Living With A Renault Twizy In Central London: Video

DEC 25 2018 BY MARK KANE 6

It’s possible, but you need to accept specific limitations.

Seen Through Glass shares its thoughts on what it’s like to live with a Renault Twizy in Central London.

The tiny French EV was called an electric go-kart, which performs best in a hot climate (in base version, there are no windows, doors, heating or radio). So, how one could live with it in London during November and December?

Well, by equipping Twizy with doors and windows, the driver probably will not get wet. The ride still will be hard because of the suspension. The list of drawbacks includes seating, space for tall people, visibility (A-pillar) and no security for things inside (on the rear seat).

However, the Twizy is easy to drive and maneuver, as well as very affordable compared to full-size EVs. The acceleration is brisk too and the range seems to be enough for average use.

The biggest advantage seems to be exemptions from fees (Congestion Charge is £11.5 per day). Combined with fees for older cars, the cost of driving in central London could be £26 per day, on top of parking and fuel. If you can’t use public transport, the Twizy could be a solution.

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Do Not Read Between The Lines

Or an electric bicycle.

Yeah, but you get wet, and have to put in an effort to go from A to B.
Still I’m a huge electric bike fan.

Bikes are great for getting creamed by cars. After I got hit a second time, and the idiot driver didn’t get a ticket, I quit cycling.

Yes. LEVs are the answer for most driving. Our Bolt, at 3,569 pounds, is not remotely “sustainable.” Our 1950s idea of a car will eventually go away. I hope it happens before we end up walking everywhere.

I hope Renault will make a much improved successor to the Twizy. But I don’t think it will be the case.

This is very close to what the Arcimoto FUV wants to be. Tandem-seat, electric runabout that’s easy to maneuver, park and drive in everyday traffic. The FUV probably has a bit better storage capacity, higher range and higher top speed. Handlebars verses steering wheel, but one can adapt. Removable doors will be a nice addition.