London Gets Its First All-Electric Double-Decker Bus Via BYD

MAR 24 2016 BY MARK KANE 7

BYD Electric Double Decker

BYD Electric Double Decker

BYD makes history (what else is new?) by delivering the first pure electric double-deck bus on the streets of London – we believe for revenue service.

The vehicle was designed and developed for “Transport for London” (TfL) and presented in late 2015.

Soon five such double-deckers will be carrying passengers along Route 98.

“Held at City Hall, the event saw Deputy Mayor of London for Environment and Energy Matthew Pencharz formally receive the first bus from Isbrand Ho, Managing Director of BYD Europe. This vehicle is one of a fleet of five which will shortly be entering service on Route 98 operated on behalf of TfL by Metroline. BYD is working with TfL and Metroline on an introduction programme which includes driver training and the installation of fast charging equipment at Metroline’s Willesden Bus Garage in north London.”

BYD Double Decker specs:

  • 345 kWh (BYD LiFePO4-type lithium-ion batteries) good for up to 190 miles (305 km) of typical urban driving according to the internationally recognised SORT test conditions.
  • 10.2m long
  • seats for a total 54 passengers with a further 27 standees spaces (total passengers: 81).
  • features full air conditioning
  • 4 hour recharging overnight at low cost off peak electricity

Isbrand Ho, Managing Director of BYD Europe said:

“The Mayor of London challenged us saying that he did not believe an electric double decker was technically feasible but we took up the challenge and in less than two years created the bus Londoners can see today. This is not a hybrid bus but a totally emissions free product which will give London a world leading position in its efforts to improve air quality”.

Leon Daniels, TfL’s Managing Director for Surface Transport, said:

“BYD are a brilliant supplier. They lead the world in electric bus technology and we thank them for their efforts to make this new double decker a reality”.

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Bravo BYD. Great opportunity for follow-up articles on reliablity or operational glitches. Since the eyes of the world are watching, it should be without blemish.


No one here to claim the usual “Chinese can just copy” ?

No one?

Well, let me jump in for you : the double decker idea is what they stole this time 😉

Keep on innovating BYD. Nice job!

But look out, Daimler will soon announce a similar product available in late 2019!

They seem to have slavishly copied the red color too. ;-}

They even put the driver on the wrong side

Yeah, and they even didn’t bother to reinvent the “handicapped” and “old” people signs. I guess they just copied them exactly.

But Somehow the wiper configuration seems unfamiliar to me, maybe the Chinese are losing their “only” skill… 😉

20 hours and still no nay Sayer comment for BYD.


Can they hit the 1 day mark?

BYD sux!!!!!!!

Sorry, couldn’t resist. :p

Municipal bus services are a good use case for LiFePO4 batteries.
Safe, simple and stable: passenger safety; vehicle reliability
Low density: ICEs are very inefficient in the usage cycle so the extra weight not a big deal; low speed use, known travel distances.
High up-front cost but long life: long-lived battery matches long-lived vehicle type; stable operating environment allows for long-term cost-recovery.