Lithium Production Will Triple In Next 4 Years

AUG 21 2018 BY MARK KANE 2

Global lithium production is expected to triple in four years

According to GlobalData’s forecast, lithium production enters a path of high growth after a period of moderate growth (2010-2017). It’s expected that within four years (by 2022) the production (or rather extraction) of lithium metal will triple to some 154,000 tons annually.

Currently, the market is below 64,000 tons, but already 86kt (kiloton) of new metal capacity comes on stream.

The total knew lithium resources have increased substantially worldwide in the past years to more than 53 million tons.

GlobalData: Global lithium production forecast

SQM – QLithium Carbonate

Highest production of lithium by country:

  • Australia – 18.3 kt
  • Chile – 14.1kt
  • Argentina – 5.5kt

Largest global producers:

  • SQM—market leader with a 25% share of global production
  • Talison – 24% share
  • Albemarle – 17% share
  • FMC – 9% share

Expected share of additional capacity over the next four years by country:

  • Australia – 37%
  • Argentina – 29%
  • Canada – 16%
  • Chile – 9%
  • US – 6%
  • Mexico – 4%
Lead image credit: Here is where the lithium comes from (Source: SQM)

Source: Green Car Congress

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The last section is misleading: according to the source article, the percentages given are the expected share of *additions* over the next years, not the expected total share.

Good catch. Clarified. Thank you.