per vehicle for the most polluting diesels which are more than 12 months old. The Mayor called this a brilliant opportunity to support the British car industry and promote the early uptake of ultra low emission vehicles.”

“The Transport Emission Road Map calls on Government to amend fiscal incentives, launch a national vehicle scrappage scheme and support more sustainable modes of travel. It also sets out proposals for Low Emission Neighbourhoods where new technology will be used to switch zero-emission capable buses and taxis into their zero-emission electric mode, reducing emissions in some of the most polluted parts of London where there are large numbers of people exposed. There are also proposals to tighten the standards for the Londonwide Low Emission Zone from 2025.”

The Mayor proposed an Ultra Low Emission Zone, which will be introduced in central London from 2020. Inside the ULEZ, emissions will be forbidden.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, stated:

“I’ve put in place the most ambitious and comprehensive set measures any world city has ever seen to tackle air pollution in London. The health and well-being of all Londoners is paramount, which is why I’m creating the world’s first Ultra Low Emission Zone, delivering our cleanest ever bus fleet, and I’m backing the call for financial incentives to help motorists scrap the most polluting diesels. I hope the committee today can see in London we are doing everything in our power to address air quality and with the support of government and the EU, we can accelerate the pace to meet legal limits for NO2 and ensure Londoners live in a healthy, thriving environment. Our efforts have already been recognised in a newly published study, which has ranked London’s air quality 9th best out of 36 world and European cities.”

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12 years old?

The Euro 3 was implemented in 2000. Euro 4 in 2005 and Euro 5 in 2009.
And up to a year later for some light trucks.

That would mean either 14 years old, 9 years old or 5 years old diesel cars and light trucks.
Why 12?

9 years old would make more sense since the difference between Euro 3 and Euro 4 is substantial. And often refered to as the year when diesels went from still being considered really dirty to being considered “clean”.

Why does Boris always have bed head?

You obviously have not followed the tabloid exposes of his love life…..