London Fire Brigade Adds 60 BMW i3s To Fleet – Video


Fire Brigade's BMW i3

Fire Brigade’s BMW i3

Video description:

“London Fire Brigade has rolled out a fleet of electric cars in a bid to make it the most environmentally friendly fire brigade in the country.”

“Fire officers will use a fleet of 52 ultra low emission BMWi3 ranger-extender model cars and a further 5 hybrid cars to attend emergency incidents and other Brigade business across the capital.”

These vehicles will replace the fleets aging Vauxhall Astras.

From the press release, BMWBLOG adds:


“Officers often travel at speed across London, so it was essential the cars could stand up to the rigors of being a blue light vehicle, as well as having green credentials. I am proud that the Brigade is leading the move from diesel to electric, which will make a big difference to the air quality for Londoners,” said London Fire Commissioner, Ron Dobson.

“In our 150th year, while celebrating our past we’re also investing in the future and it’s vital that we adopt policies today that future generations will thank us for. Who knows, perhaps in the future we will also be the first Brigade to run a fleet of electric fire engines,” he added.

As for charging, the i3 REx cars can be recharged at 73 fire stations in London, all of which are equipped with charging stations.


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11 Comments on "London Fire Brigade Adds 60 BMW i3s To Fleet – Video"

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Makes sense, if an i3 burns down, you can clean it up with a vaccum. Very cheap!

Rite on ! That makes a lot of sense., Gee., Those Brits are Much smarter than I thought,,,

You can clean it up with your hoover….

Counters the anti-EV propaganda that EVs catch fire a lot!

I think they don’t mind the fire, it’s explosions that’d be a problem.

Explosions are a big problem in the car sector indeed. Recently a driver got badly injured in Germany while refueling his vehicle. Luckily he was a few meters away, so he is (although critically injured) still alive. Almost took out the entire gas station (wait, that was not an EV, it was a Volkswagen with CNG tank, and the model was recalled for corrosion issues at the high pressure tank earlier). Now the intention of the big oil companies that control the gas stations is to ban CNG in favor of gasoline and diesel instead… (CNG is at least a bit cleaner than the other two, ‘well to wheel’)

As for the i3: The only fire incident I’m aware of originated in the REX-compartment, not the battery (and created quite some damage to the road, due to spilling burning gasoline (a police vehicle in Rome)

This sale of 60 cars could have gone to the GM Bolt, if only GM would make the Bolt in RHD.

Only 5%. Firetrucks will probably be some of the last vehicles to go electric.

Not so sure about that – they have a lot of batteries an board right now (lead acid) and they need some weight anyway, Especially the ones with ladders. But an additional power generator would make sense, if the operation takes several hours. So yeah, PHEVs would be best… they plug in already to keep the lead acid alive:

I noticed they bought the REx.

This reminds me of something I saw at the circus when I was a kid…