Live Demo Of Nissan LEAF With Self-Cleaning Paint – Video


“Nissan is the first carmaker to apply the technology, called Ultra-Ever Dry®, on automotive bodywork. By creating a protective layer of air between the paint and environment, it effectively stops standing water and road spray from creating dirty marks on the car’s surface.”

“So far, the coating, which is being marketed and sold by UltraTech International Inc®, has responded well to common use cases including rain, spray, frost, sleet and standing water. Whilst there are currently no plans for the technology to be applied to the model as standard, Nissan will continue to consider the coating technology as a future aftermarket option.”

Without (left) and with (right) self cleaning paint.

Without (left) and with (right) self cleaning paint.

States the video description.

We recently reported on the Nissan LEAF with self-cleaning paint. (More info regarding that here)

Like any manufacturer of most any product in the world, you will see videos and explanations of whatever it is they are trying to advertise. Most of the time, those videos will be professionally done with precision editing. The video above is done without any of that editing or high level of professionalism.  This gives you a better perspective from a real-world point of view.

So, what are your thoughts on this self-cleaning paint?


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Interesting, but I would like to see a simple real world test…Drive a car for a week with half the hood with and the other half without. Park under a tree with some sap, etc. At the end of the week what is the delta between the two? Easy.

A bottle of liquid that, frankly, will roll off both finishes at speed isn’t a great test.

Again.. where is the bird poop test? Do we need to create “the bird-poop challenge” to see video of this?

Bird poop proofing was tested this week:

It didn’t work, by the look of it.

I would also love to see real-world tests. Bird poo, dry dust that settles on the car, etc. If it works as well as they claim, I’d certainly pay extra for it.

Of course, I’d still have to clean the glass, license plates, headlights, wheels, tires, and the interior of the car.

You may see this

If it works on pollen, I’m sold.

Seriously. Bee pollen is the bane of my car’s existence. Such a pain to deal with.

Unless there’s chemical pollutant that ruin life on one form or another, it’s interesting!


As Seen on YouTube!

Introducing the Sidney Stratton Signature Edition LEAF!

This tech and possibly the inventor were on a best inventions episode of the Science Channel last night or the night before.

It’s nano oriented silicon, I believe. Hydrophobic materials don’t adhere, they just want to roll off of the surface.

I assume the untreated side had no polish/wax/sealant at all. I wonder how this compares to OptiCoat 2.0 and the like.

I like to wax my car once per month…

Having dealt with “Never-wet”, and finding that it didn’t live up to its hype, I would like to know about it’s durability. How long does this treatment last?

And does it discolor or get hazy as it degrades?

Looks very much like the Rustoleum product available now that you can spray onto surfaces to do the same thing. Maybe they licensed the tech to somehow make it part of their paint coat?

The only advantage I see with this coating is that you will never need to wash your car… only spray it down with water once in a while.

Tree sap, road tar, bird droppings, etc. if left to sit on the surface will dry. Then other things like dust and dirt will accumulate on top and around it.