Loaded Karma Revero Checks In At $139,900

2017 Karma Revero


2017 Revero Exterior Color Options (click to enlarge)

The Karma Revero configurator is live on the site… and it’s kind of weird.

The Karma Revero, formerly the Fisker Karma, has been reinvented for the 2017 model year. In doing so, the hybrid luxury sedan also gets a price hike. With a starting MSRP of $130,000, options can push the price all the way up to $139,900, including the $1,400 destination fee.

The California company debuted its configurator yesterday, albeit strange, it asks, “Where will your Karma live?” Once inside, the website gives offers the option of six different landscapes, ranging from the sea, to the desert, to the sky. Depending on which landscape you choose reflects the color of your Karma.

On the outside, the Revero is available in eight exterior finishes. Three “levels” separate cost, with options range from $1,500 to $2,500. The three most expensive colors are Corona Del Sol, Ocean Veil, and Anza Desert. Buyers can also choose from four different wheel options, including an $800 22-inch Dune Twist Midnight Chrome option, or a pricey $3,200 22-inch Forged Multi-Spoke option. Colored brakes will set you back an extra $900.

Karma Revero has a 200 watt-rated solar roof, good for “up to 1.5 miles of electric range per day, depending on weather conditions,”

Inside, the configurator follows a similar pattern, asking users to choose from six different landscapes, providing six different interior options. Optional interiors range form $900 to $1,900 in price, the most expensive being the optional Palisades Sport, which coats the cabin in red and black leather, and carbon fiber trim.

2017 Karma Revero Interior

All in all, the new Revero will set you back $139,900 including the $1,400 destination fee. Though buyers don’t get to choose from a range of powertrains (yet), the Revero comes standard with a 403-horsepower (300-kilowatt) hybrid powertrain and a range of more than 300 miles (482 kilometers) – estimated 50 miles (80 km) on pure electric. Charging takes 10 hours at 16 amps and 120 volts, and top speed sits at 125 miles per hour (201 kilometers per hour).

2017 Karma Revero Interior Finish Option (click to enlarge)

Colored Calipers? Why Not?

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You just know it’s gonna bomb. Let’s hope it catches fire less easily than the original; it’s not good for public perceptions of EVs.

Any car with a mustache that big, deserves a fighting chance!

Not that I could ever afford this, but I think they should offer a steering wheel option with more grip surface. This is too restrictive IMO.

This is as bad as GM bring out another $75,000 30 mile car.

We get it, you don’t like GM πŸ˜€

No, I don’t like poor decision by GM.

Dude, it’s not the ELR, it’s ICE sibling is basically the same price. Heck, cheaper after rebates for most IIRC.

It’s like you complaining that BMW comes out with a $90k PHEV 7 series when it’s non-PHEV variant is similarly priced…

Just doesn’t make sense.

Yes, the CT6 PHEV after state+federal rebates is priced competitively with the middle of the line CT6’s.

It clearly beats out the bottom of the line CT6’s with the 2.0T that are in the mid to upper 50K base price. The CT6 PHEV is actually their most powerful RWD option, a full second faster than the 2.0T RWD’s.

The top of the line AWD 3.0L gas CT6’s have a base price as high as 88K before options, ~20K higher than the CT6 PHEV after incentives. They have placed the CT6 PHEV squarely in the middle of the pack in both price and performance.

Unlike the ELR where GM said they basically made up a price out of nowhere…


I hope it is now a better car. Certainly after all these years, they have polished up the rough edges.

It could be a big seller in Dubai and Saudi Arabia, who knows?

Looking at the Karma Revero, or the “reinKarmation”
(…sorry…) of the Fisker is like looking at an
old girlfriend five years hence after you’ve
moved on. I mean, she’s still hot, and she got a
new hairdo but her drawbacks still stand out in
your mind and hey, you’ve moved on.

Funny how those old flames pop back up in your life.
But they never really capture you as they once

And I never really did like that grille, even the first time around!

Maybe it’s just me but a 6% difference between the “base” model and the fully optioned model doesn’t seem like very much.

Also, those “pricey” wheels mentioned are cheaper than Tesla’s $4,500 bump for 21″‘s.

Still don’t get me wrong that’s a very expensive car. Kinda hard to justify if you ask me but we shall see.

Oops ~7.5%?

As far as $100k+ luxury PHEVs go, this competes with the BMW i8 and Porsche Panamera 4E. It will probably slot in between them in monthly sales numbers (23-58) and (1-3), respectively.

I’m not so sure. I never worry if BMW or Porsche will be around next year. Based on this car’s track record it’s a risk. I would be shocked if they sell 10 a month.

It’s not hard to beat the 1 to 3 Panamera 4Es that are sold each month.

Just as a note, the new longer range/quicker/updated Panamera 4E has yet to arrive…which is why the old Panamera S E-Hybrid is throwing up 1s, 2s and 3s sold per month right now.

The new 4E arrives next month, so there is only about ~60 2016 Panamera S E-Hybrids left selling out atm.

It’s a mucher stronger offering, I imagine it will sell in the 70-120 units range once stocked (the old Panamera plug-in peaked at just about ~90).

I guess someone has to say something good. I saw one of these Karma on the road. Let me tell you it has to be the best looking sedan in the world. Looks exotic and rich looking. The Tesla looks pretty plain in comparison. The Tesla does not stand out like a Karma.

To you!

A comment posted to another very recent article here on InsideEVs about this car, called it a “Look at me!” car. I think that sums it up pretty well.

Yeah, some people would like to be seen in a car with this kind of exaggerated “Look at me!” style. I’m not one of them, but nothing wrong with making a car which appeals to those who are.

I far prefer the style of the Tesla Model S, but as they say: “Diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks”.

A Red Model S attracts plenty of attention on the road. Other colors not so much

I’ll say something good too. The exterior and interior “What Moves You” and “What Drives You” video clips would go well with medical MJ treatment sessions….


And it has the same 2009 stupid on/off button that tesla has eliminated years ago.

OMG this company is soo doomed. No way in hell they they 139k from more than a few idiots.

Its all relative to some model. Compared to Acura NSX which costs $156,000 and is only a Hybrid, this Karma which has 50 mile (80 km) range is far better for its $140,000 price tag. Karma Revero is a 4 door 4 seater too.

And its better than even BMW i8.

Is the designer of this steering wheel even driving a car?
Might be fine for cruising, but in any situationthat requires quick steering it looks nightmarish badly designed.

Fast charge capability or not?