Livestream From NY (9:10 ET): “The Next Mechanical Marvel” Prius PHV Debuts


Toyota Show From New York

Toyota Show From New York

Toyota will be debuted the “next mechanical marvel in the Prius lineup” (their words) from the New York Auto Show Wednesday morning at 9:10am.

Whatever could it be?

(cough) next generation Toyota Prius PHV (cough)

Heading into the reveal, the next generation of Prius plug-in was expected to have roughly double the electric capabilities of the original model, and a release date around the end of the year.

UPDATE (Spoiler):  It is the Toyota Prius Prime (plug-in) – from the 7:30 mark in the above video – full details, specs and live pics from the debut of the 22 mile PHEV can be found here.

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28 responses to "Livestream From NY (9:10 ET): “The Next Mechanical Marvel” Prius PHV Debuts"
  1. kdawg says:

    “The Next Mechanical Marvel”?
    How about creating the next “Electrical Marvel”?
    We want more kWh.

    1. evcarnut says:

      The title is more of an oxymoron than a Heading!

  2. bro1999 says:

    Mechanical marvel with 20 miles of EV range! *yawn*

  3. SparkEV says:

    Political marvel (carpool lane) and parking marvel (take up EV charging spot in malls, blocking others from charging), but hardly a mechanical one. Jay, you should do something about that cough; it sounds just as bad as mine when I get iced by PiP.

  4. IDK says:

    Prius Prime = Ugly and tiny wheels/tires.

  5. kdawg says:

    22 EV miles / 8.8kWh … sigh.

    1. Philip d says:

      But it has a shiny 11″ screen.

    2. sven says:

      But it’s more than twice as fast as the 2017 Volt’s 3.6 kW charger.

      1. sven says:

        Oops my bad. It’s a 8.8 kWh battery. Sigh.

  6. kdawg says:

    LOL, only 4 seats.. Fail!

    1. bro1999 says:

      4 seats! WTF! haha what a disaster

    2. IDK says:

      kdawg – I was thinking the same thing. Why only four seats? That will be a huge deal breaker for many potential buyers.

      1. Philip d says:

        That was the Prius’ only big selling point over the Volt. “Well it doesn’t have as much EV range and it’s slow but at least there’s more interior room and it seats 5.”

        1. kdawg says:

          Don’t they know 4 isn’t a prime number?

          1. Philip d says:

            +1. Missed opportunity. Maybe they could have made it a 3 seater.

      2. bro1999 says:

        So what does the “PRIME” have over the ’17 Volt?

        Looks? Hellllllll no
        Seating? Nope. Hump with seatbelt better than no seat
        EV range/performance? Ha!

        Only thing the new PiP has is now rear cargo capacity (but no 5th seat!) and perhaps price.

        Oh, and the “Prius” badge. *barf*

        Seriously, is Toyota kamakazeing itself? The Mirai styling, new Prius styling, and now the PRIME debacle.

        1. SparkEV says:

          Not “kamakaze”. More like “harakiri”

  7. Elroy says:

    22 miles would still h better than the average PHEVs in its class, along with class leading gas mpg and brand recognition. Lets see the pricing difference though.

    1. Philip d says:

      Pricing and also power output in EV mode.

  8. David Murray says:

    Well, I’m pleasantly surprised. I’d still like to know what the maximum KW available is to the electric motor. But if it can do 84 mph in electric mode, I’m guessing it has surpassed the Ford Energi models. Sounds like it has at least 75KW. And obviously I’m pleased to hear it has a true EV mode. Pity the range couldn’t be about 30% more. Anyway, sounds like Ford is the one that is going to be looking bad since Toyota has beaten their range and not sacrificed the cargo area to accomplish it. Also, I think the body of the vehicle definitely looks more attractive than the regular Prius hybrid.

    1. kdawg says:

      “Ford is the one that …sacrificed the cargo area to accomplish it.”
      Ford needs to rehaul their battery packaging. Put them in floor (plus add some kWh) and they would have winners with the Energi’s

      “I think the body of the vehicle definitely looks more attractive than the regular Prius hybrid.”
      LOL, that’s not saying much.

      1. bro1999 says:

        Sorta like saying regular crap looks better than diarrhea.

    2. Alpha777 says:

      Everything beats Ford.

  9. mike says:

    The question is if that’s better than Hyundai Ioniq PHEV

    1. David Murray says:

      I have a suspicion that it will be. The Hyundai only has a 50kw drive motor. The Prius, I suspect, has more than that. Based on their 84 mph EV mode, I would suspect they need at least 70KW, maybe more.

  10. kdawg says:

    Can’t these car companies be more creative? BMW copies Apple with iWhatever, and now Toyota is copying Amazon with “Prime”.

    Next Mercedes/whoever will come out with a plug-in car with a tag line “Don’t Be Evil”. Or maybe “Don’t Be Wasteful”.

    1. Alpha777 says:

      No, it’s “Optimus Prime”

  11. Priusmaniac says:

    No fifth seat and 49% forced to burn oil even for just their work commute! That’s a Prime problem.