London England’s Iconic Double-Decker Buses To Go Electric

JUL 15 2015 BY MARK KANE 8

BYD to supply world's first electric double decker to London

BYD to supply world’s first electric double decker to London

BYD to supply world's first electric double decker to London

BYD to supply world’s first electric double decker to London

Transportation for London has contracted BYD for the manufacture of a brand new, battery electric replacement of double-decker buses.

The first of which will enter service in October.

Under the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) proposals, London intends to electrify all 300 single-deck buses in central London by 2020. At least part of 3,300 double-deck buses will get electric drive.

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson said:

“Many believed that a pure electric double-decker bus would not be possible due to the size of the battery packs required to power it. However by working with BYD and utilizing the latest cutting edge technology London has been able to secure another world first. The new electric double-decker trial will see the zero emission double-decker buses manufactured by BYD enter service on Route 16 from October.”

BYD’s Managing Director of European Operations, Isbrand Ho said:

“We are delighted to be chosen by London as its partner for the world debut of our new pure electric double-decker. As the Mayor has said, this is genuinely world beating new technology. Since BYD is by far the world’s largest maker of zero emission pure electric buses and as such is keen to promote their take up and use as quickly as possible we are also pleased to have today supported the Declaration and pledged BYD to helping promote zero – not just ultra low – emission vehicles on the streets of the world’s major cities.”

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About bloody time…

I rode one of the two existing BYD busses while in London last summer. No passenger would no it from a diesel bus (it’s not quiet).

This is a fantastic move that will piss off the hydrogen folks!!!

It’s unfortunate that they have to go to BYD to get this bus. The previous makers of the London double-deckers (Wrightbus Limited in Northern Ireland) are soon going to find themselves without customers unless they start producing electric buses as the entire world is now starting to switch to zero emission buses.

The styling looks suitably “Inscrutable”

This bus looks horrible. The hybrid one currently in service looks much better. Many people have pointed out that BYD buses are very noisy, which suggests their technology is crude.

BYD electric buses are very popular for one reason only… COST.

If they don’t sound like the herds of hell when the roar past your nose at 50km/h, making the eyes, ears and nose burn, then I’ll be more than welcome!

I await the day when all mass transit vehicles are electric.

Dublin needs these badly! I mean, just… The bulk of Double Decker buses now are 9 years old. Today, in traffic, stuck between two buses. Two buses in the other direction fart past with very visible, black swirling soot. Then the bus a head of me does the same, and the one behind which was clear in the mirrors.

I left like sorry, smug git, sheltered and inside, while three cyclists had to endure that.

About fricken time for London, it should be enough to convince Dublin to clean up a bit when they’re looking for replacements.