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APR 21 2018 BY MARK KANE 2

The LEVC TX range extended electric taxi was the most recent guest in the Fully Charged series in one of the most interesting episodes ever.

This next generation taxi is equipped with a 31 kWh battery, which is enough for up to 128 km (80 miles) of range, before the ICE will be required to power the generator for another 515 km (320 miles).

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LEVC TX electric taxi

The all-electric powertrain for the rear wheels comes from GKN Driveline – the eAxle is rated at 120 kW. Similar units are used in the Volvo T8 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid models (both Volvo and LEVC are owned by Geely).

The taxi itself is designed from the ground up and seems very well thought out.

It’s also the able to use almost all kinds of charging stations – from AC through DC – both CHAdeMO and Combo. Smart!

“Jonny Smith reviews the all new London Black Cab, the TX Electric Taxi from LEVC, on the coldest day of the year so far and takes it out for a proper test: sitting in traffic in rush hour London and then collecting a jet-lagged Robert Llewellyn from the airport. This is the first time that LEVC (formerly the London Taxi Company) has created the recognisable ‘black cab’ with electric propulsion. It comes with all sorts of high-end technology, improved safety features and a petrol range extender, allowing it to cover 80 miles on electric only or 400 miles when combined with the petrol range extender. Equally important, this new model seems like it could be a boon for taxi drivers, their wallets and their health, especially with inner-city clean air regulations becoming more important.”

GKN eAxle powers world’s most advanced electric London taxi LEVC TX

One special LEVC TX was recently shown and demonstrated in Oslo, Norway:

New LEVC TX arrives in Norway

New LEVC TX arrives in Norway

New LEVC TX arrives in Norway

New LEVC TX arrives in Norway

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That drivetrain needs to go in a van.

I want one, sounds the perfect car